Ahmed Bay devoted his life and soul to Trabzonspore

A beautiful villa with a large garden in Istanbul … a Trabzonspor flag, almost the size of a villa, covering it. This is the home of the president of Trabzonspar, Ahmet Agaolu, and his family … Ahmet outside Istanbul. Nowadays, all the journalists have followed him on the occasion of the championship. On the other hand, we are guests of marble and miniature artist Beija Agaolu, whom we met on the occasion of her second solo exhibition. His eldest daughter Aslihan Haneem, who lives in London, is also at home. Both Beiza Haneem and Aslihan Haneem are very excited these days. This is the excitement of the Trabzonspor Championships, for which they have suffered and worked together, as well as the Green Library Association, which they founded together. They founded the association in 2019, with Aslıhan Ağaoğlu as president and Beyza Hanım as vice president. But because of the epidemic, they were able to take action like this year. They send classics of world and Turkish literature to rural schools in many provinces of Turkey, especially to secondary schools and high schools with limited opportunities. They manage their activities in their own way and with limited grants.

My father speaks very good Russian
Aslihan Honey lives in London. His wife is Dutch. They have a 5 year old child named Ali. He earned a doctorate in literature. “I studied law in Turkey. But at the same time, I attended author Murat Gulsoy’s literary workshop at Bogazisi University for three years. My love for books dates back to my childhood,” he said. He still reads a lot. In addition to his English, my father knows Russian very well. He likes Russian literature. When I read the law, he would say, ‘You haven’t read the crime and the punishment yet. You must be the only law student who has not read that novel. After a while, I decided to quit being a lawyer and study literature. I did my postgraduate and my doctorate on literature. During that time, I did a research study. He told me that reading World Classics increases the feeling of empathy. People. It was always in my head. The generation that will read the world and Turkish classics will be very different, their personal development will be completed at the highest level, I always thought that their empathy skills will be higher. We have established our book association with this idea. Read with as little opportunity as possible from anywhere in Turkey. We are sending 50 Turkish and world classics. This is a long term project …

Getting results right now is not easy. I may not see it, but I think my child will see it. “Next autumn, he is planning another exhibition for the Mother-Daughter Green Library Association. From his own garden. In the background of Ebru, the pages were covered with the idea of ​​a book. ” Beiza is also preparing for her third solo show. The coming days. He was working with an archaeologist for this exhibition with an Anatolian concept. Beiza Agaolu has a painting with the Trabzonspor logo, which was created with the marble technique. Ahmet Bay, three years ago, when Beiza Honeymoon’s second solo exhibition was completed, she wanted the marble in a short time, Mrs. Beiza explained: “The exhibition catalog was printed. The invitations are ready. ‘It’s not in the catalog, but I put it on display …’ I did it and it was very much appreciated. I think it brought good luck to the marbling team. ” “What do you do, what do you do, talk about football”: “My wife is already a football player. He is from Ajax Now his first team must be Trabjanspar. (Laughter) Match with my dad. He likes to watch and talk football. My five-year-old son Ali is also a strong Trabjanspor fan. “

37 years of marriage
Mrs. Beyza has been married to Ahmed Bey for 37 years: “We met through my cousin’s son. And we got married in 50 days. I came from Istanbul, Ahmed came from Trabzon. Until that day, I had no friends from Trabzon.” But I also loved Ahmed’s family. I found it very friendly. I liked the people of Trabzon very much. Before Ahmed, I had no party. I would say I support the national team. After Ahmed, I became a fan of Trabzon. I started watching matches like a commentator. Especially this year was so exciting that even after marbling in the excitement of the match, I am still a fan of Trabjanspar. The excitement of Trabjanspar was before my art. “I’m a witness to that. Ahmed can’t walk out of the Trabzon. He’s very much loved. Being a member of the Trabzon is a completely different identity and feeling.” We were in Trabzon before the epidemic, during the Ramadan holiday celebrations. Ahmed Bay and I kissed and celebrated with 3 thousand people. I wouldn’t believe my eyes if I didn’t see this feeling. “

Beija Agaoglu
With Mr. Ahmed
The first time we went Last match …
“Ahmet Bay is so tired this year that he has revealed everything with his blood, soul, spirit and body. He was in Trabzon four days a week this winter. We saw very little. He didn’t even like staying at the hotel, but he stayed at the hotel. I told him, ‘A, I said,’ At least rent a house for yourself. It didn’t happen this year, but if this momentum continues next year, I think I’ll spend the winter with Ahmed, in the Trabzon, too. We organize marble courses for our little girls. A service for the town. It happens … Ahmed Bay and I went to a match once. It was a Lazio match in the early 2000’s. They came to Trabzon. “I follow all the matches of the team on TV, but I don’t like being in the crowd. The atmosphere of the match is not very good. It is not for me. Ahmed Bayo also uses it with respect.”

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