Adds value to machine value and breaks new ground in engineering Mete Tamer Omar

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While studying mechanical engineering he formed various organizations and took out pocket money. Ilkar Mehmet Ergullu entered professional business life after university. After 8 years of experience, he founded ENDO A.Ş with 4 partner structures for writing his own stories. Ergüllü, who started his business by selling materials to machine makers and has continued to do so alone over time, has worked on a wide range of projects, from project support to linear axis production. Ilker Mehmet Ergüllü, who has worked with his new investment to produce a specially designed product in the machinery sector, also has a public offer on his agenda.

LKER Mehmet Ergüllü … a businessman who has created awareness by combining his interest in trade with mechanical engineering. An entrepreneur who produces value-added products. We spoke with Nlker Mehmet Ergüllü, founder of ENDO Industrial Hardware and Automation Systems, about his professional business life, his process of becoming a boss and his goals for the future. Ilkar Mehmet Ergullu, who was born in Mersin in 1974, shared that he grew up in Izmir and told the rest of his story as follows:

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Adding value to the value of the machine, breaking new ground in engineering

Dad’s job was effective
“My father, an electrical engineer from Ushak, worked in a large holding. And according to his responsibilities, he was first in Kutaha and then in Marseille. I too was born in Mersin. But we came to Izmir at the age of 6 months, because my father, who held positions like maintenance manager, investment manager, assistant general manager, continued his professional career in Manisa after Mersin. I finished secondary school in the German department of Izmir Turkish College and high school in Izmir Atatুrk High School. Because of my father’s profession, I was trained as a technician. As a result of his love and vision for engineering, I won the Mechanical Engineering Department at Dokuz Ailul University. ”

Great curiosity against trade
Ilkar Mehmet Ergullu, who graduated from university in 1997 and began his professional career with a company in Izmir Gida Charsis, took the first step in his career as a mechatronics and aerospace project manager at Bosch Rexworth Products Group’s Aegean dealer. , With reference to his father, after a brief experience. Ergüllü, who is involved in a very important project in this process, said, “In my professional business life, I have always received offers from different places. He was coming up with this method of ‘open your place, I will support you’. In fact, since I was little, I always wanted to start my own business and grow it. So much so that I thought, ‘If my dad had a grocery store, he’d give it to me, and I’d raise him too.’ In my high school years, I built a portfolio of questions that I thought might come up on exams and sold to my classmates. During the university years, 7-8 friends got together and formed an organization company. Throughout my university life; We have created many organizations like party, tea and travel. So much so that with the money I made here, I finished my university education without the support of my family, “and shared that he was always interested in business and entrepreneurship.

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Adding value to the value of the machine, breaking new ground in engineering
Adding value to the value of the machine, breaking new ground in engineering

Many watching wolves cannot go hungry
প্রস্তাবlker Mehmet Ergüllü founded ENDO A.Ş in 2006 with a partnership structure, based on proposals on the one hand and the idea of ​​starting his own business on the other. Ergullu describes the process as follows:
“I didn’t have enough money to start a new adventure with a 4-partner structure. In the first phase, we have started serving in the Aegean region with 3-4 brands in the food market of Izmir. We were selling loaded equipment to a machinery manufacturing company. After a while, the Aegean was not enough for us and we spread to industrial cities like Bursa, Istanbul and Ankara. From day one our target was Mechatronic products. As the walking wolf is not hungry, so am I. I have walked in and out of every business that has a machine sign on the door. In 2010, I decided to leave with my partners and continue on my own. We need to make some changes to the products we sell. For this reason, we established in 2015 a facility of 2,000 square meters in the Atatুrk Organized Industrial Zone of Izmir. We have built automation and R&D units. We started making linear modules from our imported products. Thus, we offer a much faster solution to our customers. Then we start exporting this linear axis. Over time, our business has grown, and by 2020, we’ve moved to a bigger place in the IAOSB. We expand our machine park. The point we have reached today, in addition to product sales, is that we provide project support to our customers, create linear axes and build machines that incorporate special types of mechatronic solutions. We have a significant place in the industry in industrial hardware and automation systems. “

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New to Aliaga
Benefit investment
Tlker Mehmet Ergüllü shared that they are eligible for 3-year Design Incentive Certificate-20120208 for making electric cylinders, explaining that they had 4th Region Industrial Incentive Certificate between 2015-2021 for making KARTESYEN robots. . Ergüllü said, “Although these documents have expired, our company continues to strive to be a ‘design center’, while taking final steps to become a ‘leading product supplier’ by obtaining industry competency assessment and assistance program competency certificates (EYDEP). Presidency of the defense industry. In this regard, we need to make an investment. We have started construction of a 10 thousand square meter factory in Aliaga Chemical Specialization and Mixed Organized Industrial Zone. It will end in 8 months. With the completion of the aforementioned investment, we aim to continue our growth by achieving EYDEP in the short term, adding special design and manufacturing authority to the product delivery mission that it has accomplished so far. Since there is no production in Turkey yet, we would like to take an important step for both the domestic market and export by producing some mechatronic products that help in the machinery manufacturing sector locally or with our imported foreign partners. Own capital. With the Aliaga facility, which will have an investment of 125 million, our contribution to additional employment for 40-50 people is on the agenda “and outlined its future investment plans.

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There is also a carpet knitting robot
Also submarine manufacturing machines
Ilkar Mehmet Ergullu, who explained that they can do both project drawing and electrical panel manufacturing and software with the R&D and automation team at ENDO, gave the following information about their work in this regard:
“We have built the fastest automatic carpet knitting robot in the world right now with 1,600 sewing capabilities per minute and shipped to America. Since the day we were established, we have carried on many successful projects with the help of projects and product support we have given to the defense industry. I think we are doing important work for our country with the products and projects we provide for serious projects such as the Turkish submarine production machine, the steep defense system produced by thousands of Asalsan and the wagon processing equipment. “

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Gang will play for Endor
Metlker Mehmet Ergüllü, who shared that public offering is another item on the agenda besides ALIAGA investment, continued:
“We are preparing to go public at a rate of 20 per cent. The stock market will sound like September for us. Our goal is to create a product that we are currently importing to Turkey with resources that will come from here. For this new investment may come to the fore. We are talking about a product with a global market of approximately বিল 3 billion. Currently, this product is being moved to the Far East. There are 3 big manufacturers left in Europe. The market is ready if we produce it. ”


* Ilkar Mehmet Ergullu, who at the age of 32, set out on the right decision at the right time and with the opportunity, said, “I recommend all my young entrepreneurial friends to do what they love. I advise them not to give up their goals and dreams easily. When they do, they should believe that success will come from them. ”

* In fact, ENDO is a key player in the growth of the machinery industry. An engineering firm. “Our average age is also very low,” said Ilkar Mehmet Ergullu, who said the 50-member ENDO team was made up of 65 percent engineers. We are a fairly young company, ”he said.

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