Attention to technology addiction at school age!

Explaining that the world is undergoing a rapid technological transformation, Abdullah Samansi, who said that our lives encompass our entire lives in its essential and functional aspects, said, “Scientists use the term ‘Internet and technology addiction disorder’; Obsessively excessive use of the technical elements of the Internet and annoying or moody behavior when deprived of the Internet, and from a broader perspective, Internet addiction is expressed as a person’s intense use of the Internet and technological elements which can lead to problematic consequences in his life. Use.

Noting that technology and its basic components are essential for the flow of our lives as adults, Samansi said, “It provides great benefits to our lives. Now we can fulfill many of the obligations of our lives from our mobile phones. We can follow the agenda of the country and contribute to different platforms in accordance with our wishes. Almost all the elements, the prevalence of which is increasing day by day, are hidden in our inner pockets, on our phones.

Our financial transactions no longer take serious time in our lives and we create quick solutions for all our work through internet and internet elements. No matter how we look at it, technology can save a few hours a day for our adults, “he said.

Samansi later said:

“Of course, in addition to being healthy and useful, there are also occasional uses other than purposeful use.

On the other hand, the other side of the coin is that the use of technology is deplorable for our children who are in the academic learning process and at a level that will cause great concern for the future. The scientific authority of child psychology slows down the beginning of the developmental process of child psychology in the womb. Our babies are actually exposed to the first elements of technology in the womb.

Our children, who opened their eyes to the world, are beginning to learn the first use of technology through their mothers, fathers and other family members, and now they have literally opened their eyes to technology in our age. . The greater the number of family members, the more mobile phones, computers, tablets, television components that carry all the features of a smart computer, thus begins the adventure of technology. In the adventure of technology addiction, the first mistake for a person comes from the family.

Scene One: Growing up, babies don’t eat as much as their mothers want. In fact, it takes as much food as her body needs, but it is not enough for the mother. And when she discovers a great weapon, the mother must give her full attention elsewhere and unknowingly feed the baby until the mother has peace of mind. And it gets amazing results. Mom now relaxes and gives up food to fill her stomach. And indeed, the first and huge step of commitment is taken. Now this process can continue for weeks, months and years. The great application of the applied technology will no longer be enough for the baby during meals only and will increase the duration of continuous use.

The second scene is that the parents have chosen a very nice restaurant for dinner. But we had a problem, there is a complete adventurer who does not stay still and he does not leave anyone alone with the side table. The solution is very simple. Your age of four years, five years, three years is not considered. A small phone screen offers a huge solution!

It will be a source of pride for parents, the beginning of this adventure, our child has a great intelligence! You know, he can’t read or write at the age of 2, but he uses a much better phone than I do. He opens search engines and accesses video display platforms with his own skills and from there he can access videos and content without any help from me !!! You may not believe it, but it is now in the fifth level of the game. He can be called amazing. And now we are facing a person who has become much stronger and has a much higher level of dependence. Unfortunately, nowadays this addiction starts at the age of two or three.

Now, the person who has started school age is going to complete the process of technology addiction at the same time.

The most important test for technology addicts at school age begins in their relationships with their peers. Unfortunately, the biggest threat to a person whose conscious parents have not developed a technology addiction until school age is unfortunately a technology addicted friend. The entire agenda of a person dependent on technical elements consists of technical elements and their content. Fantastic time spent playing games for hours, wonderful comments invite new technology addicts. Our schools have a big responsibility at the moment. Personal technology, especially phone use, should be systematically limited in your school. He must acquire various skills and knowledge in school, but his whole agenda is items like phones, tablets and televisions. Although the television is dark, the old television material does not attract the attention of children. Today, television, which has a certain program flow, has no provisions or restrictions. However, this element is replaced by platforms with special subscriptions that allow the person to watch elements like cartoons, series and movies whenever they wish.

The most important first signs of technical addiction are seen in people who need to acquire academic skills. Obesity, attention problems, slow development of reading, depression, sleep problems, tendency to imitate and loss of ability to approach can be counted among the mental and physical problems caused by active or inactive long-term screen use.

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