The director who combines literature and the big screen: Om Kavur

Master director, who has adapted many works like “Yatik Emin”, “Ah Beautiful Istanbul” and “Homeland Hotel”, “A Broken Love Story”, “Night Journey”, “Scorpions Journey”, “Hidden Face”. , “Encounter” and “Yusuf Ile Kenan”, he has won many national and international awards.

Istanbul (AA) – Fatih Turkilmaz – 17 years have passed since the death of director, screenwriter and producer Om Kavur.

Cavur was born in Ankara on June 18, 1944. He is the only child of Abbas Sina Morali, who is very interested in industry and a government employee.

Kavur, who began his education at Kadıköy and continued at Robert College and Kabataş High School for Boys, decided to become a director after watching Michelangelo Antonioni’s movie “La Note (Night)” at the age of 16 while in Robert College.

After studying social sciences, journalism, and cinema in Paris, where he went for higher education, he received a master’s degree in film history from the Cavor Sorbonne University.

While in France, Cavour was influenced by the so-called “French New Wave in Cinema”. In the years that followed, when he made his first film in Turkey, the situation called him a “creative director.”

Cavour, who drew attention and won several awards for his short films shot while in France, is Alain Robbie Grillit’s 1968 film “L’home Quie Merit” (The Man Who Lies) and Brian Forbes’ 1969 “The Madwoman of Chalot”. (Crazy) She has worked as an assistant director in the film (Female).

– He shot his first feature film in 1974

Back in Turkey in 1971, Kavur spent some time shooting documentaries and commercials.

Through his collaborations and adaptations with director Kavur’s literary personalities, he has gained a prominent place in Turkish cinema.

In 1974, Cavour shot his first feature-length film of the same name, adapted from the story “Yatik Emin” by Rafik Halid Karai in “Memlet Stories” and drew attention to the film with its simple narrative.

Returning to advertising for some time, Cavur brings viewers together through “Joseph and Canaan”, which is about the lives of orphans in Istanbul in 1979.

Cavur’s productions “Ah Guzel Istanbul”, which he brought to the screen in 1981 from a story by Furuzan, and “Kirik Bir Ask Hikayesi”, written by Selim Ellery, were all produced to shape the style of cinema.

Cavur, who made a different effort in Turkish cinema with elements of tension in the 1982 film “Goal”, written by Ileri, also inspired ordinary people to seek love in the 1985 film “Amancis Evil”. The screenplay he co-wrote with Barish Pirhasan and which was influenced by the German director Wim Wenders.

Om Kavur draws a fascinating view of urban life after 1980, based on the story of a lonely woman searching for her abducted daughter, “Korebe”, which she co-wrote with Pirhasan in 1985.

– Won many awards with “Homeland Hotel”

“Anayurt Oteli”, which was adapted from Kavur’s 1987 novel by Yusuf Atilgan and which won many awards, became one of the most successful films made in Turkish cinema in the late 1980’s. The production, which reflects the stagnation of provincial life in an environment of a person’s internal tension and discomfort that does not seem thrilling, attracted attention by its simple but profound expression.

Cavour, who shot “Night Journey” in 1988, reflected on a director’s internal calculations and self-knowledge process on the big screen. In 1991, master director Orhan Pamuk shot the film “Hidden Face” based on a story from the novel “Black Book”.

– “Cultural diversity makes cinema rich”

In an interview he talks about the themes used in his films, citing the following:

“If I look at what I use as a thematic feature rather than an idea, it can be said that I focus more on the themes of loneliness, lack of communication, travel, which means both physical and internal travel. I want to talk about a concept that is rational. And realistically rejects the notion of time allotted for slices or small units of man and incorporates the unity of time-space, which is very relative in a broader perspective.

There is no single thought of world cinema. This scares me. Because cinema is a concept that reflects different cultures, different levels and is perceived by different people. These cultural differences create the richness of cinema. “

The master director’s 1996 film “The Scorpions Journey” was accepted in the “Uncertain Issues” section of the Cannes Film Festival, “A Broken Love Story”, “Night Journey”, “Scorpions Journey”, “Hidden Face” and “The Scorpions Journey”. Encounter “He won” Best Director “,” Best Film “and” Best Screenplay “awards at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.

Cavur, who won the Grand Prize in the 1980 Milan Children’s Film Competition for his film “Joseph and the Canaan”, won the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) Award at the 1987 Venice Film Festival, and the 1987 Nantes Three Cont. Festival with his “Homeland Hotel”. It won the “Best Film” and “Best Actor” awards with Macit Copper and the third prize at the Valencia Film Festival.

“Relentless Road” and “Homeland Hotel” were also selected first in the competitive Turkish cinema category of International Istanbul Cinema Day.

The longtime director of lymph cancer treatment died on May 12, 2005 at the age of 61.

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