The foundation stone of the 150 million lira sports high school complex was laid in Trabzon

Ismail Ustaoglu, the governor of Trabzon, said at the groundbreaking ceremony of the complex built behind the athletics field at Sogutlu Mahalesi in Aqabat district that he was very happy that philanthropic businessman Ibrahim Erdemulu had made an investment in the town where he came from. Studied at university 43 years ago.

Noting that Erdemolu met with Abdi Serder Ustunsalih, general manager of Vakifbank, six months ago and requested that a school be set up in Trabzon, Ustaulu explained that the process had progressed rapidly since the meeting.

Expressing that he has seen investments in social responsibility in many areas, from education to health, culture to mosques and semevi, Ustaolu said, “Now, it will bring a service to the people of Trabzon. We believe that our students studying here will raise the flag of our country in the international arena and sing our national anthem everywhere in the years to come. ” Says

The governor of Gaziantep, Davutolu, insisted that the Erdemolu family was with them on every request made by the public, and that the family took sides when they asked for a favor.

Explaining that a philanthropic school has been set up for every philanthropist in the “100 benefactors on 100th anniversary” campaign launched in Gaziantep, Gul said: “The Erdemoglu group has founded 3 schools with 32 classrooms. Happy. Used the expression.

Adiyaman Governor Mahmoud Kuhadar said the Erdemoglu family always felt their support by their side and could not finish counting the services they provided to Adiyaman and said:

“I wish the continuation of this wonderful work. Good luck to Trabzon Sports High School. It is also a good situation that the groundbreaking event coincides with the year of the Trabzonspor Championship. I hope the new champions will grow up in this sports high school.”

Metropolitan Mayor Murat Jorluolu thanked the family on behalf of the people of Trabzon and stressed that the complex is based on iron and cement as well as kindness, love and kindness.

“We thought a sports high school would be more logical and appropriate.”

Ibrahim Erdemolu, chairman of the board of directors of Erdemolu Holding, said he came to Trabzon 43 years ago to study at the university at the request of his father and that the city was very important to him.

Explaining that he lived in the province during his university life and how he started the business, Erdemolu says that he learned art in Gaziantep and business in Trabzon.

Describing Trabzon as his second city, Erdemolu went on to say:

“One of the most important structures in the Trabzon is the city that is most interested in sports in Turkey. So we thought a sports high school would be more logical and appropriate. We came to the Trabzon and visited the place with our governor.” What else is there to do? ‘ When I asked him he said they would build a dormitory and gym too. Fortunately, he gave permission, and we are here today, thank you, laying the foundation.

We want this to be the beginning, the beginning of the friendship between Adiyaman, Gaziantep and Trabzon. We hope that Gaziantep and Trabzon will be close, interconnected, friendly and sister cities from now on. “

At the end of the speech, Governor Ustaolu told Erdemolu; Aqabat Mayor Osman Nuri presented a plaque of appreciation to Ali Erdemolu, a member of the board of directors of Ekim Holding.

After the prayers, members of the protocol laid the foundation of the Akkabat Sports High School Complex, which will house a 4-storey school with 6 classrooms, a 2-storey multipurpose sports hall and a 5-storey 150 students. Hostel, which will cost about 150 million lira.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Environment Committee and AK Party Trojan Deputy Muhammad Bahar Ayvajolu, AK Party Gaziantep MP Mehmet Erdogan, General Manager of Vakifbank Abdi Serder Ustensmeh, former Minister. Burke and guests were in attendance.

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