Eylül Bebeler will resist peer rejection

“September Babies”, implemented by Ducuz Ilul University (DEU) to raise awareness of a barrier-free society and prevent peer rejection, will meet students at the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year in Izmir. Nükhet Hotar said, “The protocol we have signed with the Izmir Provincial Directorate of National Education, we will ensure that the name of our university is used for educational purposes in Eylül Babis, an institution affiliated with our Ministry of National Education.” Izmir Provincial Director of National Education. Murat Mukahit Yentur, on the other hand, prepares children apart from their peers and prepares them for life. She said they care about the role of the Ilul Babyz project in supporting parents.

The first step was to spread the September Baby project, implemented by Dokuz Ailul University, to raise awareness about disability-free society and to draw attention to the social role of people with special needs, from local to national. With the protocol signed between Dokuz Eylül University and the İzmir Provincial Directorate of National Education, in 2022 Eylül children will be taught in pre-school peer rejection at official pre-school institutions affiliated with the provincial education department. -2023 academic year. DEU Rector Prof. Dr. Nukhet Hotar and Izmir Provincial Director of National Education. With the protocol signed with the participation of Murat Muqahit Uintur, pre-school teachers and institutions in the city will be informed about Eylül children through the DEÜ Buca education faculty. Following the results achieved through the implementation of the protocol, the goal is to expand the September Babys project to all pre-school institutions across the country.

“We will raise awareness”

Speaking at the protocol ceremony, DEU Rector Prof. Dr. Nukhet Hotar said they have done a lot of research in line with the goals of a barrier-free university and a barrier-free society. “We have had a lot of success along the way. In the free program order. We are second in the category of accessible universities. There are many more. We have signed up and are continuing to work. Through we signed with Izmir Provincial Director of National Education Murat Mukahit Yountur, the name of our university was sent to Eylül Bebekler, Ministry of National Education.We will ensure that it is used for educational purposes in affiliated institutions and our teachers are trained. I aim to spread the project in the country With the call, our children who are educated in pre-school institutions will be informed. We aim to raise awareness for those in need against peer rejection and personalization, “he said. Rector Hotter, who said that in the 2022-2023 academic year, will be conducted with training given to pre-school students, adding that” We will share and increase social awareness. “

“We care about the project”

Izmir Provincial Director of National Education. Murat Mukahit Yentur said that Dokuz Ilul University is one of the well-established and pioneering universities in Turkey. We have started our responsibilities, we have a relationship and we are together. Pre-school education is one of the issues that our National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar attaches the highest importance to. In Izmir, at 5 years of age, our education level is 65 percent. It has increased from 90 percent. We want to make it 100 percent next year, “he said. Noting the importance of Dokuz Eylül University’s work, Yentür said:” Education is our most fundamental step and we have children who are very special to us. We care about the role of the Ilul Babis project in creating a difference from our children. Support their colleagues and our parents for life. Say something Instead, keeping them ahead and getting academic support will make our job easier. School is not just about teaching, it is about preparing for life. Ilul Children will meet our students in September. “

September Children’s Project

In order to draw attention to the social role of people with special needs and to raise awareness about a disability-free society, “September Baby” produced by Dokuz Ilul University aims to prevent peer rejection that children often come in contact with. Get information about their condition. Within the framework of the project, each child was created to describe the current disability situation. Through the project, the first steps were taken to spread nationally, focusing on hearing impairment, physical disability, visual impairment, Down syndrome, albinism, morphine syndrome and dwarfism syndrome. The name of the project comes from Dokuz Eylül University.

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