Monkeypox disease! Are we on the brink of a new epidemic?

A statement from the Turkish Medical Association shared information about the monkeypox virus, which has been seen in many countries.

According to the statement, although it has been a known disease for more than 50 years, monkeypox disease, which has become so widespread in the world for the first time, has been identified in many countries; It is not a rapidly spreading disease like COVID-19 with known features. However, for the first time, it caused epidemics outside of Africa; Indicates that the severity of the disease should not be overlooked.

The statement said, “The cases and viruses that have been identified in many countries on different continents have not yet been shown to be relevant, and the identification of monkeypox among those who do not have explicit contact. With each other; this raises concerns, suggesting that The virus can spread silently.

Decreased immunity of the population associated with the cessation of smallpox is thought to be the cause of the resurgence of monkeypox. The possibility of human-to-human transmission is a concern not only among family members but also among those caring for the sick. Due to a mutation in the monkeypox virus that spreads it more easily than in the past, research should be done to determine if there is a single source for each monkeypox epidemic. Based on all of this, the importance of monkeypox public health should not be underestimated.

First, the responsibility of the Ministry of Health; Plan an immunization program to identify high-risk individuals, review and prepare for surveillance measures for COVID-19 outbreaks,

– Ensuring that patient care is administered by low-risk individuals who have previously been vaccinated against smallpox,

– Creating conditions for adequate drug supply,

– Provide necessary conditions for restructuring the working environment in laboratories and health institutions,

– Determine other measures taken and share with the public as soon as possible,

– It is a training plan for the public and health workers without causing panic.

Conducting the whole process in a scientific and transparent manner with relevant labor and professional organizations, especially the Turkish Medical Association (TTB); It will also give confidence to society by preventing the mistakes that caused the loss of thousands of lives in the COVID-19 epidemic.

The statement said that the destructive relationship between man and nature facilitated the emergence of Junos and included the following statements: “COVID-19 shows us that epidemics like the monkeypox virus will not end. Granted, this can be done by fighting the system.

Here is some important information about MonkeyPix:

ঙ্ক Monkeypox is caused by the monkeypox virus, a member of the genus Orthopox virus in the family Poxviridae.

MonkeyPix; It is a viral zoonotic disease that occurs primarily in the tropical rainforests of Central and West Africa and occasionally in other continents.

MonkeyPix; It usually presents with fever, redness, and swollen lymph nodes and can lead to a variety of medical complications.

● Although monkeypox is a disease that usually stops after two to four weeks of symptoms, it can turn into a serious case. In fact, the recent case-death rate is about 3-6 percent.

ঙ্ক Monkeypox can be transmitted to humans through close contact with an infected person or animal or through infected material.

Monkeypox virus; Wounds can be transmitted from one person to another through close contact with body fluids, respiratory droplets, bedding, and similar contaminants.

ণ Monkeypox symptoms are similar to smallpox; However, it is both less contagious and less severe than smallpox.

ট Vaccines used during the smallpox eradication program also provide protection against monkeypox. New approved vaccines have also been developed to prevent monkeypox.

একটি An antiviral drug designed to treat smallpox is also licensed for monkeypox.

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