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Travjanspar won the match on the field, their fans cheering on the stands, kicking horns in the city streets and squares. This time, they took the Kamensi and sent the following general message to all Trabzonspor people via FANATİK: The Championship Horde will not end ….

COOPIS: My first championship was unforgettable

Manolis Siopis, who surprised everyone at the championship celebrations and played Kolbasti with Abdul Qadir Omar, is undoubtedly the happiest name in Trabjanspar … the star player who started laughing when he saw Kayman before the film, He says, “You’re from Trabzon. Yeah, I’m one of them. I feel like I’m one hundred percent here. Keep up the good work.” It was a big year for us. There was a great sacrifice. It was my first championship and it was unforgettable. My feeling was incredible. We had a great celebration. I believe many more will come. “

Quetta: The secret of our success is to have a big family

“I have never seen anyone like Trabzonspor. They are different from everyone else, “said Fode Quetta.” I am just happy to be a part of this story. It’s a great feeling to be a champion and see people celebrate till morning. They deserve the best and they are living life to the fullest. ” Despite an unfortunate season due to injury, Quetta, one of the team’s most colorful names, said: “From the beginning we believed we would be champions. The secret of success lies in having a real family. Everyone inspired each other and the desire for the trophy came. We are still in the dream. Everyone has seen how big the Trabjanspar is, “he said.

Yousef Erdogan: This time I shed tears of joy

Yousef Erdogan had a big part in the emergence of this unforgettable photo in the interview. Joseph, who started playing Cayman’s when he picked it up, showed his friends how to hold on to it. He summed up his feelings as follows: “This time I am shedding tears of joy at the place where I cried a few years ago. Of course, the meaning of the championship is very different for players from Trojan. It is a great honor to be part of this staff. Thank God we saw this day. But we are just getting started. The first goal is to stay in the group in the Champions League. We want to win the championship continuously. We need to get more trophies. I think so. We will continue with a push. “

Kausi: Two words are enough “passion and devotion”

Ivory star Kausi says, “If they say describe Trojan in 2 words; I call it passion and commitment. We spoke with Garvinho and Jokora before arriving at halftime. But I did not expect so much. I have experienced more than described. The excitement after the Antalya match, our glorious trophy ceremony that started at sea and continued at the stadium, the terrifying atmosphere of the Olympic Stadium the next day … it’s an indescribable love. The successful offensive player also said about Istanbul’s City Square and Techno Party, “I have seen the pictures many times on social media. It was madness. All these celebrations still haunt my dreams. I think the happiness of the people of the city will continue day by day. ”

Puchakaj: Our fans also played with us

“I spent some of the most memorable moments of my life,” said Puchakaz, at halftime loan from Union Berlin. This is another world. For example, I can’t walk the streets out of curiosity. I’m like a pop star. In fact, the day I first arrived, I realized the greatness of Trabjanspar at the airport. But I did not expect so much after the championship. Crazy love. Not only the players, but every fan who came to the stadium played the match with us. They gave their hundred percent. It is not possible to express our feelings in words when we become champions. ” Speaking about his future at Trabzonspor, Puchakz said: “Of course, I take the matter seriously. However, this is not a process that depends on me. Time will tell. No matter what happens, I will never forget what I gave, ”he said.

Interviewer: Safa Kan Konuksaver

Photo: Serkan Hasioglu

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