May 16, 2022 Lunar eclipse in Scorpio: See yourself in the mirror of Scorpio

Patience, struggle, willingness to ask questions, work, love, family, health, money, siblings, etc. You can live countless ways. This ensures that people with sky-high justice and morality can successfully overcome the process.

You have no choice but to have high morals and justice!

High morality is a matter of high reason. Reaching the higher mind requires spiritual development. Evolution is not just a matter of money. Science In science, science itself is science. Science is now science which can be explained by human reasoning in world situations. Those who have a conscience that has become a mind and a mind that has become a conscience are satisfied with all kinds of science. Being a party is nothing more than turning a blind eye to the universal order.

A lunar eclipse can get you stuck between social approval and your own will. Because of your security needs, you are open to the approval of others. Fear is the cause of the pressure you feel inside. You are afraid of failing. Beloved-loved, protected-protected, supported-supported, won-won, accepted-recognized, etc. You are afraid of failing. Don’t ignore your inner fire, your desire for essence, to get the approval of the outside world. Be honest! You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. The only thing is sincerity. You don’t have to struggle to be yourself or need any legitimacy. There is no other way but peace inside and outside of you. You cannot improve by fighting with yourself or the outside world.

The goal of a lunar eclipse is to reach a conclusion by exerting pressure from the outside to light up your inner world. Mind and heart must convince each other. The key is to know where to look for answers. The situation we live in, the power we have, is a sign of how we can reach infinite wealth. Don’t be afraid of not having enough. The mind wants to hear, the education of that time. The situation you are in now helps you to activate your maximum potential. Otherwise, you will not find the power to turn your inner gem into a gem.

You were off the notebook, behind the people, painful loss. You have worked hard to become human now. What was the real reason for the emotional ups and downs you experienced during this process? It was growing pains. You have now grown up and reached a spiritual maturity that can take care of all your material and moral values. Apart from what you have learned by living, you have dreamed more than what you have seen. With dreams, you have visited and purified those times when you were disconnected from your purpose in life and from yourself. As the rules of action changed you went through a period of rapid evolution and had to settle debts and debts. Don’t worry, the adaptation process makes you stronger and more resilient than ever. You are now ready to re-route and ready to move on to your new path

Which lunar eclipse is active in your personal birth list? The questions that the acceptance will create will be related to those family matters. The correct thing is to proceed by analyzing an individual birth list. Below are your horoscope comments so you can get an idea.


The prospect of losing your material and moral values ​​and the uncertain future make you anxious. It’s not as difficult as you think, being unresponsive and adapting. Bonds that you cannot break become bonds over time. You are in exactly this situation. Road friendships must end that progress. When you choose the language of communication you need to use this bond to end it properly and you can strike a balance between giving and taking, problems will be solved. Life itself changes. You are pushing back on life now. Survival is a responsibility, don’t run away from duty.


In these cases, partnership, marriage and fairness will be questioned. There is no difference between doing wrong or being wrong. In both cases there is a complete digestive tract. Acceptance gives you the opportunity to put your bilateral relationship on the table. The cooperation that was already fair will be more effective than before. But if there are problems that are ignored, the conversion must begin. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.


You may need to examine your work environment and your relationships with coworkers. Did you dare to change even if the current situation did not satisfy you? Do you prefer to defend what you have rather than dare to change? Problems in your business life are the main cause of your mental-physical health problems. The point is not that you are trying to maintain the flow of life, but that you are eliminating yourself at the expense of maintaining a routine. Not everything and everyone you connect with can stay with you forever. In the future, the people and the environment you really want to be in your life will definitely be with you.


Your love life, the creative side, can come to the fore in the adoption of children. Try not to get involved in obscene and abusive speech. The stage is yours in social environment, group and circle of friends. The important thing is not to be in the spotlight, but to fill the stage. As long as you are creating, it is inevitable that you will be visible. You need to prioritize the satisfaction of your mental life. When you find inner peace, the problems of material life are easily solved.

The lion

Unresolved family, home and household issues need to be resolved. There may be some changes that affect your family life. Moving, rebuilding or discussing family issues that are avoided may become essential. Proceed with courage and without deviating from the purpose, working analytically and conciliatoryly. Remember that you are trying to meet your needs for emotional well-being. Make sure that the stress of your career is not transferred to your domestic life. As long as you are at home and safe, things can be better than before.


You may change your thinking about education, travel, earning a little, siblings, immediate surroundings. Changing your thinking means ending one time and starting another. Remember, leaving everything behind and starting a new life is also taking on new responsibilities. If you have trouble communicating with your close circle, focus on style. Maybe you can get a better response by expressing yourself in other ways. As long as you are open to improvement, the path is yours.


It’s time to dump her and move on. You may have some concerns about joint income and expenses. As you change the way you blame objects and values, the problems experienced will be alleviated. As long as you don’t give up hope, you can reach any solution. You are now one step ahead of what you deserve and desire. Your patience has enabled you to create a bright future. Money determines your comfort, not your value.


Every aspect of your personal life can be affected. Review your relationship. Have you made the mistake of neglecting to be fair or not paying the other party what they deserve to defend themselves? You may feel ready to open a clear slate about bilateral relations, marriage and partnership. You will feel confident about building and building an existing relationship or starting a new one. It is vital that you take even the smallest and most sincere steps. Because everything that started during this period can be carried into the future.


You can’t be successful without saying goodbye to spiritual-emotional-mental and physical addiction. It’s a trap set for those of you who are. I know you’re scared, tired of avoiding. Take a deep breath and take which area is most active and which area is most active towards the face. You can write a new life story that will make you feel safe going over more passive topics. You no longer need the old security limits. Where you feel powerless, discouraged and restless you are now more than enough.


You are in the process of re-adjusting to social life. Your friends and groups are ready to help you grow. Are you ready to take it, to get out of your familiar path? You can start walking in a whole new direction that will seriously affect your future. It is vital that you start using all your creativity outside of the classical approach. The current course can repay all your qualifications (love, money), your loss. It’s time to dump her and move on.


You are in a time when your social image needs to change. You will boldly move forward in many cases where you will lag behind because of your fears. Your deepest concerns were not the only reason for your experience, they came from the past. A lot of records have gone to you through the family, the roots are now ineffective. In other words, you are free from the invisible trap set by the mind. Your career life is open to development that will make you feel safe. Realize your most special talent that reflects you. That way, you can both do things that can secure your future and create more.


Your outlook on life is changing as never before. New situations will emerge in many areas like education, travel, business, etc. Would you dare to open previously unopened notebooks for foreign possibilities? Your immediate environment, siblings and your current assets and values ​​can contribute a lot to you. But now you have the desire to try unnecessarily. You will renew your talents, education, faith from scratch. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Eclipse occurs in your mind. Don’t be afraid to change your mindset.

Listen to the sky.

Good luck

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