Accused of killing a neighbor with a gun: I can’t hit an ant

The incident took place on 4 January 17.00 at Kozağaç Mahallesi, 249/1 Street. Adam Ates, who lives in the same building, had an argument with his neighbor, retired specialist Sergeant Kamal Yildiz, over ‘baby’s words’. Later, when both the parties went to the police station and complained against each other, they returned home. Allegedly, Ates called Ildiz. During the fight, Ildiz wounded Ates with a gun. Adam Ates, a married man and father of twins, was taken by ambulance to Boca Gynecology and Pediatrics Hospital, but was not rescued. Kamal Ildiz, who was caught at home, and his father Kazim Ildiz, 71, who were taken into custody on charges of ‘inciting’, were arrested. Kazim Ildiz, who had been in prison for some time, was released on judicial control.

Father and son demand life imprisonment

According to the chargesheet prepared on the incident, there was an argument between the two parties earlier due to ‘noise’ and they went to the police station on the day of the incident and lodged a complaint. It is learned that the parties returned home after giving their statements, while Ates Ildiz called downstairs to speak. The indictment states that Yildız dropped a bullet into his gun and went downstairs. In the discussion that ensued, Yıldız shot Ates. In the light of the testimony and the evidence gathered, the accused son of Kazim Ildiz asked, ‘What are you talking about? Let’s kill them. We cannot escape otherwise. The indictment also states that he said, ‘You go in, I will take care of your children. Prosecutors have claimed that Kamal Ildiz, a detainee, will be sentenced to life in prison for “intentional homicide” and Kazim Ildiz for “incitement to intentional murder”.

They come against the judge

The trial of the accused has started in the 23rd Ajmer High Criminal Court. Detained suspect Kemal Ilmaz was present at the hearing with SEGBIS while Adam Ates’s wife Senem Ates and party lawyers were present in the hall. Kazim Ildiz, who was not arrested, did not attend the hearing. Defending himself in court, Kamal Ildiz said that they had an argument with Ildiz on the day of the incident and they went to the police station and lodged a complaint against him. Mentioning that he was complaining about himself from the other side, Ildiz said that Ates had insulted both him and his wife and that his gun, which had a shot in it, fired during the fight.

Yıldız continued his defense, noting that he had apologized for the incident and apologized to his family:

“I got out of the apartment. As I was speeding towards my car, he grabbed me and started cursing me by looking at the ground. Then he cursed my wife. I got back in my car. At that moment, he grabbed me by the throat. Seeing my gun on my waist, he made a movement. I tried not to give it to him. At that moment the gun went away. Adam suddenly fell to the ground. I did not even realize that he had been shot. The police come. We hear the voice of the dead friend’s wife. We go to the police station and say she is dead. My arms and legs are empty. I don’t want anything like that to happen. I apologize to her family. . “

Yদিldজrz spoke of his father, who was judged as a ‘stimulus’ in the file.

‘They were constantly at our door’

After Yıldız, this time Adem Ates’s wife Senem Ates was promised. Ates said, “Since 2016, they have been knocking on our door on the pretext of constant noise. When guests come, they knock on the wall. I have not been able to invite guests for 4-5 years. My wife has not used it. I swear. We never knocked on their door once. On the day of the incident, I was leaving my child at school and coming home. The lady was arguing. I entered the room. I heard a noise and went downstairs. I’ll kill you first. “The father next to him said,” I was in prison. Let my son kill you I’ll take care of them. “News,” he said.

Witnesses in the shower were also promised. “Are we going to deal with this? While defending what he called a ‘hit it’, he said they received news of Adam Ates’ death while testifying at the police station. The lawyer for the victim, Senem Ates, who took the floor, also demanded the arrest of Kazim Ildiz.

At the end of the speech, the interim decision was announced. The court decided to continue the detention of Kamal Yildiz and send video recordings of the incident to the National Crime Bureau and determine who first touched the gun. The court board rejected Kazim Yildiz’s request for arrest and adjourned the hearing.

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