Portable electrocautery devices will save lives

A rechargeable portable electrocautery device was created in the body of Osteem Technical University to prevent death and limb damage due to bleeding, heavy and dangerous work injuries on the battlefield.

According to the information received by the AA reporter, a member of the faculty of Osteem Technical University, Professor. Dr. Sinan Kivrak and his students conducted a study on the benefits of battery-powered portable cutlery devices that benefit from the knowledge and experience of experienced faculty members and specialist surgeons in trauma surgery and emergency surgery interventions.

Bleeding is the primary cause of preventable death in the pre-hospital period due to injuries on the battlefield. Bleeding is one of the leading causes of death due to injuries in civilian life.

The practice of trimming the bleeding wounds of the wounded on the battlefield has been practiced by field physicians for centuries.

Electrocautery is often used not only in emergency cases, but also in all routine surgeries, large or small. Typically, electroplating tissue is used to cut-open and seal blood vessels of suitable size.

It has been said that battery-powered, portable electrocautery devices will provide surgeons who adapt to this condition and offer flexibility and opportunity to perform surgeries in a variety of places, even without electricity, in an environment without generators, in adverse conditions.

With the help of electrocautery devices, the effectiveness of interventions for a large number of injured people will be increased, mortality due to hemorrhage will be reduced, valuable blood components are needed, whose source is human, blood loss will be reduced, and it will contribute to the readiness of blood. In addition, there will be economic benefits such as reducing mortality and disability rates and reducing hospital stays.

Made with the name of the expert, the patent application has been filed

Osteem Technical University faculty member Professor. Dr. Sinan Kivrak told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that Assoc. Dr. While working with Aytekin Ünlü for the Electronic Turnstile project, the need for an electrocautery came to the fore.

Mentioning that ünlü has a lot of experience in front row injuries and interventions, Kıvrak said, “Our teacher said that there was a lot of bleeding due to injury or loss of limbs due to problems caused by the tourniquet. We said it, then said, ‘None.’ We actually investigated, it wasn’t found as a portable cutie, and a patent was applied for the device we made. ” Says

Explaining that they have evaluated the features of the device with Ugur Unal, a biomedical technician of Pulcuoğlu Medikal and Gazi University Hospital at Ostim, Kıvrak said that they have reviewed the products and activities in the market and completed their work through reverse engineering. .

Kıvrak reports that they have developed an electrocautery that can work on mobiles, has a power of 200 watts, can be used for 2 hours and can be charged as easily as a mobile phone. “The electrocautery is designed in such a way that it can easily perform all the operations of care in a full-fledged hospital front, back, mobile hospital, mobile hospital. Everything is ours. It can be further developed,” said Sinan Kivrak. He said.

Revealing that the device could also be used by veterinarians, Kıvrak noted that they have developed a device that would allow surgeons to work in the area to cut or stop bleeding in the event of an earthquake or natural disaster.

Ready for mass production

Explaining the need for experts and the device manufactured for use, the commercialization process will be carried out after the patent application, Kıvrak evaluated the following:

“The evaluation of our instructors and everyone who has seen this work is very positive. Generally, compared to the 100-150 watt devices on the market, we are flexible in terms of power and control, we can make any device we want. Our surgeon, who is a surgeon, said , Will really solve a lot of big problems. ‘ “We have realized all the processes related to the software, hardware and manufacturing of the device. If it is said that 1000 will be produced, we can produce and supply in a very short time. Our universities now need to create devices that are not manufactured. In our country, or those that are not produced in the military, medical or any other sector. This is our university mentality. “” We can now run applications that can solve problems in industry, in war environments. , In our university laboratories. We hope that the laboratories of the university will be managed in this way, that our professors will make an effort in this regard and that our government and our people will encourage these issues further. “

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