Attack on Bodramspor Hotel – Last minute sports news

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In the ongoing play-off matches in the 2nd league, Bodramspor lost 3-1 at the Baybert Ozil Administrationspore in the first match of the semifinals. After gaining an advantageous score before the second leg of the game on Tuesday, Bodramspor issued a written statement after the match and called for the 2nd president of Bebart’s representative, Muhammad Karaulu.

In his statement, Caraolu claimed that Bodramspore fans threw stones at his feet and invited Bebert supporters to the match, urging Bebert shopkeepers to close their shops. Following Muhammad Karaulu’s statement, it has been observed that posts of Bebert supporters on social media may face a chilling situation.

Go to Bedrampsor Babert on Sunday evening for the second leg match to be held on Tuesday. Bebert fans, who had been staying overnight in front of the hotel where Bodramspour was staying, hurled insults at the football players who tried to enter the hotel twice using sparklers and fireworks. The videos that have surfaced show security forces having difficulty removing the attacking group.

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The Bodramspor Club issued a written statement today drawing attention to this danger and stated the following:

Our Bodrumspor professional football team, An Zentrum Bayburt Private Administrationspor, won the first match of the 2nd League Red Group semifinals 3-1 on Friday, May 20, 2022 at 16.00.

The windows of Bodrum, Turkey are open to the world, the diamond of our tourism, the mirror of cultural richness of our country, its management, supporters, people and members of the police with very hospitable attitude and our team fought the field with the same gentleman. Indeed, this hospitality was appreciated by TFF officials.

Although there was tension among the players during the match due to the importance of competition, these behaviors that can happen in every match were done without any problem with the authority of the match referee and disciplinary practice.

However, we are sad to report that; Following the contest, false statements and statements by some of the directors of the Bebart representative that could be considered as slander, which we were surprised to see, found a place on social media.

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If attention is paid; The exemplary attitude of our fans, who have been praised with their polite attitude towards each team since the beginning of the season, has been ignored, thanks to the efforts of our police members, personal safety and club staff, who have worked diligently. Tried to end the match healthy with the statement. Subject; It has moved away from the unified power of football and has reached the stage of using politics as a tool.

As football fans, we have seen with fear the statements of those who tried to provoke their own supporters and create an atmosphere of hatred for the second match at home that they would play with the slander of our stand where fans of all our political views stand.

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We call on those who did not find a place to pay the 3-1 defeat bill on the field, to play politics with lies, slander, anger, hatred and revenge. In fact, we invite you to go one step further and fight together against these “fictional people.”

At the end of the match, the revenge of this manager, who constantly invited his supporters to play at Babert, was an expression that did not suit an athlete.

We are already alerting our General Directorate of Security, the Turkish Football Federation and anyone concerned with this issue. The concerned manager is responsible for any incident after this false and slanderous statement.

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For a supporter who won 3-1, instead of showing joy, it is against the ordinary way of life to be accused. This is because there were no incidents in the competition that were claimed, or even recalling these claims, and this was determined from the post-match investigation of the competition officials.

We would expect this esteemed manager, who told these lies to excite his fans, and look all the way off the field to avoid Cole, how we greeted them in the parking lot of the stadium, how we went to the Protocol Tribune with them, and how we matched. At the end I said goodbye to their car in the same way.

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However, we know that common sense people, especially Bebart’s football fans, will not give a chance to those who try to use football matches as a political tool in their own way, those who try to create persecution, those who try to provoke. It awakens a sense of vengeance for themselves and their people, and our belief that the people of the Black Sea region will entertain our party with unconditional hospitality is eternal.

We know that losing in football is like winning. But we are also aware that all this must be on the field.

We are respectfully announcing to the public the valuable football with the Bodramspor and Bebartspor communities.

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