Belma Simavi, author of ‘The Gods of the Babiyali Simavi Family’ reveals secrets – real

Belma Simavi, wife of Errol Simavi, son of Hedriet founder Sedat Simavi, has died. Turkish classical musician Ganul Yazar has announced the death of Belma Simavi, who will be buried in Kanlika Cemetery on Monday, May 16, after the noon prayers and the funeral prayers at the Kanlika Mosque.

Irem Barutu, a researcher on the Simavi family and author of the book “The Gods of the Port, Simavi Family”, answered Odatov’s question.

-How would you describe the role of Belma Simavi in ​​the life of Hurriyat newspaper and Errol Simavi?

Belma Simavi emerges as an essential character when the staff of the Hurriyat newspaper calls her ‘Patronis’, referring to the Hurriyat newspaper and Errol Simavi. The impression I got during the interview in my book, The Babially Gods Simavi Family, where I examined the Hurriyat newspaper and the story of three generations of the Simavi family, is as follows: , He remembers it with admiration and affection. Belma Simavi continues to be the man who embraced the Hurriyat even as Errol Bay was ‘hull’ and preparing to leave the press. He refuses to sell his newspaper. He saw the Hurriyat as the legacy of his father-in-law, Sedat Simavi, and did not hesitate to sacrifice himself to keep it alive. In the late 60’s, when Hurriyat was in financial trouble, Errol Simavi brought all his jewelry and said, “Take these, use them and get rid of this problem with them!” It is known to say. The director and editorial board of the magazine are in close contact at all times. He is aware of what is going on in the organization. When needed, it interferes with its unique approach and interferes with events. It should not be forgotten that Belma Haneem is the mother of two heirs of the newspaper. Earl gave Simavi two sons. However, the ‘complex’ structure that Errol Simavi has established in both his personal life and business relationships has led him to carefully follow Errol Bay’s life and the events around him.

– In your book, you touch on the relationship between the author Gnül and Errol Simavi, and you describe how Belma Simavi initially reacted strongly to this relationship, with the testimony of witnesses. However, Gunul Yazar shared the news of Belma Haneem’s death.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. He called Belma Haneem “a great woman.” Because he has adopted his daughter Yasmeen with mother’s affection. To understand the relationship that Belma and Errol Simavi have established over the years, one has to go beyond stereotypes. It’s a multi-level relationship… it started with love. Belma Simavi is a neighbor of Erli Simavi of Kanlika. On one side of the port of Kanlıca Ferry is the humble palace of the Simavi family, and on the other the magnificent palace of Yagsigilar. The letters that Errol Bay wrote to the girl next door in Ankara during his military service gave birth to the first spark in them; A few days later they got married. However, it is a relationship that will stand the test of time. Giving Gunul Yazar Errol Simavi a daughter is an important breaking point in their relationship. When he found out about the Errol Simavi-Gunul writer relationship, he met with annoyance, Belma Simavi. Because he first knew and loved the heart writer. The Gunul writer says that when they first met, he addressed Belma Haneem as ‘Mother’ and Earl Beck as ‘Father’. Despite such a big push, after a while Belma Simavi hugged Yasmeen Simavi with her mother’s affection. Gonul goes to listen to the writer one night, calls him through his staff and says, “How is Yasmeen?” He asked. She wants to get acquainted with the baby. He embraces his wife’s daughter, who was born to another woman, later that day. I must emphasize that in all these complex structures there is a ‘harmony’ in the marriage of Belma-Errol Simavi. However, they are told that they talk on the phone every morning. Earl Bay reports and shares many details of his life with his wife. Apparently, over time, love turned into friendship. Also, Errol Bay welcomes the slightest attack on Belma Honey with the sensitivity of an Ottoman man. In the summer of 1994, when his wife’s name was mixed up in a media war between the Star Group and the Hurriyat-Show TV alliance, which belonged to the Ujan family, he got up and ran. He gets very angry. He talks about injuries and breakdowns… another dimension of that multi-level relationship, no doubt.

– How did Mrs. Belma tell you all this? How did he contribute to your book?

To understand characters like Errol Simavi and Belma Simavi, you need to set a different perspective. Because the media boss doesn’t even have a face. Just as an emperor has multiple faces, so to understand Errol Simavi and even Belma Simavi, it is essential to look at it from such an angle. I started my work under the title ‘The Babiyali Gods Simavi Family’, ‘Unauthorized’, without the permission of the family whose story was written. It was a work done freely for the purpose of journalism. Of course, at some point, I felt the need to meet Belma Simavi. I called him. It’s intriguing; The man who said he spoke on behalf of Mrs. Belmar and conveyed his message, “How dare you write this book without our permission!” He was telling me. Of course, I was surprised at first. Because there was a family of journalists in front of me! However, after it was published, I was informed by our mutual acquaintances that they had read my book with interest.

-How do you compare today’s media with the journalism of the Simavi family?

It would not be right to compare today’s journalism with the past. In recent years, the profession of journalism has come under heavy attack. Journalism is seriously injured. The withdrawal of the Simavi family began with the entry of large capital into the press in support of political power. Haldun Simavi sells Gunaidin to Asil Nadir. Errol Simavi felt that he could not keep up with this new situation and changed situation and after a while, in his own words, left. This is a big picture, but it needs to look at the developments that persuaded him to sell: the murder of Çetin Emeç, the death of Emeç caused great fear in Simavi, the reluctance to take charge of his son’s administration in this situation, the pressure of political power groups and the ‘sale’. ‘The pressure to do, the debt caused by bad management. … There are still some aspects of Hurriyat sales that need to be explained. However, if you want me to compare Errol Simavi with today’s media executives, even though Errol Bay had some non-journalistic collaborators, there was journalism before that.

Which anecdote impressed you the most while writing the book?

A conversation between Errol Simavi and Prime Minister Ozal is very interesting in understanding the press-power relationship of that time. Newspaper officials were guests at the Prime Minister’s table that night. At one stage of the meeting, Asil entered the hall wet with Nadir’s sweat. Earl Simavi is upset about this. Because Asil Nadir has been talking about dedicating to the Turkish press for some time. Simavi said, “Mr. Prime Minister! You have a daisy in your house… I also have a chrysanthemum, I haven’t seen it in a long time. I want to smell chrysanthemum! I’m going. “Asil Nadir said,” Mr. Errol, where are you going! “He protested,” I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life. Sit down and talk. ” Errol Simavi can’t stand the stubbornness, he sits down. But he will feel sorry for those who forced him to stay. “Since Mr. Asil Nadir is here, he will probably tell us how to fix the port!” He started attacking. “I have calculated that you will lose more than fifty billion. What rights do you have! Whose money are you spending? “Nadir says. Asil Nadir,” For me, it’s peanut money! “He replies. This answer angers Simavi. Face me! Give me those trillions, come here and do it! ” At the end of his speech, he gave an amazing suggestion and said, “Come and get my newspaper.” Rarely, “I will!” Strictly speaking, he said: “I only want twelve zeros. Turgut Bay, you also mediate. I give ten percent. The election is coming, it will cost money.”

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