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Arju Ujunali

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Was I banished from my favorite city? Will I be happy in another city? Was a better life possible? When I was looking for the answer to this romantic question, I came across a simpler question.

After traveling, many of our friends moved abroad. Over the years, we have seen these tragic departures silently on social media accounts, with mixed feelings, not knowing if they would be happy. And we never ask them if they are happy. We continue to work in such a way that it is normal for you to leave your homeland and live and open your eyes towards a morning that says good morning in a completely different language.

Photo: Arju Ujunali

I’m happy to see pictures of them, and I think they try to enjoy a completely different and relatively sweet civilization through as much fascist humor and questioning as possible. This is the best fantasy I have for those who have left.

Of course, a part of me has never acknowledged the existence of borders. Especially in such a globalized world, how far can a person feel from the land and culture of his birth? Up to a European ‘Can you marry three women’ Unless you ask. But in this age ‘Do you ride camels to school?’ The ignorant European asks, I don’t know … You don’t even go to Instagram, you could call that ignorant European brother. And then one can enjoy civilization.

I chose the fascists I knew

We had to choose between the fascists we knew and the fascists we didn’t know. I think in this period. It is one of the saddest choices in the world.

My choice ‘I know from fascists’ I am here to witness the cradle of civilization. If I can’t train my own fascist, if I can’t deal with him, I thought, how can I deal with the fascists in the world, right?

And let me admit, like a fine line of poets, I have always loved Istanbul. Maybe I couldn’t express it so simply, or I couldn’t stand straight enough in the face of all the oaths, but I always liked it very much inside.

Something will change from here, if there is a way, it will leave this city, if a gallon is to be docked, that gallon will dock the most beautiful products in this port. The best friends, the most beautiful children, the most beautiful games, the most memorable movies, the most touching poems, the most emotional songs come from this city. Between life and death, everything cruel and most sympathetic to experience is found here only at the same time. In this city, every emotion is experienced at the highest level. I guess that’s why Istanbul is described as the evil lover of a sick love affair. That’s why you can’t just love Istanbul, you have to hate it at the same time.

I thought a lot about this … because I decided to leave this city within a day after being caught in the immigration wave and found myself on the path to immigration. ‘A blue port with the dome of Sikamo, you can’t take me to that port’ I think we crossed Izmi when I realized what he meant by a tear that could not fall from my eyes, not from my mind, but from my heart. Summe haha, we were not politically exiled. Because of this, I was able to make myself a part of that curse. I was not imprisoned, tortured or deported from that port. Captured in this country, endured this torture, exiled myself from that port. I was going to a city completely different with the song along the double road made by those politicians. It can best be called voluntary deportation, and I can only write it in my diary with tears in my eyes. It would be inappropriate to write poetry.

Was that really the case?

We had no particular reason to choose Bodrum for immigration. Because Bodrum is a small Istanbul, it is a little developed, it is close to Izmir and other centers, it gets a lot of urban transfer. ‘Quality people’ We didn’t think of any high-fidelity fairness, as its existence was there when a friend of Igit’s music lived there. Some of my acquaintances moved there a few years ago. We went there for a few summer vacations and the deep blue sea, the serenity, the wind that could always lick your face was enough.

Fortunately, due to the generous condition of the bedroom, we did not have any problems with this inconsistency, which was very affordable at that time. We rented a huge village house in Istanbul for one third of our rent. It turns out we don’t have to buy everything first hand like a new bride. We learned this in the bedroom and we assembled the whole house in one day at the expense of second hand dealers. The people in the bedroom reminded us that we should never rush to get a job. In some places the internet may not be available, it was very normal. The air conditioner can come to install the air conditioner whenever he wants. When you hear the screams of an animal at night, you have to go out with a matchlock, not the Vilda handle. Cutting wood was much harder than it was seen in the movie. That ax never fell right in the middle of the wood.

The people in the bedroom were usually nice people who weren’t very friendly. If they were upset about something, they would not say it indirectly, they would say it directly to your face. It makes us love them so much. Everyone had a mobile phone but everyone was shouting and communicating from house to house. They would shout at us from time to time, but we did not understand much from their dialect. We shook our heads so we could understand. A complete God ‘Short talk’ It was not considered strange because it was a republic.

Older townspeople who settled in the bedroom before us ‘They have come, will insult this place too’ They were gleaming and gnashing their teeth. Us too ‘What kind of ownership is that, sir?’ We were getting our hips where we were sitting.

Calm blue sea ‘Welcome’ Brightly put all its enormity in front of us. That sweet cool air was licking our cheeks like everyone else. Also, you can get a warmth from Atatুrk statues with humanity that you will not find anywhere else in Turkey.

I don’t know, a landscape in the wake of every morning sickness that looks more like a cardboard decor than it really is, something I’ve never been involved with, it’s been a year and a half since we’ve lived there. Every morning for a year and a half ‘What has this Istanbul done to you?’ I can’t help but ask. And thinking about my ‘ex-mentally ill boyfriend’, I couldn’t nurture my relationship with this somewhat ‘cool but unique new boyfriend’. As I was cooling off in its sweet blue sea, my mind was always on that old blue sea that I couldn’t enter to cool down. One can also fall in love with the blue tune. – Here’s a funny poem for you.

But then something happened like a bad love scene in a summer drama. I began to feel a movement in the sad face of the bedroom. I realized this while traveling to and from Istanbul because of our job. This time, I realized that I had missed that sad half while I was in Istanbul. Over time, I began to see her as beautiful as Istanbul’s youth. Both of these feelings brought me closer to her and I began to think deeply about her.

If their fate were the same …

After all, the people of Istanbul enjoyed the blue sea and fresh air in the summer heat, bought ice cream for their children on the way home, cut a piece of watermelon for themselves, and slept in the fresh air at night. Like the current bedroom occupants.

And of course in life – and much more in this country – unfortunately what we fear comes true.

Those of us who have been there or moved there can see with our own eyes how quickly Bodram has been looted in the last few years, we hear with our ears and feel deeply that every heel is piercing our heart. We desperately tell each other that we need to do something and try to convince every Bodrum citizen that the situation is not good at all and how they will be deported from the land sold for billions of dollars, as if they are going into voluntary exile without question. However, when millions of dollars are flying in the air and everyone from villagers to businessmen, contractors to politicians are looking at these dollars, we cannot hear our voices.

But madam, this is the center of attraction!

We had a conversation with a real estate agent when the looting was not so visible, construction restrictions were comparatively more strictly followed and the houses were not rented for 30,000 lira per month. He proudly told me how much land he had. He knew very well that he was now a million dollar man. Bedroom stones and clay are gold. I also knew very well that this is a very valuable thing for the one who has spent his childhood in poverty in this barren land. Millions of dollars worth. Can’t stand it yet ‘Such uncontrolled growth will not result in anything like a bedroom in a decade. You will lose this place and you have nowhere to go. You will be homeless like our Istanbulites. He told me when I said ‘But ma’am, this place is an attraction. See why you are here. ‘

Why am I here?

I came here because I like my familiar fascists.

I came here because I can no longer find peace in the already looted streets of the city that I was born and love so much, I am beaten, harassed and tortured every day.

I have come here hoping to meet people who claim to support a more democratic and humane approach and live peacefully in a land where I can breathe.

I am here because of the injustice, looting, rape, immorality and perversion that has not happened before.

I came here not to feel homeless and homeless against everyone!

More specifically, I guess I should say now: I was here …

The blue flags seemed to fall one by one

Because last year, when I found out that the building next to ours was carrying out its activities within the date of the construction ban and as a result of my complaint to them, I realized that these activities were not under the scope of the ban, I realized. Unfortunately, I have now come to witness with my own eyes the plunder of another city. No one made Istanbul’s little Istanbul romantic, the landlord built the house, it’s too late.

Before we can understand what is happening, without thinking, without any plan or calculation, only 60 square meters of extremely low quality houses are being looted inch by inch in the hope of selling. Being an accelerated version of the Istanbul plunder. Those who do not believe can buy a plane ticket and travel between Gümüşlük and Turgutreis. You can’t believe how many houses fit into that range.

Even without being a town planner, just asking questions in that particular video is enough: Where will they f * ck?

In fact, the answer to the question is very clear. Because a few days before I wrote this article, the blue flag of Gümüşlük was canceled. In other words, the Sea of ​​Gümüşlük is no longer the sea with the blue flag. A year later, there will be no Turgutries, no Beatze, no Yalikavak or Ortakant. All the other beaches will fall one by one. A decade from now, like Istanbul, it will be possible to swim on only a few beaches. You love those rich people too ‘Oops this place is so ruined, so many people’ He says he will loot elsewhere. The rest of the locals will tell their children that we used to swim in the sea. History will repeat itself and no one will die in peace in this country.

I won’t do it again, because at the end of the day, this story of immigration, homelessness, and homelessness, which begins as if it were very romantic, ‘Where will they go?’ Ends with questions. It doesn’t end badly, it doesn’t end well … The story ends with a nasty, crude, nasty question.

Yet in reality many things ‘Health is my attempt to create romance’ We can say

But Miss Arju, this place is a center of attraction!

I hope your fate is not the same …

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