50 Strong Questions for Knowing Yourself

People have to evolve over time and adapt to a new life as circumstances change. Those who know themselves are at risk, what they can easily do, and can manage these adaptation processes in a predictable way by noticing their weaknesses.

Listing your strengths and weaknesses as the first thing you do as you begin your journey of self-knowledge will improve your awareness. What our energies add to our lives is a source of inspiration for us. While these things make us strong, such as the abilities, resources, possibilities, experience and knowledge we have, we need to develop the weaknesses. Examples of our weaknesses are our lack of talent, inadequacy of our internal and environmental resources and our failure in time management.

Each person has different strengths and weaknesses. The stronger your weaknesses, the more successful and desirable life will be. Knowing yourself will make it easier for you to live a satisfying life and will help you in matters like career selection and life partner selection.

You should not forget that you must honestly answer the questions asked in the journey of knowing yourself and the sum of your answers is important to define you.

Here are some questions that will help you get to know yourself:

1- If you created a “My Value List”, what would be the top five values ​​in your life?
2- What are the main goals of your life?
3- What is the most suitable job for your qualification?
4- What are the moments when you don’t understand how time passes while you are busy?
5- What do you enjoy talking about?
6- Which thoughts occupy your mind the most during the day?
7- Does your experience shape your life?
8- What does happiness mean to you?
9- Do you really love?
10- What do you want to change in your life?
11- What is your inner motivation when making new decisions?
12- What traits do you find in the person in front of you?
13- Do you find such features in the person you are with?
14- What excites you?
15- What does money mean to you and how important is it?
16- What are your bad aspects?
17- What are the moments when you can easily express yourself?
18- What increases your motivation?
19- Are you kind to your body?
20- How do you relax after a hard day?
21- How do you conduct your discussion?
22- What do you like to do to improve yourself?
23- What do you think is the purpose of your life?
24- Do you take responsibility for your life?
25- What are you passionate about?
26- What is your fear?
27- What makes you happy?
28- What does family mean to you?
29- What are your favorite aspects about yourself?
30- How do you deal with a situation beyond your control?
31- How do you handle rejection?
32- What do you do to make your life better?
33- How do you spend your leisure time?
34. How many of the things you plan to do will you do?
35- How do you deal with stressful situations?
36- Do you value yourself?
37- Can you control your anger?
38- What work have you left unfinished?
39. What features are not special to you and what do you take from others?
40. How do you feel about forgiving yourself and others?
41- Do you do anything beyond your moral comprehension?
42. Do you have any beliefs in your life that you hold on to even if you don’t want to?
43- Are you living your dream?
44- What is your one, three and five year plan?
45- What do you think about marriage and love?
46- What do you want to change in yourself?
47- What are your positive and negative aspects?
48- What kind of mark do you want to leave when you leave this life?
49- What is your way of dealing with people?
50- What are your desires and needs?

These questions can be more varied. If you notice, many of them are related to our strengths and weaknesses. By answering these questions you can start the change in the direction you want, the goal of which is to know and improve yourself.

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