The big race for the presidency of the Health-Sen Gaziantep branch began. Mohammad Oztekin Health-Sen Presidential Candidate! – Event Media

“The big race for the presidency of the Health-Sen Gaziantep branch has begun. Muhammad Oztekin, as if showing strength, has appealed for a delegation with his companions.”

Muhammad Oztekin, who has served as vice president of the presidency of the Syrian Task Force affiliated with the Gaziantep Health Department and a popular figure in the health community for some time, has announced that he is running for the presidency of the Health-Sen Gaziantep branch.

Expressing that they would end a 17-year reign in the presidency of the Health-Sen Gaziantep branch, one of the largest unions in the civil servants’ union, and that they had begun with important projects, Oztekin stressed that they could make a big difference with the ‘unity in health’ slogan. Will create.

Muhammad Oztekin also said that they would give the best answer to the ballot box in the election, which has been tried to upset the sudden decision before the normal date and they will not allow the union to be disrespected. And its corporate identity will be damaged. Oztekin also explained the projects they plan to do for healthcare professionals and the exercises they want to complete, and said they would look after the general interests of healthcare professionals in every sense.

Strong candidate in Saliksen

Muhammad Oztekin, who served as deputy head of the Syrian Task Force affiliated with the Gaziantep Department of Health and a popular figure in the health community for some time, announced his candidacy in a post on his social media account. Also, it was reported that the unity of the health movement applied for the required number of representative candidates in all organizations, even though it was a “major election”.

Here is an explanation of that manifesto

To our esteemed healthcare workers and the Gaziantep public:

The Health and Social Workers Union, affiliated with the Memur-Sen Confederation, is one of the most important professions in our country, as well as a private organization of health workers who work with their heart and soul. We are issuing this statement to announce our candidacy for the 6th General Assembly of the Gaziantep branch of (Saglik-Sen) with the motto of “Let the people live so that the state can survive”.

On the eve of new elections; In this way we have embarked on the slogan “Unity in Health”, our motto is to take care of the common rights and interests of the health workers, to address their grievances and to make the health workers stand on one and one big family. By health workers. The work we will do will be equal, competent and transparent for all members, and we will not underestimate any injustice, and we will fight hard to bring our union to where it deserves.

Dear health workers;

The general congressional election, which is scheduled to take place in the next three months, seems to have been delayed by fire. The current administration has announced that the application for the election of representatives, which should be done in July 2022, will start from May 18-20. Despite all their efforts to keep us unprepared and to continue their failed and far-sighted administration for 17 years, we have the required number of appeals for delegate candidates and we are confident that we will give the necessary answers to the current mentality. In the ballot box in your support.

Dear friends,

Union is not the property of anyone’s father! This union is not unclaimed! The real owners of the union are its members. No one has the right to use our union for their own benefit, to tarnish the corporate identity of our union and to tarnish the reputation of our union, and we will never allow that to happen.

What do we want?

We do not want a person to leave his job in the public sector to devote his time and energy to the union and receive his salary from our union – from the membership fee deducted from the members’ salary – to manage everything except union matters.

We don’t want an understanding that only organizes tournaments, concerts, gives breakfast in a narrow frame and thinks that they can fool the members and carry on the current discipline, thus making fun of the minds of the members.

We do not want the mentality of a union that does not even bother to call the health workers, ignores the members, thus reducing the membership rate as the number of employees increases, ‘Let it be so. Small, let it be mine ‘, and not for the member at good or bad times.

So what do we want?

We want an understanding that spends every penny deducted from the salaries of health workers who work diligently, combining all the possibilities of union for members and for members.

First, we want an understanding that takes all necessary measures to prevent health workers from experiencing violence, who come first when they are victims of violence or face injustice and then follow through on the following processes.

We want a union structure where everyone can easily reach out and express their problems and desires.

We want an understanding that will not be nepotistic in the union and will be at an equal distance with all members.

We want a union vision that will not be indifferent to the personal, social and other demands of the members present on the ground and will be the voice of the members.

We are determined, we are right and I hope we will win with your support.

With this feeling and thought, I would like to thank all my health workers who sincerely supported our movement that we started with the slogan “Unity in Health”, I want this process to be beneficial for our union, and I respectfully greet all of you. , Love and affection.

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