My father discovered me, but he never saw Muhsin Beck.

He is a true genius … He is humble, humble, without self-criticism, zero arrogance and in short he captivates people with his movies, TV series, acting, directing, humor and imitation. The one I’m talking about is Ugur Usel, who appeared in front of the audience in the role of ‘Cevdet’ in ATV’s ‘Judge’ series.
Golden Baklava Film Academy VII, hosted by Hassan Kaleonku University Faculty of Communication with SABAH and GÜNAYDIN ​​as media sponsors. He was the surprise guest of this year’s International Film Festival. He always told us amazing stories, but this time it was different. Everyone who heard him loved him because he was genuine, because he was sincere, because he was brave … conscientious and sympathetic. He speaks very deeply, there is a lesson in every sentence, so make a note of what the master artist said, you may need it for the rest of your life. Inherent in its brand is not just luck and talent, but hard work, determination, working with heart, conscience and empathy.

Usel, “Do you see yourself as an actor, director, or screenwriter the most?” He answered this question:
“I know very well what I have to do, but I can’t do it. I think I’m nothing until this age. Actually, I can’t put all the titles on myself, I’m still looking. Sometimes when I see myself, I don’t like it. Even when I watch my game on the monitor I cry. My choice is to write and direct but write more. You act in a scene, I think you say it’s okay, but it doesn’t work. I became a university teacher, I couldn’t force it on myself at once. “
Other notable quotes from the master actor, who also advised youngsters in his interview, are as follows:
“I live alone, I have nothing to do with the media.
“Art film and mainstream cinema; a chamber orchestra, a symphony orchestra. I buried my experimental side.”
■ “Intelligence is a very valuable thing. My father and uncle discovered me. I was imitating them when I came home when I was 3 years old. They took me to the doctor, he said, ‘A smart kid looks a little confused. By him.’ I was imitating Nejdet Abi very well. My father gave me a pipe and said, ‘Come on, imitate Nekdet Abi.’ He discovered me. My father was the sole guardian of my conservatory examination, Ildiz Cantor took the stage, ‘Ugur Usel accepted’, my father raised his hand, but he died of cerebral hemorrhage before seeing Muhsin Beck, but every evening at my desk. There is. “

I learned conscience from him
পরিচালক “The director of the movie I acted in is my son, and they say to him, ‘What did you learn from your father?’ Who knows. I learned conscience from my father. I didn’t know what conscience was, I learned it. As I got older, it was from him. Without my knowledge, I can only say conscience. “
মুহ “Muhsin Bay has a very special place for me. He had a very strange, murderous concert role that I played very comfortably on Tubelight, and he was very different. Work. “

‘Acting with sculpture I connect ‘
“Thanks to one of my sculptor friends, I started sculpting, I also painted. Something related to acting, a clay face is made, when you put it on the coffee table, it becomes lighter, the sculpture suddenly comes alive. Sculpture. While working on the script, I drew the characters, for example, I drew the character in Balibe. Atta suddenly started to become a living thing. . “

‘Behind the lens Keep your heart ‘
“Like the water behind the director’s lens, put your heart behind the lens. Look, friends, what no one has seen.”
আপনি “You guys, try, don’t be afraid to try, there’s a course, you have to go to the Conservatory. Appearance doesn’t matter, I was a man like a dentist. (Laughter) I was handsome but I didn’t do it I didn’t understand it. I did not look in the mirror and say haha, I am ashamed when I am sitting here. I recommend it to you, it will be a classic but read a lot, watch a lot, watch 3 movies a day. This is your job. There are weird stories, the director should know those stories. I’m not talking about intelligence, they should be done. It should be a daily routine. And one must write, write a diary, write a short scene … angle-related visuals. Need to set up, ‘aa Mom has to put the camera in there ‘or something. “

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