Who is Atakan Hosgoren? Where – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Atacan HosgorenHe was born on August 5, 1999 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series and movie actors.

First part of the name: Atacan Hosgoren
Date of birth: August 5, 1999
Place of birth: Istanbul
Length: 1.84 m
Weight: 79 kg
Symbol: The lion
Eye color: Brown
Siblings: He has 2 brothers and 1 sister
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/atakanhgr/

Family: He was born and raised in Istanbul. He is of Albanian descent. He has 3 siblings. “I am the youngest of four children. There were many benefits to having my last child. My brothers and sisters were always trembling at me. I was a very comfortable child, able to do whatever I wanted.

Childhood years: He played basketball at Beşiktaş’s infrastructure for 5 years. “I was a very quiet child in my school years and I was thinking of the end of it all. It wouldn’t be naughty, but I wasn’t too quiet. I will join the society. I used to think that fighting would not solve any problem, but when it reached that stage, I would not run away from fighting. I’ve always wanted to play basketball, but I knew it was too late. Other than that, my childhood dream was to fly. If I weren’t an actor, I would probably be a pilot. “

Education Life: She continues her education at Doğuş University in the Department of Business Administration in English.

The turning point in his life: His injury during basketball changed the course of his life. “I started playing basketball at a young age and continue to play professionally. But I was injured in an unfortunate accident. When I recover, my mother sends me to an agency for morale. My life on set and acting started with the shooting of the ad there. Later, I met my manager Emrah and said that I wanted to do this job completely and I took my first real step towards becoming an actor. “

The first step of acting She began her television adventure in 2017 with the series “Yıldızlar Witness”.

Which project shines with it? He drew attention through the character ‘Ali Tekelioglu’ in the 4N1K First Love series.

Love scene: “I think true love is only once. You will feel moments that you will never forget. Then, you may think that you can feel like that, but what you feel is just a repetition of it. Of course, you can still feel love, but I don’t think it will be as effective as your first love. In relationships, both men and women should be able to add something to each other. Relationships are not just love. People should be able to learn from each other in the process of that relationship. This is very important to me. Because as long as you can add something to yourself, no matter how old you are.

Window of the mind: He sees fame as a tool in my life. “I want to be able to help people by reaching out to a wider audience and raising their awareness. That way, maybe we can make the world a better place. “

Source of happiness: She was inspired by her friends, family and nephews. “Also, my first feature film, 4N1K, made me very excited. I really wanted to be in this movie and I was really happy when I was accepted. “

First movie: Deniz Kaskun / 4N1K

Outlook on life: He has nothing to regret for not surviving. “I am still young and have many years ahead of me. That’s why I think it’s too early for me to feel sorry for something I didn’t feel. “

Business Perspectives: : She is fed by passion and life awareness in her acting career. “I am becoming more and more aware of myself with each passing day, and as I try to enter each character’s inner world, seeing through that character’s eyes always gives me a new perspective. These are definitely the acting aspects that feed me. There is no character I can say I never wanted to play. But you can’t feel the inner world of each character. And a part of yourself may not fit that character. That’s why I’m choosing. But I can’t say for sure that I will not play it. “

Career plan: : He wants to play as many characters as possible throughout his acting career. “I want different characters so I can enter. Being able to feel a character is very important to me, so I can make choices too. Based on this thought, I hope to be able to develop many characters that I believe are best for me. ”

Dreams of the future: “I am continuing my education in acting. In this case, my highest goal is Hollywood. I’m still going to university. Other than that, I want to learn new things like electric guitar and martial arts. ”

Criteria of attractiveness for women: The first thing he notices when meeting someone new is intelligence. “Besides, it’s important to spend time together, to have long, long conversations and to share time. Maybe it will look stylish if she makes her hair a little ponytail. When I sit down and talk to the opposite sex, I attach great importance to his intelligence and subtlety. Externally, I can’t say ‘this is how it should be’. A different typing already attracted me and I started talking to him. If I like a girl, don’t wait, I’ll open it now. “

TV series

2022 – The Fire Inn / Aegean

2021- I promise / hope you

2021- Akıncı / Murat

2018 4N1K First Love / Ali Tekelioglu

2017 – They are my witnesses


2021 – 4N1K Wedding / Ali Tekeliolu

2018- 4W1K 2 / Ali Tekelioglu

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