Turkey’s champion has not changed in 148 days Battle Eskigulek

Hello, dear readers … On Friday, May 13, in my last article, I mentioned that VakıfBank and Fenerbahçe Opet team will face each other for the last time in the 5th game of the final stage of the Sultans League, and I mentioned that the 4th meeting, in particular, is great. Witness the return. I could not give the result information because I had to prepare my writing for printing 5 hours before the match.

Game 4 of the final episode series was incredible. The stand was full and there was widespread enthusiasm. Fenerbahce Opet, who led the series 2-1 and will declare his championship if he wins one more match, was leading the match 2-0 with the support of his great spectators. Fans of TVF Burhan Felek Vestel Volleyball Hall Fenerbahce, started the third set one set away from the championship. Fenerbahce, leading 16-13 in the set, began to sing the championship song at the stand. However, VakıfBank has almost changed its shell, especially with the entry of Tuğba senoğlu into the game. Capturing their opponents at 19-19, the Yellow-Blacks won 25-19 sets with a great series and held the match.

Vakifbank, who won 25-20 against their opponents whose rhythm was bad, took the match to the final set. The whole hall saw the 5th set with their hearts in their faces. Fenerbahce took the lead 5-1. The team had the advantage of yellow-dark blue with a change of field 6-7. Fenerbahce, who also found his 10th number, was just 5 points away from the championship. At 10-10, the score is equal again. From the moment Tugba enters the game, each point begins to become more effective. Leading 12-10, VakıfBank won the set 16-14 and the game 3-2 and took the series to the 5th game, although Vargas had problems in the service round.

Not Slave at Vakifbank Sports Palace

On Thursday, May 12, the hearts of all Turks throb at the Vakifbank Sports Palace in Uskudar. About 4 hours before the match I took my place in the hall and started to see what was happening. As the teams took to the field to warm up, I saw that VakıfBank had incredible confidence, when I saw the deep marks of the trauma of the 4th match they lost 3 days ago at Fenerbahce.

In fact, my wife, who was unable to watch the final series match from the hall due to her responsibilities, asked my thoughts, “VakıfBank Super has started, looking at the body language of the Fenerbahçe players, it looks like they lost without playing the match.” I used the phrase. It was 7:03 pm when I wrote this, and there were only two servings in the game.
With the numbers and the progress of the set, it is clear that Fenerbahce lost the championship on Monday 9 May, as they could not overcome the trauma of the 4th match. VakifBank won the match 3-0 with the most comfortable win of the final series and won its 13th championship and reached the happy ending for the 4th time in the 8th league final, which it played with its arch-rival Fenerbahce.

The yellow-blacks, who have won their 13th championship in the Sultans League, have not left the top spot since the 2017-2018 season. VakıfBank holds the title of champion for 1478 days from April 26, 2018. The yellow-black trophy at the end of the match became the 4th trophy to be taken to the museum in the same season. VakıfBank has won the FIVB Club World Championship, Cup Volley, Spore Toto Champions Cup and Misli.com Sultan’s League trophy this season.

Then there is the CEV Champions League final

VakıfBank Sports Club, which has won 4 cups this season, will face Italian Imoco in the final of the Club World Championship, one in the world and three in the domestic event, on Sunday in Lublin, the capital of Slovenia. , May 22, to win the 5th Cup of the season. I will watch the 2022 CEV Champions League Super Final on the site and let you know again.

Our dear readers, Fenerbahce Opet and VakifBank, have brought Turkey to the screen with the excitement of 5 great finals. Sincere congratulations to both the teams. TRT also showed the whole of Turkey to watch this great volleyball festival live. This collaboration between TVF and TRT resulted in broadcasts that broke the ratings. Harmonious work of the two organizations; It supplies Turkish volleyball all over the world. I would like to express my gratitude to TVF and TRT.

Dear reader, in today’s article, I want to ‘let you know’ about some important details of this season’s Champions League series in the Sultan League.

Be well

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