Rise Foundation Ceremony.

Groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Faculty of Health Sciences

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Recep Tayyip Erdogan University (RTEU) Faculty of Health Sciences building has been held.

Speaking on the occasion, RTEU Rector Prof. Dr. Hussein Karaman began his speech with information from the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Rector Karaman, who said that the Faculty of Health Sciences was established in 2021, said, “We had a school of health before and our health was established in 2006. Our faculty has four departments: Nursing, Social Work, Dietitian and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Currently, only the Department of Nursing and the Department of Social Work admit students from these departments. In the coming time, we are trying to create enough academic staff to admit students in the Department of Dietetics. At present 1 professor, 1 associate professor and 11 Dr. A total of 23 teachers including members of the instructor are working and 695 students are studying. Says

Rector Karaman also gave information about the building of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the foundation stone of which was laid: There is a staff office, meeting hall, dining hall, canteen, meeting room, a library and a conference hall and an indoor parking lot. “

Rector Karaman, who said RTEU has made significant strides in the field of physical infrastructure over the past eight years, said: “With the support of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our deputies and our Development Foundation Social infrastructure in the field. We’ve achieved the field. In the last 8 years, we’ve added 260,000 square meters of indoor space to our university in terms of physical space. The President of Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, I would like to thank our academic and administrative staff who work tirelessly for the development of our university, to you, our esteemed guests. Those who have accepted our invitation and this joy He stood by us during the day. And of course, the main reason for our existence. Says

Rector Karaman concludes his speech by wishing that our Faculty of Health Sciences would be a boon for our country, especially for our university and our province.

After Rector Karaman’s inaugural address, AK Party Deputy Chairman and Ridge Deputy Hayati Yajisi and Ridge Governor Kamal Seba gave their protocol speeches.

Touching on the importance of education and technical equipment in his speech, Hayati Yagisi, the party’s deputy chairman and Ridge deputy, said: The greatest feature of the century is to produce knowledge and to use the knowledge produced. We are laying the foundation for one of those units. Hopefully, our youth will grow up in this educational institution, be equipped and humanity will see that we contribute to the enrichment of the resources that it will apply to solve its problems. Focusing on this goal together, we are laying the groundwork today. ” He said.

Yajisi emphasized that business styles are based on priorities and needs, and said, “There are two areas in our budget where we maximize budget growth. One is health, the other is education. Sheikh Adebali’s message to Osman Ghazi, ‘Let the people live, let the state live.’ We mention his recommendation. Because survival, staying healthy and accessing quality healthcare is the most basic human need, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Rise Governor Kamal Seba, on the other hand, said in his speech that universities are one of the driving forces of cities and one of the most fundamental organs enabling their development, and spoke of RTEU’s contribution to both the ridge and the region. As far as.

Seba concludes his speech by wishing the Faculty of Health Sciences well.

The event was organized by Professor Dr. Faculty of Theology. Instructor It ended with the prayers of its member Imran Chelik and the protocol members pressing the button for the first mortar of the faculty building.

Ridge Governor Kamal Sebar, AK Party Deputy Chairman and Ridge Deputy Hayati Yajisi, AK Party Ridge Deputy Dr. Osman Askin Buck, Ridge Mayor Rahmi Metin, RTEU Rector Prof. Dr. Hussein Karaman, AK Party Ridge provincial president Ishaq Alim, provincial general assembly president Ibrahim Turt, Kaikur general manager Yusuf Zia Alim, protocol members, RTEU administrators, academic and administrative staff and students.

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