Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Chebi: Championship can be counted before 1959

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Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Chebi supported Fenerbahce’s request to the TFF to count the championships won before 1959. Biebi, who held a press conference at Vodafone Park yesterday, said, “If the pre-1959 championship is applied equally to all and is based on one rule, then it is right for me. But if we say that it works for one and does not work for the other, it will not happen. He said: “If there is justice and fairness, why not, but if you have to do it to talk, then not.” Beşiktaş President says he has made the necessary application to take office for another term and says:

The cost to those who cannot contribute is 1 billion TL

We found ourselves as the manager and president of Beşiktaş in a very difficult and troublesome day. It was very important for the ship to be able to float safely, I think we succeeded. Club debt 4.3 billion TL. The amount arising from the difference between the interest and the exchange rate which is not caused by us shows that the debt has increased. Since the day we arrived, many football players who did not join the squad, and those who did not make the squad, have a burden of 200 million TL per year. These contracts average 4-5 years. When you count it for 5 years, our loss here is about 1 billion TL. About a quarter of our debt. The other 1 1 in 1 burden of interest.

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There will be no madness budget in the new season

There is no crazy budget for next season. The star is easy to find. Those who suffer later, which is the club. Our goal should not be to get stars, they should be created. We want to do it slowly. The team will have creative football players who will be able to set an example to the youth. I want to do it, especially at the center forward. We are knocking on our doors for young people. None of our kids are going anywhere until we get the numbers in our heads. Agreements are made with young people, but not in a way that harms the interests of the bastards. You can’t ask for 10 times what you deserve because they want two calls. Our kids don’t do that, but there are some managers. “

I did not call Ali Koch ‘Sakalban’

“I respect Ali Kok, his family and all the club presidents. I said ‘I’m not a joker’ to a friend who came from behind and said ‘don’t hit the table with your hand’. The Rahmi Bey and Koç family are both very important to me. I think what the two kids did in the tree-lined street was either as excitement or as a momentary rage. I hope they don’t make any more mistakes. The president put me in a difficult position – it was a match in Fenerbahce that I was excited about. I also made sentences to excite the fans in this way. ‘If you speak of justice, do not use our name. I said, ‘Give an example from your own match’. Maybe it was not his intention, but that day he left Beşiktaş President in a difficult situation. Every club president can talk about injustice in Turkish football. Ali Kok is also a friend of ours who talked about it. But we talk about what is needed for Beşiktaş. “

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The referee’s operation was performed in parallel with my statement

If you can solve the problems of referees when we hit the table, will we talk about these problems today? For 50 years, every team has talked about it after every game. To solve something, you go to the place where the problem is and talk, put your hand on the table. I have done my duty. I said, ‘The TFF and MHK president’s resignation cannot solve the problem, the problem is with the referees’. We said, ‘People should go there, young people should be replaced, old referees are worn out’ and as a result, an operation was performed, but it was incomplete. Those who damaged the basics are gone, the rest are gone. I did not give any list, I said everything needs to change.

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I hope the new TFF fix

The new season is starting. Referees should be renewed, youngsters should be expanded. I have struggled with them of all kinds. However, it still does not improve because the operation was performed incompletely. I hope the new upcoming TFF will fix them. I did not do the referee operation, but I explained that it should be done. There has been an operation parallel to my statement. This means that I fought those who harmed Beşiktaş. However, the operation was incomplete. Since it is not done perfectly, it does not work and begins to thin. “

10% loan VIDA fee

We bargain with screws. He’s probably packing his suitcase because his contract is over. The conditions are strict. They will not be able to stay with us unless we are soft. 4 million euros per year, including tax 5 million euros and 400 million lira in return. 10 percent of the loan. We used Vida. Why not 4 and 2? It won’t be 2, it will be 1 million. “

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It could be Taifur Bingol

Atiba has become a very valuable symbol. If there is no situation that will force us about a foreign player and he wants to continue, I want to continue with him. Tayfur Bingöl is a little old in our plans, but let’s see. It was a success in Alania. It can be put on the agenda, we will see. “

Those who say ‘I am the winner’ and those who give flowers are the same

Especially those who say ‘operation was not right’ with flowers, even those who have some reason to come back, those who say ‘I am a victim’ after every match. You both say ‘I am a victim’ and say ‘you made a mistake’ to those who want to solve it. Here, let’s see what the new season will be? I hope the new TFF sends all the boards and the old referees.

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I don’t think I will be the president of TFF

“The Football Federation’s presidential election is in mid-June and the Besiktas election is in late May. If I had thought for the presidency of TFF, I would not have submitted my petition for the presidency of Beşiktaş yesterday. I want to serve here as long as my health allows. “

We deserve this sports law

“Sports law has been put on the agenda because of the requirements and the way sports clubs have been brought into this situation. We have no place to criticize those who do. We deserve it. We have all, with our arrogance, thrown into hatred the huge community, the centuries-old plain tree. But there are some problems. In particular, the restrictions on managers borrowing and lending are not appropriate. It should have been a little more comfortable. “

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