Deputy Minister Sensay answered questions about the central examination under LGS

Deputy Minister Sensay answered questions about the central examination under LGS

National Education Deputy Minister Sadri Sensoy said that 1 million 236 thousand 8th class students have applied for the exam, which will be held on June 5, on the occasion of High School Entrance System (LGS) and students will take part in the exam. Exams at their own school this year.

The Deputy Minister of National Education, Sadri Sensoy, has issued a statement on the final preparations of the Ministry of National Education for the Central Examination in the run-up to the LGS to be held on June 5. Asked if there would be a change in timing and content at LGS, Sensoy said, “There has been no change in the LGS Central Examination sessions, exam times, number of questions and course distribution. The exam, which has been implemented since 2018, will continue as before. There will be two sessions. Applications will be made. ” Says

Sensay said, “In the first session, at 09.30, in the oral section, students will be asked and given a total of 50 questions from Turkish, History of Revolution of Turkish Republic and Perfectionism, Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge and Foreign Language course. A 75-minute response time. In the second session, students will be given 80 minutes to ask a total of 40 questions. During the epidemic, we hired guide teachers to prevent children from meeting too much in two sessions, but this year, in two sessions, students will be able to go to the school yard and meet their needs. “

Sample questions are printed through the eyes of 7 experts

Evaluating the LGS sample questionnaires, Sensoy noted that there are two conversion tests between layers in Turkey and that LGS is administered by MEB and YKS by OSYM. Noting that the practice of publishing sample questions for this exam was not available in both the institutions till 2017, Sensoy mentioned that sample questions were published for YKS in 2017 and High School Transition Exam in 2018. Sensoy further said that it was decided to publish LGS sample questions every month as it was highly appreciated by students and academics. Sensoy said that each of the sample questions was evaluated through the eyes of 7 experts, including 3 experts, 1 measurement specialist, 1 Turkish language expert and 2 educators.

The test asked 90 questions and the ministry released 45 sample questions per month, citing the fact that “we publish half the sample questions as compared to the original test. We have sent all the sample questions published so far. Twice in print, December and In April, it was free for our students. In the booklet we sent in December 2018, we included sample questions for 2019, 2020, 2021 and LGS questions applied at that time. We sent a total of 24 million resources in this process. Sample questions for the 2021-2022 academic year were compiled into a book in April and distributed to our students free of charge. In the process, we also sent books to YKS, and thus, we distributed 36 million books to our students, including 12 million books in April. There are. “

This year also LGS application has been made centrally.

Reminding that the ministry has been developing LGS applications centrally for two years within the scope of the Covid-19 epidemic, Sadri Sensoy said: The students who want to take the test will also take the test. “Our students who do not take the test will also be placed in the high school according to the criteria which we call local placement and which we will specify in LGS. Guide to choice and placement. We have seen that about 90 per cent of the students who applied in the previous years took part in the exams and we expect the same rate of participation in the exams this year. “

The entrance papers for the exam will be ready.

While answering the question on how to get the exam admission documents, Deputy Minister Sensay reminded that the students got their exam admission documents from their school before the epidemic, but the exam admission documents have been prepared by the ministry for last 2 years. Any process is required. “This year, the LGS exam entry documents will be ready in the hall and in the queue where the student will take the exam on the day of the exam. The exam entry documents will be announced in the e-School Parent Information System in May.” Says

What LGS candidates have to bring with them in the exam

Regarding the documents that students should have when arriving at LGS, Sensoy said, “Migration for students, valid identity cards, (identity card or Turkish ID card, passport with validity, and a photo and stamped identity card issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs) for foreign students. It is very important for our parents to prepare these documents on the day before the exam (General Directorate of Management) so that our children do not feel stressed on the day of the exam. ” He said. Sensoy said students would bring their pencils and erasers with them and administrators would act with caution for their forgotten students.

The number of buildings inspected and officers will be 3 times higher.

Asked when the students will be admitted through the exams, Sansoy said, “The exams will be held on June 5. June 30, when we will announce the results, the quota of secondary education institutions. Students will also be admitted through the central exams. “In the last two years, each student has taken the test at their own school within the scope of the epidemic. Will this practice continue this year, “Sensoy said.” We are testing our children in their own schools to prevent this. From traveling to other places by vehicle due to the epidemic. They are testing, this situation was welcomed on the field. We are continuing this exercise this year as well under the direction of our Minister Mahmoud Ozar. Like last year, this year students will take exams in their own school. ” Evaluated her.

Noting that the number of examiners and buildings has tripled with the practice of students taking exams in their own schools, Sensoy said, “A large organization is being held here. It is our priority to conduct exams in a safe environment. Without any problems. There will be 700,000 testers. ” Gave information.

Sensoy said teachers at the school where the exams were held could be assigned to schools other than their own, “We are very sensitive about this problem, we are following this problem through the system.” He said.

Sadri Sensay, Deputy Minister of National Education, wished success to those who will enter LGS.

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