A child accused of killing his neighbor in Izmir has appeared before a judge

Kamal Ildiz, who shot and killed his neighbor in Izmir, whom he claimed his children were shouting at with guns, “I did not hit the ants. An accident happened, I apologize to his family.”

In the January 4, 2022, incident in Izmir’s Buka district, Adam Ates, 38, and his neighbor, retired specialist Sergeant Kamal Yildiz, 51, argued over the “word of the child.”

Later, when both the parties went to the police station and complained against each other, they returned home. Allegedly, Ates called Ildiz. At the beginning of the fight, Ates Yildiz was wounded by a gunshot.

He lost his life

Married and father of 2 children, Adam Ates, who was taken by ambulance to Boca Gynecology and Childhood Hospital, could not be saved and died.

Kamal Yildiz and his father Kazim Yildiz, 61, were detained at his home after the incident and were taken into custody on charges of “inciting”. Kazim Ildiz, who had been in prison for some time, was released on judicial control.

In Izmir, the suspect who killed his neighbor because of the word child appeared before Judge # 1

Appeared before a judge for the first time

Izmir’s 23rd High Criminal Court has accepted the allegations prepared in connection with the incident. The first hearing of the case was held at the 23rd Ajmer High Criminal Court.

Detained suspect Kemal Ildiz was present at the hearing with SEGBIS (Audio and Visual Information System), while Senem Atez, wife of Adam Atez, who died in the incident, and party lawyers were present in the hall. Defendant Kazim Ildiz, who was not arrested, did not attend the hearing.

According to the IHA, the arrested defendant was Kamal Ildiz, who in his statement to the court said that he quit his job as a specialist sergeant because he had a heart attack due to a heart attack and then started working as a private. After receiving an armed security card, the security guard used the following statement:

“On the day of the incident, we took my father to the hospital. When I arrived at the front of the apartment at 12.40, my wife and daughter were leaving the door of the apartment. Our neighbor Ş.B. He pushed my wife into the apartment. He told his daughter, ‘Don’t touch the germs’, referring to my wife. My wife said, ‘Why are you saying this? Isn’t that a shame? ‘ He then cursed us and said, ‘Get out of this apartment’. Then we had nothing to do with the wife of Adam Ates, who was dead, and she started screaming. The police sitting next to us ran out. He said, ‘Brother, do not deal with them. We got in our car and left. “

“I didn’t go out because he was going out, but he didn’t go.”

Ildiz, who then called police and said he wanted to report to his neighbors and lodge a complaint, said: “I own the apartment SB. When he and his wife Ebie and Senem came down the stairs, they said, ‘We don’t want you here. We will file a complaint against you, ‘they said. Then the police came and said, you have to go to the police station and give a statement. I went to the police station and gave a statement. Then I went home. I put the car in front of another car because I would leave the soup at home and leave immediately with the water bill. As soon as he left the house, the bell rang from outside. Went to the porch. Adam Ates said, ‘Come on, P … K. Who are you to report to our police? “Come on, get your car out of here,” he said. I closed the door saying “OK brother”. Continue to curse. He said, “Come, I will break your nose.” He became very angry. He was not here at the time of the discussion, but they told him and fulfilled it. I didn’t go out because the smoke was gone, but he didn’t go. “ He said.

“My hand wasn’t even on the trigger, but the gun went out.”

Noting that he always carries his gun with him, since he works as a security guard in a secluded place, Yildız said, “I always have my gun and always have a bullet in it. I fired into the gun. I said if he came to me, I would show him the gun and he would leave. I thought if it fell on me I would hit a shot in the air. I thought if he walked over to me, I would show him the gun and let him go. I left the apartment, looked at the ground and got into my car. He came up behind me and grabbed me by the throat, I swear. I remained like a child to Adam. He saw the gun on my waist and tried to lift it. My hand wasn’t even on the trigger, but the gun went off. He lay down on the ground. I went to him and said, ‘Brother, get up.’ The gun exploded as a result of the collision, my hand was not alert. Then we go to the police station. That’s how I reported the incident to the police again. ” Says

Yildiz said he was “very sorry” for the incident. “I did not hit the ants. I am very sorry that such an accident happened. My apologies to his family. Someone sent, he was not with us even during the fight. We blended in very well with him. I did not threaten him before this incident. Says

“I’ll kill you first, then I’ll put the bodies of your two brothers in front of the door.”

Senem Ates, who said he and Kamal Ildiz had been neighbors for 10 years, said he had twin children when he was 3.5 years old and that Ildiz constantly complained about the children’s voices.

Ates says that Kamal Yildiz sometimes came to complain to his father Kazim Yildiz, “As my guests were leaving, they were threatening them. My wife is not a person who swears by life. When my wife went to work in the morning, they would block my wife’s way and say, ‘The kids are making a lot of noise.’ On the day of the incident, Kamal Ildiz and his wife were at the entrance of the apartment, 8.B. Was arguing with. Kamal Ildiz looked at me and said, ‘You are the head of a snake. I will kill you first, then I will throw the bodies of your two brothers in front of the door, “he said. Then the police came. They threatened to kill me and I went to the police station to testify. ” Says

After hearing the news, he revealed that he had gone to his house, Senem Ates said. “I saw Kazim Ildiz. ‘Let’s see what happened.’ Now it’s your turn, he told me and left. Her older sister FY said, ‘This is what happens if you don’t take care of your kids. He told me, ‘The sequel will come. He said.

Ateş and Yıldız are resting in the same apartment with EB and B.B. In their statement as witnesses to Kamal Yildiz, son of Kazim Yildiz. ‘Just shoot them. Are we going to deal with them? He said.

The court decided to continue the detention of Kamal Yildiz and sent a video recording of the incident to the National Criminal Bureau to determine who touched the gun and adjourned the hearing.

In Izmir, the suspect who killed his neighbor because of the word child appeared before Judge # 2

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