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Ready: International Fatih Sultan Mehmet is a young writer from Anatolian Imam Hatip High School

As the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “The best of you are those who learn and teach the Qur’aan.” (Bukhari, Fazail-Quran 21. See also Abu Dawood, Salat 349; Tirmidhi, Fazail-Quran 15; Ibn Masih, Muqaddim 16). In this week’s article, we are leaving the article of our brother, who has become Hafiz by accepting the Hadith of our Prophet, to you alone.

My name is Abdul Rahman Mohammad Sharafattin. I am from Ghana. My father has two wives and we are eighteen siblings. My father graduated from Kamiatul-Islamia in Saudi Arabia and later did his Masters there. I was born to my father’s second wife, who got married at a young age. Unfortunately, I was not born in a Muslim country. So in my country like Muslim countries also Qur’an education, Ramadan ceremonies, Tarabih, Muqabel, Qur’an recitation competition in Turkey etc. Was not. Nevertheless, I grew up in memory. My family is actually Hafiz’s family. Everyone in our house is either full Hafiz or half Hafiz. In my family, my father – may God have mercy on him – my mother, my older siblings and all my close relatives Hafiz. After such a point, becoming Hafiz becomes essential for us. In such a family, whatever the situation, you must memorize the Qur’an. However, this should not be seen as a forced, unintentional act. People around me call our house “the house of the Qur’an.” This is a very honorable title for us. In a sense, our home is the home of the rich. So we are the richest people in the world.

“House of the Quran”

For the reason that I have listed above and because of my deep love for the Qur’an, I must give special importance to memorization. In addition, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has good news for those who memorize the Qur’aan, and he has a pleasing hadeeth about what kind of blessings Hafiz’s parents will enjoy in the Hereafter. “Whoever reads the Qur’an; Memorize it nicely; If he considers halal as halal and haram as haram and if he obeys them then Allah will admit him to paradise. He has the right to intercede for ten members of his family who deserve hell. ” (Tirmidhi, Fedailul-Quran, 13/2905; Ahmed, I, 148) What could be greater good news than Hadith?

I was a Hafiz on the one hand, and the Qur’an was being taught in our house on the other. Those around us who did not know the Qur’an were taught the Qur’an in our homes. Of course, I was ahead of them because I was Hafiz. Thus the number of people learning Quran in our house increased and became two groups. Half Hafiz starts helping those who want to learn.

“The number of those who have learned the Qur’an has increased”

I started memorizing the first Surah Fatiha while I was in Hafez. However, later, I changed the last of the Qur’an, Surah An-Nas. I definitely went from beginning to end. Since the last suras are short, I must finish in a short time. Then I started going page by page again. Sometimes half a page, sometimes a page ছিল there was a time when I memorized two pages as I proceeded. I can’t remember exactly, but I think I finished my memory at the age of fifteen. I don’t know how long it took me to complete my memory.

My brothers helped me a lot when I was Hafiz. I continued my memories from home. During my Hafiz period, there was no dormitory life like here. If you can’t read on time while Hafiz is there, for example, if you take a break for two or three days in a row, there must be a penalty.

“They helped me a lot when I met.”

There cannot be a person whose memory has not changed his life. Because you are constantly dealing with the Quran. It makes you more friendly. From this point of view, I consider myself very lucky. Although the process is difficult, I recommend it to everyone because the result is very sweet.

Our brain is like a muscle, the more it is exercised, the stronger it becomes. Thanks to memorization, the brain is trained to remember more on this occasion, even if it does not actively try to memorize information. Also, memorizing from an early age helps in the development of the child and makes a positive contribution for the individual in the long run.

Abdur Rahman Mohammad Sharafattin


My name is Al-Hasan Al-Kilani. BWe are all Hafiz in my old family except my younger brother. I hope my younger brother joins us soon. I started memorizing when I was seven years old. At the request of the mother and at the encouragement of the father. I set out on a journey that was difficult and rewarding. At the time, I didn’t know why I was a Hafiz and what it was, but I realized I was doing a good job because people looked at me with envy and even great people asked me to pray. There were those who loved and admired me, as well as those who ignorantly watched and annoyed my work.

Days and months passed, I laughed sometimes but cried most of the time – sometimes I was going to the course on purpose, sometimes I was spreading flour on the rope to avoid going. They were ridiculous excuses, I realized when I grew up …

“O Allah, remind me of the Surahs and verses which I have forgotten.”

I wasn’t in my country when I started my Hafiz and I finished about eight jujus before going to high school. Then we moved to another country with our family. Quran in that countryI only finished half. Then 14-15 I was about your age. And I ended up back in my country and finished memorizing there, thank God.

There came a time when I kept my childhood naughtiness and neglect on my Quran shelf. I wasn’t reading, I wasn’t repeating my memorization. Whenever I turned away from the Qur’an, I realized that the joy of my heart was gone. Now, this situation has become a big crime for me. Because I neglected it and forgot most of its verses, not just without putting into practice what I had memorized. There was no taste of life … there was only one prayer in my tongue and in my heart: “O Allah, remind me of the Surahs and verses I forgot and allow me to reflect them in my life.”

Then, thanks to my family, I participated in many programs. With age comes the importance of memorizing the Qur’an. Therefore, the Qur’an has opened my horizons and my heart.

On the morning of May 29, the day Fatih conquered Istanbul, I kept the Qur’an in my heart again and conquered my own heart.

Of course, Fatih’s Hacı Bayram-ı Veli, II. Like Murat and Axemsedin, I also had teachers, my mother and father. May my Lord share with them the reward of every letter I read and learn. Now the same prayer in my tongue and in my heart: “O Allah, do not separate me from You, do not separate me from Your Qur’an.”

Hassan al-Kelani

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