Citizens spoke at CHP’s “Voice of the Nation” rally: “Is there an uprising from evening to morning … I can’t go to the market with my 8-year-old child.


At the “Voice of the Nation” rally organized by CHP in Maltepe, Istanbul; Nazif Canoglu, who was announced to be washing dishes at the age of 65, said, “I’ve come this far, I’ve said enough. A loaf of bread 5 lira, we can’t buy it, will there be? Increase from evening to morning ? ” Says housekeeper Muazzage Sungu; “I can’t go to the market with my 8-year-old child, so the system that makes moms like this should be ashamed, if my child sees something and I can’t buy it,” he said. Paper collector Nusrat Roses“We used to make a living by collecting scrap from the market, now the tomatoes are 20-25 lira, they don’t throw away those crushed tomatoes, we can’t collect either,” he said. Butcher Fatih Uludag said, “Until two days ago, a citizen wanted 15 lira ground meat. I said I would cook. A family of 4 would cook 100 grams of ground beef worth 15 lira and 100 grams of ground beef.”

At the “Voice of the Nation” rally organized by CHP in Maltepe, Istanbul, CHP executives, CHP metropolitan mayor, CHP district mayor of Istanbul, CHP Istanbul provincial president Kanan Kaftansiolchu told the people. Later, on behalf of the families of the Gezi martyrs and the families of the prisoners convicted in the Gezi Park case, Taifun Kahraman’s wife Merich Kahraman addressed the public. CHP Chairman Kamal Kilikdaroglu listened to a public speech by his wife Selvi Kilikdaroglu.

“We can’t throw away 20-25 l tomatoes now that the damage is done, we can’t collect it now.”

The pulpit was later released to the public. Nusrat Gullu, a waste paper collector, said:

“I apologize to all of you if I made a mistake because I didn’t read it. They don’t throw away that crushed tomato for 20-25 lira anymore, we can’t collect it either.

I was walking after women’s shoes the other day, and I found it (slippers) under the trash, I was walking around with it. We have nothing to do, now is the time to say ‘stop’. Thanks everyone. “

“A loaf is 5 lira we can’t buy. We can’t buy one kg of flour, is it from evening to morning?”

Nazif Canoglu, who worked as a dishwasher at the age of 65, said:

“Welcome in one sentence, I bow my head in reverence before you. I’ll take 3 minutes, forgive me. I’ve been here for ten years, everyone is swimming in the ocean now; people like me are floating in the mud and we don’t ask why We’re a sheep race, I’m sorry, I don’t discriminate. I’ve never done this to anyone, my parents brought me to this age. I love you all, but I have stood by the help I’ve received for 2 years. My wife, a single pensioner, pays 3,000 lira, 1,600 lira for rent, 1,000 lira for bills, the rest you calculate how I live, ask me.I have platinum in both buttocks, but even if they take me to death , I will say the same thing, what happened to us.

First, we want a state that will ask about the condition of Turkish citizens, that is what we want. We want poor people to ask about us and knock on our doors. We hope that as soon as we go to the polls we will have the same situation. We are already doing all our services as needed, but this year I have washed thoroughly, I have come so far now, I say 5 lira is enough for a loaf of bread, we can not buy it. We can not buy one kg of flour, will it be increased from evening to morning? I have experience in all government. But I have never seen such a price increase.

If I crave for pasta, I have to stay in Turkey, enough always foreign; I never discriminate, but I want to say it; Let us find the right path ourselves. Let us demand our own rights, if we bring them to the top, they will protect our rights. I’ve been waiting for that microphone for 20 years. Let’s make our own way. “

“Until two days ago, a citizen wanted 15 lira ground meat, I should make 15 lira 100 gm”

Butcher Fatih Uludag says:

“I’ve been a butcher for 20 years, I’ve had the worst time in 20 years. During my apprenticeship growth, when needy people came to the store, our masters told us, ‘Don’t go back. Those who are in need are away.’ But at this point, we cannot give a piece of meat to the needy because when we say that we will benefit from the meat kept at our counter, we are at a loss by buying the next piece of meat at a higher price.

We consume a lot of electricity, we use large cabinets. There are people who pay 8 thousand lira, 10 thousand lira electricity bill. We want to provide suitable meat, but citizens cannot bring meat into their homes. Until two days ago, a citizen wanted 15 lira ground beef and I said I would cook, a family of 4 would cook with 15 lira ground beef, 100g ground beef and 100g ground beef. 4 people will eat with minced meat which will not fill even one pepper. Speaking of red meat, people struggle to buy chicken. At the moment, the bones in the soup have taken their place on the isle, and those who can’t afford it say they should at least taste the food. “

“I can’t go to the market with my 8-year-old if I can’t see anything.”

Housewife Muazzaj Sungu says:

“I grew up in a family of 5 from Diyarbakir. I have lived in Istanbul for 16 years. My wife is an apartment worker. We have two children. I work and contribute to a part-time house to help my wife. I am a mother, I want my children to study and live well. I want this hope to diminish day by day. When we think about how we will educate our children, now we wonder how? We will feed our children. Life is difficult day by day. I can’t go to the market with my 8-year-old child. If my child sees something, he’s upset. I’m sorry. I think all mothers will understand me.

“Believe that fascism will lose, people will win”

Abdullah Korkunch, who said he had been a lead master for 20 years, said:

“I was unemployed for about three months, until yesterday I dreamed of a better future for my family and my children. But until ten days ago, my child asked me for a watermelon, I bought half a watermelon. It was the first such thing in my life. There are times when I have had such an experience. It’s a very heavy thing for Dad. “I curse those who condemn me. I go to all the companies to hire foreign nationals. I am a 20 year old master. They consider me worthy of the minimum wage. They devalue our labor and dominance. This is a very heavy thing in our country. Believe me, fascism will lose, and people will win. “

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