When will the guard test be held in 2022? When is the pre-health examination?

When will the guard test be held in 2022 and studies on the history of pre-health control have often been conducted by people who recently wanted to be on guard. So, when will the Watchman test be held in 2022?

The question of when the GARD exam will be held in 2022 has recently been frequently asked by GARD candidates. The exciting wait for the Watchdog, where the last applications ended on May 13, is now over So when will the guard test be held in 2022?

2022/1 After the application of the guard is over. Period Market and Neighborhood Watch have been declared pre-health control centers. 2022/1. As a term, 3,250 male candidates who have graduated from at least one high school or equivalent school will be accepted as principal of Market and Neighborhood Watch. The date of guard examination and date of publication of examination admission has been announced. So when is the pre-health examination done? When will the guard test be held in 2022?

When will the guard test be held in 2022?

2022/1. The Term Market and Neighborhood Watch written test will be held on July 17, 2022. The test, which will be held at 10:00 a.m., will be held in the provincial centers of Ankara, Batman, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Elazig, Izmir, Istanbul and Sivas.

Admission documents for the written exam to be held on Sunday, July 17, 2022 will be announced on meb.gov.tr ​​on July 8, 2022.

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When is the pre-health check of the guard?

The date and place of the pre-health examination were announced along with the examination admission card published by the Police Academy. Since the pre-health examination is not on the same date for every candidate, the candidates will learn the date of pre-health examination through e-government. Candidates who want to be a guard can learn the date and place of pre-health examination on pa.edu.tr website along with their TR identity number and e-government gate password.

What are the requirements to apply for guard / how to be a guard?

A) to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

B) Must be at least a high school graduate or equivalent,

C) Must be at least 167 cm long,

D) Having a body mass index between 18 (included) and 27 (included).

E) living within the province boundaries for the last one year or more,

F) to carry out his military duties,

G) Adjustment of age 18 years (born 28.04.2004 or earlier) and age less than 31 years (born 28.04.1992) as per date of application considering age before age correction Done,

H) the law, even if not convicted or pardoned for imprisonment for more than six months or imprisonment for embezzlement, embezzlement, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, misuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy or any other dishonest offense.

i) not being known as infamous according to Turkish society,

j) not being deprived of the rights of the people, not being punished for being deprived of government services,

K) not to be interrupted in the civil service,

L) No legal impediment to carrying a gun or carrying out armed duties,

m) to meet the conditions set forth in the Police Health Status Act,

n) the candidate himself and, if married, his wife; A brothel, a communal space, a meeting place, a home where prostitution takes place alone and in a similar place, or not involved in mediation and waiting, responsible for the production and sale of all kinds of written, audio and visual work. , Whether they have been recorded in the material, or have not been subjected to any judicial or administrative investigation or trial for gambling, drugs or stimulants, have not been subject to administrative sanctions or have not been convicted of such acts,

o) not being treated or being treated for alcohol, drugs or stimulant use,

p) not to be expelled from the police training institute for any reason excluding the provisions of the health rules,

r) not to interfere, support or participate in the activities, meetings, processions and rallies of terrorist organizations and their legal or illegal expansion,

s) not being a member of any political party or political party affiliate on the date of application,

t) Security investigations and archive research must be positive.

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