Arda Turan: ‘I’ll explain soon, Galatasara will be much better!’

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Arda Turan, who grew up in Galatasaray infrastructure and has played a large part in recent successes and successfully represented Turkey abroad, is now at the end of his career …

Adana played her last game in Galatasaray against Demirspor at the Nef Stadium this season, and Arda Turan’s desire to bid farewell to fans was blocked by Domenech Torrent. The Spanish coach gave names to names like Ryan Babel and Fagouli, who came to the end of his contract and dropped Arda from the team.

Dominic Torrent says in favor of this choice that “there was no condition to play according to the order conditions”. A few weeks ago, Spanish coach Arda Turan answered a question about ‘he is doing well’.

According to the 2nd page magazine, Arda Turan could not make a clear decision on whether to give up football. Arda Turan gave a statement to tabloid reporters. “Actually, I haven’t felt bad. I haven’t decided to quit football yet. I’ll sit down and talk to my coach, my family and my wife. I’m definitely nearing the end. Maybe that’s the end. I haven’t decided yet. I’ll explain it soon.” I love my club very much. I have no grudge against anyone. I hope Galatasaray will be fine. That’s right. It was a difficult and tiring career. I expect at least some respect for my decision-making and interpretation. “ Says

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Arda Turan was in Kadikaye in the under-19 match

Fenerbahce and Galatasaray’s under-19 teams met at the Meteor Stadium in the postponed match of the 28th week of the Development League.

While nearly 4,500 tickets were sold for the fight at the Meteor Stadium, an amazing name also appeared on the stands. Arda Turan, an experienced Galatasaray player, followed the derby with Ergin Keles from the stand.

In addition to Arda Turan, Fenerbah Technical Director Ismail Kartal and young talent Arda Guler also watched the match.

Arda Turan’s opposite interpretation

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Ali Nasi Kuchuk, a correspondent for the Hurriyat newspaper Galatasaray; He praised coach Dominique Torrent’s remarks about Fatih Terim, not giving Arda Turan a chance to say goodbye in front of his supporters and evaluating the developments in the selection process.

While the election debate in Galatasaray has been going on for a long time, a lot has been said about Dominic Torrent’s remarks about Fatih Terim and Arda Turan, who are not sure if they will be in charge of the team next season. Hürriyet newspaper Galatasaray correspondent Ali Naci evaluated all developments in yellow and red from Küçük Spor Arena to Uğur Yapıcı.

– Domenech Torrent’s statement, how do you evaluate Arda Turan’s disability in the jubilee match?

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For one thing, Domenech Torrent is a coach who makes inconsistent statements and contradictory statements. He probably lost control, and what he called white one day, he called black two days later. Two weeks ago, he told Arda Turan, “He works very well, he is a very professional football player, he trains very well, he is in good physical condition.” In any case, Arda Turan grew up in the club’s infrastructure. He wore the captain’s armband at the age of 22. He earned 13 million euros for the club. He wore the jerseys of Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. He made a new place in the history of Turkish football. Whatever Arda did, he did it for himself. , But never a club in Galatasaray. What’s wrong? You can discuss Ardar’s mistake, but you can’t discuss his support in Galatasaray. It is Torrent’s own disrespect for not showing this respect to Arda Turan.

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– You call it disrespectful?

This is pure disrespect. If you do not give Arda Turan, who grew up with Galatasar infrastructure, the opportunity you gave to Babel and Phagoli, then it is your big mistake. Maybe torrent showdowns and internal showdowns are doing themselves. In his inner world, perhaps, he is closing the reckoning of the past through Ardar. He is punishing Arda, maybe because of the photo of Fatih Terim he didn’t recognize that jubilee opportunity.

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