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In mid-May, the steppe is celebrated with the spring rains and the surroundings are green. The mountain peaks are snowy, the trees have opened their leaves, their branches are in every shade of green, the earth is as generous, compassionate and cheerful as possible. Clouds are drawing new maps in the sky and roaring with the good news of rain.

I sailed from Seydişehir to Kumra, we will cross the Taurus Highlands via Akis and develop into the Kumra plain. My country has beautiful forests, plateaus and grasses that I have never seen before.

Abdullah Tenekechi Primary School Director Serani Duirul welcomed me to the room. From Adana to Serani Bay warm-blooded, cheerful and optimistic. Her gray eyes are always smiling, her bushes and auburn hair bring coolness to her face. His heart is warm, his mind is illuminated by the light of knowledge, he is as bright as possible. Serani Bay resembles a fertile cloud that brings fertile rain to the land of Kumra. We had an agreement a few months ago, and she asked me if I could come to school to chat with her parents.

“I’d be happy to come,” he said.

-I’m scheduling a reader-writer meeting, recommending a book that appeals to parents, let’s read it, and then I’ll bring you and your readers together.

In my country there are dozens of schools in Kumra, hundreds of teachers, millions of educated, enlightened, warm hearted people. Serani Bay opened it step by step. The scent of optimism in every sentence.

We saluted at the school gate.

“I love this place, sir,” he said. The traffic jams in Istanbul, the skyscrapers, the noise of cars and the crowds exhaust my soul. That’s exactly the climate I was looking for. Calm, peaceful, calm, industrious, generous, helpful. I have invested a lot in school. You will soon see the conference room, it was a warehouse when I occupied it. It’s shiny now. I made a stage, put up curtains, tiled the floor. We paid 16,000 lira for the screen alone. In total, the cost of repairing the school has exceeded 100 thousand lira.

We are reading books with the kids. By Kumali SaverHeroism National anthem with storyWe read the book in 3rd and 4th class. Cumali Bey is currently addressing her fans.

With our parentsI am raising my child intelligent and moralWe read your work. We’ll hear you at 11 o’clock. We read, think, learn and become rich.

Serani Hodja deaf, reads and reads in the story “This nation reads very little, students are lazy, parents are crazy about mobile phones, they don’t understand books, not even teachers”.

Thanks to science lovers like him, Turkey ranks 18th in the world in 2021 with 5 hours 54 minutes. Ahead of Spain, Canada, Germany, America.

We went to his room, he ordered tea.

– Hoja, have a cup of tea, take a deep breath. Our parents will start coming soon.

-I want to hear Kumali Saver, for this purpose, after the morning prayers I left immediately.

After tea we went to the living room. The basement of the three-storey school is glistening, the hall is full of students. Kumli Saver with kind face Mehmet Akif Ersay, hardworking, faithful, country poet, who lived without lies Says.

Mehmet Akif was a hard worker, he got first place from veterinary school.

He was a good Muslim, our Prophet (peace be upon him) took an example and never lied.

She cares about being a professional and making money from halal:

“He who does not win is a loaf of bread in this world;

Insult your friend, clown of the enemy! ”

Hafiz was fluent in Arabic and French and valued reading and knowledge.

He was a lover of freedom, he was a lover of freedom. During the War of Independence, he supported the Kuva-e Mili movement in Anatolia, visited Anatolia, awakened the spirit of jihad, and composed the national anthem for this purpose. He did not take the 500 lira given to the person who wrote the song, he donated it to the poor.

Kumli Bay doesn’t just say; He asks the students questions, applauds those who know, congratulates them, a conversation, a conversation… the students raise their hands, clap, they sit and stand up. The conversation is quite funny.

At 11 o’clock we meet with the parents and talk about child education.

Children are our assets, they have no backup, they bring happiness to our home, divorce rate is 50% lower in families with children, children are the cement of the family, our future. “

I answered parents’ questions and signed a book.

Mr. Serani contacted the Department of National Education and we met with the district’s high school students in the afternoon.The road to success“I told you. Director of National Education Mehmet Altunialdij He gives great advice to the students.

Mr. Serani’s life is full. He found the restaurant made in Konya’s most delicious etliekmek. He gave us a wonderful feast.

Serani Hodja is a legend. Optimistic, extraordinary heart, project enthusiast. “All my teachers support reading and project work, we are a very good team.Said

Thousands of legendary teachers in education. সপ্তাহdemiş this week Mustafa Kok, Ahmet Okanogu, In Bademli Ramzan GossenIn Denizli Hussein KaradimerIn Seydişehir Bairam Ali Selik, Mustafa Dink, Mustafa IgitI got a chance to know that our teachers are like the fertile rain that makes the steps green …

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