He showed the way to the university students despite being visually impaired (2)

The success of Bahar Yদldিরrm, 27, who was born visually impaired, and his determination, which started at a boarding school for the visually impaired at the age of 6, inspires those who have difficulty overcoming obstacles.

Born as the third child in a family of seven children from Muş, Bahar Yildirim’s visual impairment was understood when he realized that he could not look at the sun when he was a child. Although the Yildirim family did not accept the situation at first, they thought about what they could do for their daughter’s future.

School A difficult time began for Bahar, who was given a boarding pass by his father and grandfather Gaziantep’s visually impaired school when he reached the age of 16.

Today, Bahar Yদldিরrিমm, who works in the Accessible Medipol Unit at Medipole University for students with disabilities, told AA reporters about his life story on the occasion of Disability Week, which will set an example for those who have difficulty overcoming obstacles during Disability Week.

Many people were forced to go to school for the visually impaired, saying, “What is a visually impaired person doing in school? Why would a girl go to school, if she is visually impaired, what will happen?” Yildirim said he responded by saying:

“But my family ignores this kind of noise and sends me to school. I was 6 years old when I went to school. I didn’t know Turkish because Kurdish is spoken at home all the time. It was a very difficult process for me. My child. Still … I don’t know how to take a spoon in my mouth, but I started school in two months. I learned Turkish. I adapted, I started working on my own. Wash. Since all my friends are visually impaired, we became each other’s family. We became each other’s mother and father instead of friends. We had friends who never saw us, we supported them. We had to raise each other. I studied in school for 9 years. “

Noting that he met non-disabled people for the first time at Anatolian high school which he won and went through a difficult time getting used to, Yildirim said, “People ask, ‘How do you see this?’, ‘How do you do it?’ ? ‘ He said

Explaining that Diyarbakir had won the university’s history department after high school, Yildirim said, “Something will happen to you on the road, you will be hit by a car. We cannot take your responsibility.” He said he did, but told the dormitory administration that he could do it.

Second Bachelor in History

Noting that he finished second in the history department and was much supported by his friends during this process, Yıldirım continued as follows:

“I was completely blind for a while at university. Then my cornea was transplanted. After this process, I suffered a lot, but I succeeded. I also received formation training. However, I could not get a job. After graduation, Back in the village. When I was in a trance, I applied to Medipole University. I was going to start a job in a call center, but here our teacher said, “You have to do something different, you look like a talented person. If you have knowledge about disability, go to our disability student unit, “he said.” When I started working in 2019, I had less experience. We tried to develop the unit. It became Medipole Without Barriers. We formed a team for the unit. We have an office manager, 2 disabled specialists and a head.Our rector of our office.

At first the number of students with disabilities was very low because people did not want to say that they are disabled. They were not even aware of such a unit. As a team, we have large units. Now the number of students has increased. We have about 100 students. We have a partner student app for them. We have a course partner application. A student selected from her own class by our disabled student stays with her in her class for 15 hours. He is keeping his notes. He is recording audio, reading books. In return our school takes fees. In our Social Partner application, we provide Social Partners when such students do not request independent movement from us. These social partners help our disabled students on their way to the social area and university classrooms. He leaves the station. We have a note-taking assistant for students who cannot use their hands and have hearing loss. We also have an audio library project so our students with disabilities can access the resources. “

“There were some points where I said I couldn’t do it, but I never gave up.”

Bahar Yদldrিমm continued:

“It’s up to us to destroy this realization. If I kept quiet and shut myself up, society would accept me that way. Society would not try to change for the better. But if we succeed together. Our disabled friends, destroying society’s perception is ours. Hands down. Society can’t do anything on its own. It’s a matter of accepting ourselves. When I came here, most of my colleagues worked with visually impaired people. For the first time, people. We have such a good relationship with all of them. I love strength and positivity. ‘ But I accepted it. Of course, there were points I said I couldn’t do, but I never gave up. Everything ends in my mind. There were points in life where I fell to the ground. Every time I was in the middle of something Went through. Bad, I got stronger because ‘it could be worse.’ I said, I was stubborn against life. I said and I did. “

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

She wants to pursue a master’s degree, be an educator and be a strong and successful woman, not with her disability, but with her identity as an educator, Yildirım says her family is proud because she is the only girl that Goes to university.

For people with disabilities, “most of the time you will face difficulties, but don’t give up.” Bahar Y ইldিরrm said, “It is not only the disabled who face problems. Ordinary people also face difficulties. Technology has improved, people have become more aware, society is evolving, when you improve yourself, people adapt to you. Wherever you see yourself, there are other people.” People with disabilities should never give up and take me as an example. If I succeed, everyone will succeed because I have come from a very difficult point today. ” Used expressions.

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