David and Lewis Turpin chained their own children after years of torture

Not a day goes by that we do not face bloodshed! We have done research on the Turpin family, which the whole world has followed with fear for you. You can’t control your nerves when you know about children who have been chained for five years. Not to mention the provision of parole for parents responsible for this! Here’s what you need to know about Lewis and David Turpin, who turned their home into a scary house and forced their 13 children to go through hell …

David and Louise Turpin met when David was 17 and Louis was just 10.

Lewis’s father was a pastor at a local church and did not approve of their relationship. So the two of them hid their relationship for some time. They then fled in support of Louis’ mother and married in 1985. David was 23 and Louis was 16 when they got married.

Lewis Ann Turpin was born in 1968 and had a troubled childhood.


Lewis and his sister Elizabeth sold their mother to a wealthy pedophile. This man used to rape his two sisters for money. Since Lewis was the eldest daughter, she was the target of everyone, including her parents, her grandfather John Taylor. Lewis, who was also abused by his grandfather, pleaded with his mother several times, but her mother did not back down from her decision because she needed their money.

However, according to Lewis’ sister Elizabeth, Lewis was a helpful and caring person.


Being kind to everyone, Lewis has changed a lot since 40. He now regularly drinks, fights with people online and posts pornographic content.

Born in October 1961, David Allen Turpin, unlike his future wife, was the “burden” of the school.


He had a mother who supported him. He enjoyed participating in school activities, so he took part in many studies. He graduated with a degree in computer engineering from Virginia Tech University and worked for a large company before retiring.

When the calendars show 1986, the couple already had 4 children.

They moved to Texas because of a job offer from David. Since Lewis’s younger sister Elizabeth is also in college, she decides to stay with them. Elizabeth noticed that during her stay, Lewis was very strict with all the kids, especially her older daughter. Her niece had to get permission to sit at the table, do something, even talk. Since David has a quiet character, it was usually Lewis who made the rules. These rules do not only apply to children. Elizabeth was forbidden to share her home address. Besides, they could not make friends in their area. They do not want him to talk to anyone at work, and he is not allowed to bring guests into the house. He was not even allowed to walk out of the house or use the telephone. Neither he nor his nephew could close the door or the toilet. When Lewis realizes that Elizabeth has friends from college, he throws her out of the house.

It all started when they moved from Texas to California in 2011

David Turpin picks up his children from school and enrolls them here, making their home look like a private school. In the United States, parents, students, or legal guardians are responsible for such foundations and are not subject to government control. From then on, the couple stopped visiting their families and stopped entertaining guests at home. Lewis doesn’t even let Elizabeth and the kids talk on Skype anymore.

On January 14, 2018, two children were able to escape from the house in the early morning.

They planned this for two years. Jordan, 17, keeps running, though one of the kids runs home in fear. He desperately wanted help but did not know his home address. He had no idea about the outside world. The police reached the address in a short time due to the number given in the mailbox.

The scene they encountered was incredible.


Looking at the children in the flashlight, the police officers thought the children were almost dead. Their houses were dark and their beds were chained. The smell of rotten feces, urine and spoiled food at home. The floor was dirty and there was rubbish everywhere. It is clear that the children were suffering from malnutrition, the only clean place on their bodies where they had handcuffs.

David and Lewis Turpin beat, strangled and handcuffed their 13 children for 5 years. In their statement, the children said they slept 15 hours a day so as not to be noticed. For five years they did not see the light of day. Their parents would invite them to eat once a day. Only then can they leave the room. They only ate peanut butter sandwiches or frozen burrito.

They could take a bath once a year and often did not go to the toilet. Playing games in such an environment was forbidden. All her toys were replaced by torture instruments by her parents. Some children have suffered brain damage due to these devices. Only two of them knew what the police meant.

After the test, it was found that the eldest child was 29 years old and weighed 37 kg. The youngest was 12 years old but weighed 7 years old.


David and Lewis Turpin were convicted on 14 counts. They were sentenced to life in prison after 25 years on parole.

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