We were not in the competition, but we were in the exhibition Fire Liquor – Archive Fisher

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Turkey was not in competition. But it took place at an exhibition in Vienna.

The name of the exhibition “Zero drawer”Says

All the artists who did not get any points in Eurovision till that day were described in the exhibition along with their original drawings.

This is how Chetin Alp was portrayed in the exhibition

Turkey in 1983 “First Zero Point Pain” Living Cetin Alp‘S Opera The song was glorious.

“Europe’s weirdest song of all time” Is called. And a part of his speech was quoted:

“Opera, Opera, Carmen, Ida, Opera, Opera, Tosca, Figaro, Fidelio …”

We were not in the competition, but in the exhibition
Tanor is drawing in the exhibition

In fact, countless times in the chorus of songs, where the names of famous opera works are listed one after another, “Opera” There was a pass

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Meanwhile, the final night host in Munich, while promoting the song, sang the chorus and had to sing the opera 13 times in a row.

Speaking of songs, who has signed dozens of great songs Aisel GurelIncluded. But Guerrilla This time, “This opera … the storm of excitement … it fills my soul, I hear that love when it goes out …” He could not say.

Cetin AlpAs a result, he got seriously injured.

We were not in the competition, but in the exhibition
Cetin Alp – Opera

He even described in an interview a few years later how he felt when he scored zero points:

“It simply came to our notice then. I could not come to myself for a few years. It is still psychologically repetitive from time to time. He left a mark. No one is remembered at Eurovision, Chetin Alp and Opera are remembered. “

We were not in the competition, but in the exhibition
April 24, 1983

‘A tune, Friendship, love ‘

Our second representative in the “Zero Drawer” exhibition The fox pulls‘He said. Salta 1987.

“My song is about love” Didn’t get a single point.

At the exhibition The fox pulls, “With her vibrancy on stage, her innovations in Turkish music and her extraordinary costumes” Was praised.

But they did not help him at all in Brussels.

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Lyrics and composition Olkayato Ahmet TugsujThe song was a great defeat.

The words were aimed at world peace:

“A melody, friendship, love … My song is about love for the whole world to hear …”

The day after the competition, Hürriyet covered Eurovision news, but the result was not mentioned at all.

In the days that followed, there was talk of political influence in the polls.

He made the most interesting assessment of these debates in an interview with Hürriyet. Melih Kibar Doing:

“Political excuses don’t seem credible to me at all. First of all, we do politics too, but even if we love the Greek, Greek or Israeli part, we don’t give a shit. Suppose it is true that men do politics. But how can we blame others when we ourselves have the same attitude?

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We were not in the competition, but in the exhibition
Sartab Arena – How I Can

A quick tour of Eurovision

Turkey Used to feel great excitement at this time of year.

The name of this excitement EurovisionWas

Although we are no longer participating, Eurovision will be in Europe again tonight. Millions of people will be on screen for this competition in Italy.

Eurovision has come up with many famous names in the history of world music.

ABBA, Sandra Kim, Johnny Logan, Celine Dion, Toto Katagno …

Turkey in 1975. Semiha EchoOf “One minute with you” The Eurovision adventure that started with music has always been a love-hate affair.

Great hope before the competition … after the competition “There are already political steps.” Comfort

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However, the famous names of that time always took part in the competition.

Nilufer, Azda Pekan, Modern Folk Trio and Aigul Aldink, Neko, MFO, Kayahan …

We were not in the competition, but in the exhibition
March 22, 1975

The first major success

The first major success in the competition was the song Haley, which came in 9th place in 1986.

Melih KibarClips and their, composing music world Candan Erçetin And Sevingul BahadurIt’s earned.

The next big success was in 1997 Sebnem PakarIncluded. The song “Listen” won third place.

Then again the turbulent year.

Up to the first place of Sertab. In 2003, decades of aspirations came to an end.

SartabThe success that has come has given rise to great hope. And Turkey is another famous name that comes on the field every year.

Athena, Canaan Dogulu, More Ve Otese, Hadith, Manga, Yuxek Sadaqat and Can Bonomo.

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Although, three have won fourth place and one second place. But the first place did not come.

Turkey withdrew from the race in 2012, citing unfair voting. He no longer participated.

Many musicians and solo artists were sacrificed during their 37-year Eurovision journey.

Celebrities have continued their careers, but many new names have sunk into the sea of ​​Eurovision. Their names are no longer heard.

But when Eurovision is mentioned, a string trembles in everyone’s heart.

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