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As the Eskişehir Association of Consultants, we have organized “Reconciliation Renewal Training” provided by the Ministry of Justice.

Everyday is provided by specialist educators selected by the Ministry of Education.

Penal law from Ankara Do. Dr. When Delaware Nyank Bay gave the topic “Communication in Milan”, Anadolu University Professor Dr. Dr. Erhan gave Erolu Bay.

Although Delaware’s speech worries us, the moderators, what Erhan Irolu said worries everyone who has read this article!

Fortunately, what our teacher told us was valuable at a time when “communication” was over from the moment the mobile phone came into our lives!

What they said at the conference should not have been in the class alone!

Why I hosted him in this week’s article!

Professor Dr. Our teacher Erhan Errolu is today an educator at Anadolu University, where he entered the Faculty of Communications in 1989 as a student.

His successful academic shipment made him a one-time dean of the faculty he studied at.

Thanks to this training, I got to know and hear him for the first time. We thought he was a friend of forty years.

The existence of patriotic and well-functioning academics is the biggest asset of our country.

Communication: It is a word with four syllables but ..!

Always in touch at home, on the street and in business life …

Professor Dr. We listened to Erhan Irolu for hours on end with his unique narrative technique and skill, but we never got tired!

I should say that it uses body language at the highest level to draw attention, sometimes extending its right hand and using the middle finger with a bang to draw attention to the sound of the card.

When I did a little research on it, I found that it provides about thirty-two lessons on various aspects of communication, which are the basic needs of society.

Some of these trainings provide training across the country, such as “understanding correctly, speaking correctly, being a team, building human relationships properly, managing business life properly, managing time, and dealing with particularly difficult people”.

In fact, when I was writing these lines, when I called him on the phone, he said that he was training the negotiators on the land.

Our teacher described this with his contact at the beginning of the lesson. “Communication is a human-specific phenomenon. Communication is the most basic skill that humans have from the moment they are born in the womb,” he explained.

In part of his speech, he gave an analogy in which I was very interested: “Communication education is the teaching of one’s self-discipline. Time flies like water. I look back ten years, fifteen years ago, and I say how fast. A ship, What a change. Change is happening. Not really time. Change is the only thing that I realize. When I was in my thirties, it was like the twenties. Now I want to tell you in an important sentence, about time, they say, ‘People It’s like a toilet caddy. When its cat goes down, the roll turns very fast. ‘ I don’t know the moment of my last breath that Allah has praised me, but I am moving at full speed like everyone else. The quality of my communication is increasing day by day. “

Don’t you think so?

An accurate and quality communication is not through words, but through work!


Professor Dr. In the continuation of his speech, where he underlined the fact that the day people lie, the day they stop learning and cannot be happy, they have to continue their life in a dark life:

“We need to be able to take care of the environment in which we live, at home or in every environment of our careers. We have a thought, a style and a way to achieve this. As the poet says, ‘The tree that has no worries about buds is wood.’ That is, we must have problems at home, at home, wherever we are.

This question is valid for everyone. To find the right problem, a person must have a style and a style. We constantly damage our communication skills in life. There are so many unfamiliar and lonely people in life now. If we remove the horses from the house, in a single family, the father watches a sports show, the mother watches a TV series in the bedroom, and the child is on the phone in his room. First, a person must discipline himself. Wherever it is, if a person has a problem with communication and relationships, he must first correct himself. No need to look for excuses and guilt among others. Because no one can fix anyone. You can improve communication and relationships by treating people better than they treat you. “

Again these sentences were very confusing, Erhan our teacher!

After a long education, he enters a restaurant in Dadas’s country: “I read a promise in Erzurum. I did not forget that word. One hour at night, I eat dinner. I was in seminar all day, I was hungry. I threw the first bite on my head, I promised ; ” The iron frying pan came, but full of brown, the mind seemed, but Mr. tired. ‘ This word hit me with an arrow. The bite was on my throat, I could hardly swallow it, I couldn’t eat the rest … We live such a life. So, you don’t have to die to live. We have to govern ourselves. We’re wrong, of course we’re human. “

It is not possible to disagree with their words.

Let us conclude our article with the following words from our teacher, which recently reflected the general structure of society:

“There is no relationship without throwing. There is no relationship without throwing, husband-wife; mother-father-child without throwing; there is no relationship between two things between people. There is no lack of communication if two are mentally handicapped. “We are fine.”

At the end of the training, when we met with friends, we all had the general opinion that what Erhan said made sense today.

I hope you never forget the 3D form for a good communication throughout your life.


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