Neither education nor examination is fair.

Ozem Connor’s master

People with disabilities want to develop their skills and participate in production in a fair system.

The visually impaired solve the questions read by the officers in the central examination which will determine their professional life. Officers employed by the Student Selection and Placement Center (YSYM) do not receive training on teaching and disability. Many questions in the exam are not comprehensible due to echo and reading errors. People with disabilities, use of technical equipment in experiments and much more.

A contemporary testing system

Y Disabled Public Personnel Selection Test (EKPSS), conducted by SYM, was held on 24th April. We met with visually impaired people who were ready for the test through the İlkeli Eğitim platform established in the mobile application Timtok. Visually impaired people claim modern testing methods. Bhatan Party leader Meltem Ayvalio attended the meeting and listened to the problems of the disabled.
YSYM recruits teachers who apply to EKPSS. Workers do not know which disability group they will work with and what their responsibilities are until they go to the educational institution where they have been assigned. Will he go with the disabled person to the school where he has been assigned? Will he read a question for the visually impaired candidate? Will it be marked? Will it check the ID? This question is answered only when the scheduled school is inspected. Moreover, the officers do not take any training on disability. The professional fate of the visually impaired, who struggle to get out of the problems of the education system and enter the careers, in the mouths of the responsible workers!
Ahmet Uçarlı, a representative of the visually impaired voice sharing platform, spoke of the problem they experienced in the test: They are assigned to the test with a general preliminary information. There are many courses, at the end of which the certificate is given. There are no tuition courses. One-time education is not enough. Training should be updated periodically. It is a matter of the heart, and those who are truly interested should take up the position. “

Readers and disabled faces

People with disabilities have difficulty understanding their questions because of the lack of sound insulation during the test. Sultan Karayagiz said, “We test alone with two readers in a classroom where usually 35-40 students are educated. The same thing happened with this test. There was a distance of 2 meters between me and my reader. It was resonant. I said, ‘Can you come a little closer? “You want me to get under you?” He said. The reader was more stressed than I was. A question came to me by changing the word. I thought the question was wrong. Later, I realized that I missed this question because of the wrong way of reading, “he told me.
If the trainer builds himself up and receives training, the work of the visually impaired becomes easier. There are also some positive examples. We Karagi, “I entered ALES. The teacher who taught me the exam said he went to the course. He reads the questions in a very understandable way. “
Mardin’s Nejihe Cavusoglu is struggling to become a professional and to participate in production within the confines of the city in which he lives. Avuşoğlu explained that the trainers are wasting time because they do not have enough knowledge: Time will increase. I spent 48 minutes on the 15-question exam because my instructor read it over and over again. “

Officers should know about disability

Bilge Özmen is a senior student in the Faculty of Law at Seluk University. He noted that examiners should be trained not only in speech but also in disability: He said to me, ‘Do you never see? So did not see anyone, did not understand what life is? How do you study law? ‘ Ask such questions. If I had met this officer before the test, my test would have been very bad. Ahmet Danishmanz passed the test early on under the guidance of his instructor. The adviser said, “The exam has expired and he has been removed from the exam. I have another 50 minutes. He did not use it. “A special education teacher working in the field said that people with visual impairments need to use technology in exams. The teacher said,” The examination system is just wrong. Visually impaired people will be able to take the test with these tools, or Braille tests should be optional. ” Says

The conditions are the same in different questions

95,016 candidates took part in EKPSS. 3,797 candidates took part in the hearing-1 test, 16,754 in the mentally handicapped test and 64,026 in the general vision-hearing test. People with visual impairments want groups with disabilities to be fairly segregated. “Psychiatric disorders and various chronic patients and the visually impaired are kept on the same scale,” said Bushra Soylu of Konya. We are not in the same situation, but we are expected to solve the same questions. We cannot be recruited while we are employed. “Most of us have problems with math because we don’t have a foundation,” he said.
Citizens with disabilities are extremely uncomfortable with the abuse of disability.
Youssef Dursun from Ankara said: “During the test, they were asked about their disability. There are 7 sections who wrote it there. 20 percent get a report from a kidney, 10 percent from an ear, 10 percent from an eye. He collects all this and There are those who buy a car using their child’s illness, and there are those who get reports and get a job without any disability. ”
“Those who are not disabled but receive reports of disability should be stopped. Visits should be more frequent,” said Busra Yellowglu.
Failure to properly distinguish between illness and disability leads to injustice. Ahmet Ukarli’s advice is as follows: “Report regulation should be prepared. For example, which rights should be exercised by 80 per cent persons with disabilities and which rights should benefit 40 per cent, should be clarified, and rights should be redefined on the basis of disease. Disability.” When we are evaluated on the same test, they can overtake us. Braille tests in the past. This problem should at least be left to choice. Technical possibilities should also be used. “

Echo takes 5 questions

Aslı Gidişli Both hearing and visual impairment. He was unable to understand the questions due to the hoarse voice of one of the two lecturers of EKPSS. “There was an echo because the classroom was not soundproofed,” Gidishley said. I like 5 questions to hear wrong. Echoes have confused me, “he said

Can’t be educated because there is no ramp!

The story of a special education teacher working in a rehabilitation center is very interesting: “Even the simple ramp was not built. There are students who get into the service in wheelchairs. No one can lift it because the student is overweight. The child cannot come to school. “

‘We will prepare for the exam but we don’t have any books’

Exam preparation is as challenging as the exam. Esma Kılıç, who is visually impaired, talks about the problem she had with accessing the source book while preparing for the exam: “The same education is not given all over the country, so not everyone can take Braille education. I am 13 years old. I was able to take this training in a rehabilitation center. But my friend could not take Braille. Training in Mardin.” Mardin’s Nejihe Chavusoglu is a victim of regional discrimination. Cavusoglu said, “While I was preparing for KPSS, I was waiting for my brother to come out of work and do my job because there was no other opportunity. Except for National Library readers, voice-overs are usually incompetent. I also learn Braille. Yes, but the opportunities are limited. There are no trainers. ” Says Bilge Özmen and dreams that he will be able to access any book he requests. “If there is a PDF, we can access the audio from the application. When I request from the National Library, I should be able to access the book I want,” Osman said. He said.

Tomorrow: An exemplary learning platform where visually impaired people meet

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