When Dad became famous, he had to prove himself!

‘When my dad became famous, I had to prove myself’

‘One to One with Fatih Altaili’ continues its on-screen journey on Bloomberg HT with colorful guests and pleasant conversations. Altaili, on his program last night; Actors Ibrahim Selim and Doga Root are hosted by musician Su Sole, comedian Anlatanadam and conductor Cinema Ozlar.

“Laughter is really hard work”

Doga Root, who appeared on the popular TV show ‘Güldür Güldür’, said: “We’re finishing the 9th season this year. We don’t play improvisation. There’s continuity in all the sentences. Two days rehearsal. 3 hours non-stop. We play skit all the time. It’s very rare, I forgot my words, someone gets knocked down and Ali (Sunal) plays the bell. You can’t get out of that text. The audience is watching. It’s really hard work, but we do it with crazy love. People say, ‘We’re laughing for you.’ We are happy. ” Used phrases.

The ‘Güldür Güldür Show’ aired on SHOW TV on Saturday evening.

“I was school friend with Ali”

Root, who also talked about meeting Ali Sunal, said: “We were high school friends. When I was in high school in Ankara, my father brought him to Istanbul. The first house I entered in Istanbul was named Kamal ( Sunal). Agabe’s house. I was there with my father for 2-3 days. About a year.

Ali to Sunal and Doga route

Ali to Sunal and Doga route

“I want to play at SIT COM”

Talking about the lack of Seat Com series on screen recently, he told Root, “If one day Guldur Galdar ends, my next plan is Seat Com. I started with ‘My Love, My Love’. Mehmet Ali Erbil, Email Sign, Osman. Yağmurdereli … then there was a series called ‘Pink Boots’. “I did a job. It lasted 5-6 years. I starred with Haley Ergun and Wa Aidogan. It was a tough job with humor. It was a very small task. 40-54 minutes of work, maybe that’s why we don’t have it today. “

“When my dad became famous, I had to prove myself.”

The actress, who is also Aziz’s daughter to master artist Rut, asked Altaili, “What if there was a very heavy title?” He answered this question:

You start life losing 1-0. Because they put a label on you. They want to see you, not as they expected you to be. So proving yourself was a process. It’s what they put on me. My father directed me to comedy instead of drama. The secret hero of the work was always my father. I wanted to study archeology and history, when my points were not enough, I tried the archive. I want my children to be educated when they are a little older.

Aziz to Doga Root and his father Root

Aziz to Doga Root and his father Root

Root also talks about the book he wrote with his wife for his children:

Kerimkan and I had a dream when I was pregnant. We said, ‘Let’s write a story to Piraye and Root, leave a memory’. We wrote a book called Piri O Ruti. Thanks to them, we kids want to read too. There will be 10 series.

Doga Root was married in 2014 to author Kerimkan Kamal.

Doga Root was married in 2014 to author Kerimkan Kamal.

“I did everything I could in Ankara.”

Describing his artistic journey, Ibrahim Selim said: “I was born in Ankara. I won the conservatory department at Hastep University. After finishing my acting education I moved to Istanbul. I did everything I could in Ankara. I took part in it. Many theater plays. “I do, too. I won the Best Male Theater award of the year.” Says

Ibrahim Selim

Ibrahim Selim

“Alice, the biggest music in Turkey”

Talking about Alice Musical, where she played a role, the actress said, “I’m not saying this out of arrogance, but it’s the biggest musical in Turkey. There are three big producers. A very big production has been invested. We’re halfway through the epidemic. I wanted to act in a theater, but I couldn’t afford it. We couldn’t go to Turkey because we had to bring his technology. The organizers came from England, they couldn’t. I can’t believe it, they didn’t expect anything like that. ” Used phrases.

“We are glad that Serenai locomotive”

Speaking about Serena Sarkaya, who has no theatrical background, Selim said, “I knew how Serena works. Serena started working 1.5 months before we went to rehearsals. We were very happy that she was a locomotive and Ennis (Arkan) was good. . ” He said.

“The star must be a guest”

Ibrahim Selim spoke on the talk show program:

We thought, ‘Can we run the economy’ with people in our inner circle without the approval of a boss? Gradually both the party and the economy grew. People participating in the program have no place to talk about themselves at the moment. This is not something that can happen on social media or in fast-track interviews. Since I am an actor, I knew there was no such thing. I think the star should be a guest on the show. If a guest jokes, I laugh, I’m not looking for a better joke. Sometimes there are strange criticisms on this subject. For example, in the episode where Sam Ilmaz came, someone said, ‘I wish you could make it a little harder’. I am not a journalist. The guy I admire is joking 1 meter away, so let me smile. The more relaxed the guest, the more intimate and entertaining the occasion.

“You’re not a passenger on this road.”

Comedian Ibrahim Turker, better known by his stage name ‘Anlatanadam’, said, “Actually, I was a businessman. Beyazit Ozturk is a very close friend of mine. When he was a businessman, Beyazit used to say, ‘You are not a passenger. This is the road.’ I sold my company, I came to Istanbul, I became a television producer, then I was cheated, not only my money, my happiness was stolen, I went home, then my environment supported me. Who wants to start this business. To do, between a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes, we say ‘set’, there will be about 2 “of them creating a story so that there will be a joke every 3 minutes. It has a math. Work. You have to try it in front of the audience. Visitors who don’t know you are cruel. Standing is a challenging task. “

'People say that'

‘People say that’

“I worked with Azda Pekan for 3 years”

Musician Su Sole, on the other hand, said, “I graduated from METU pre-school education. I won the Department of Musical Theater at Istanbul University State Conservatory in 2006. I started singing in my university years. I had a problem in Istanbul, when I got a job offer. Back then I was going back to Ankara. At the same time, I participated in the Istanbul Jelisim Orchestra. I worked with Azda Pekkan, Yalin and Teoman for 3 years. I left vocals after Teoman. I founded a production company in 2018. I am making an album. Also, I have sung more than 500 children’s songs and lullabies. ‘Dandini Dandini Dastana’ has been heard 360 million times. ” He said.

Water soli

Water soli

“I’ve been a chief since I became director general.”

Describing his culinary adventures, Cinema Ozler said, “I am an advertising graduate. I worked for the agency for 12 years. My boss entered the food and beverage industry at that time. Thanks to him, I got involved. I became a company. General Manager and later his chief. Technically, that’s not the case, although it was a negative promotion. ” Says

Sinem & Ouml; z

Cinema Ozlar

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