“Break House” puts a smile on the parents’ face

The “Day Care Center Break House” in Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality facilitates the daily life of parents with children with special needs.

The launch of the “Day Care Center Break House” service by the Department of Social Services in Yenisehi’s Shehitlik Mahalesi brings a smile to the faces of parents with special needs children.

Day Care Center for People with Special Needs, Mola House, established by the Metropolitan Municipality to ensure the participation of parents who have special needs and who are obliged to take care of them in social life, to manage their work and transactions. In health facilities and other government institutions, it serves 59 families.

The Break House has all kinds of opportunities for children to have a good time, which was established for parents to look after their work and needs with peace of mind while keeping their children with special needs.

In the break house, sports hall, rhythm, sound and instrument study, as well as music room where children are introduced to musical instruments by expert instructors to meet their daily exercise needs, provide self-care skills, language development and speech skills, increase mental activity and motor Improve Skills প্রশিক্ষ There are 6 training rooms and a game room suitable for children up to 36 months

There is a specialist psychologist who provides psychosocial and counseling services for both persons with disabilities and their parents at Breakhouse where children with special needs benefit from free personal care services.

“After registering here, my kids start appearing in the community”

Gülizar Sılındir, mother of 3 children with special needs, said she took her children to rehabilitation centers and schools before going home, but it was very difficult because the children could not adapt to society.

Explaining that her friends dropped out of school for her children because she could not express herself, Silindir said she would have to go with them everywhere, including schools and rehabilitation centers.

After enrolling her children in Molla House, Sildar noted that many differences have been made between her life and the lives of her children.

“After registering here, my kids start going out in public, they can express themselves, meet their friends and go out. Of course, there was no such thing before. I was struggling too. If they show up at the door, they want me to be with them. My kids are in a very good place now. He participated in social activities, friendships were formed, at first I was in a very difficult process, now my life has become a little lighter and better. My kids are learning now. ”

Noting that her children have learned to read and write at Mola House, they have started playing sports and communicating, Sildar said:

“God is pleased with those who built the break house and those who contributed. The teachers here are really good. Because they all seem to have their own children. They tell the story, I have seen many families give up, but they should not give up, they should always strive for their children. “

“We are very happy to have Break House in Diyarbakir.”

Leyla Bozkurt, who has an autistic child, mentions that she wanted to keep Mola House in Diyarbakir for a long time because she knew it was in other cities.

Bozkart went on to say that he was delighted to learn that a break house would be built in Diyarbakir:

“It simply came to our notice then. There was also a problem for me, for example, if I had to go to the hospital, I could leave the kids at home or hand them over to a neighbor, but I could not hand over my autistic child to anyone. It was a dream for us. Right now, I’m looking for work that day or if my child is upset. “

Noting that the center has all kinds of opportunities for students, Bozkart said:

“It simply came to our notice then. They take care of it so well that they perform all kinds of social activities here, be it music, sports, games, painting or painting. All in all my heart is very comfortable. I can leave my child, which I can’t leave with my own sister, very comfortably here. “

Who can benefit from a broken house?

From break house; Preschool, school-age, young and adult persons who have no one to care for during the day except their parents or legal representative, with mild or moderate disability, 40 to 80 percent disability report and not bedridden, 36 months by date of application Done. People in need can benefit.

Families wishing to register at the center, which operates between 08:00 and 17:00 on weekdays, may apply with a disability health board report and a photocopy of their identity card.

When parents call ALO 153 to get service from their break house and make an appointment and say they want to take advantage of the shuttle service, they are brought to their break house free of charge by a specially designed vehicle half an hour before the appointment time. And then drop them back home at check-out.

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