Diyarbakir – Educators discover children with painting talents in rural areas

Students living in rural areas of Diyarbakir will be able to discover their talents in painting and advance in this field.

The project “We Discover the Artists of the Future” has been implemented by the Faculty of Arts and Design in collaboration with Dicle University (DU) and Sur District National Education Department.

Educators will visit 12 secondary schools in rural areas of Sur district one by one to identify the artistic talents of the students who will draw their dreams.

As a result of the assessment, the students who will discover the artistic talents will be identified and given the necessary guidance to progress in this field.

The students drew their dreams

The first stop for talent identification was Kozan Secondary School in Surer.

Surer District Governor and Deputy Mayor Abdullah Sifatchi, DU Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karakoch and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design. Dr. With the participation of Irfan Yildiz, 96 students of the school drew their dreams.

As a result of the evaluation done by the jury consisting of 7 academics, the paintings of 17 students have been successful.

It was decided that it would be beneficial for these students to take the course to develop their skills.

Talent search will continue in 11 other schools where academics will implement the project.

In the coming years, the aim of Surrey is to explore the future painters, as well as to expand the project, by applying it to secondary schools in rural areas of central Baglar, Yenisehir and Kayapinar districts.

“The main purpose is to discover the hidden artistic talent in them.”

DU Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karakok told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that through the implemented project, students will determine their interest and talent in painting.

Revealing that meritorious students will be identified and guided by teachers, Karakoz said students will be directed to departments related to art and design following their high school period.

Karakoz noted that if rural children were given the attention they needed, their artistic talents would be revealed, and said:

“One of the great benefits of such projects is that they feel valued and work towards it. Many artists like Ali Emery, Hamit Aitak, Zia Gokalp, Suleiman Nazif and Ahmed Arif have appeared in Diyarbakir. Why not among these students? The key is to discover the hidden artistic talents in our students and ensure that they will be guided to the right school in their future lives. “

“We believe that many ores will be discovered.”

Deckle University, Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design, Professor. Dr. Irfan Yildiz, on the other hand, said that since there were no visual arts teachers in 12 rural secondary schools in Sur district, teachers from other branches attended painting classes.

Mentioning that they are working in the school, Yıldız said that their goal is to discover talented students studying in rural areas.

Yıldız said: “We go to the village school and draw the students’ drawings. After evaluating their drawings, we will select the meritorious students and give them the necessary instructions. Fine Arts High School. We believe that many gems will be discovered in the study opportunities. ” He said.

“They are both very talented and very willing.”

Noting that they have carried out their work in rural schools in Sur district this year, Yıldız said that they will carry out this work in all rural secondary schools in the central districts that do not have visual arts teachers in the coming years.

Explaining that they provide stationery to the students, Yıldız said, “As a result of the assessments we will make with our teachers, the list of meritorious students will be communicated to their school. Thus, the second phase of the study has begun. Very enthusiastic. All the students participating in the study were trying to express something. We saw that they also expressed their future expectations in painting. ” We used expressions.

Note that children feel emotionally relieved when they transfer their feelings to painting, Yıldız continues as follows:

“This study will also be the first step in realizing the dreams of young people who guarantee our future. We have started, I hope it will continue. Our work will continue. Will fulfill and they themselves will study similarly. If we do this, we will fulfill our biggest dream. “

“I want to be an art teacher”

Sultan Ajbe, an eighth grader, said he was thrilled to hear that such a project had been implemented.

Wanting to take advantage of this opportunity, Ajbe said, “I want to be an art teacher. I hope I like painting.” Says

Mehmet Topuz, a 5th class student, expressed happiness at the implementation of such a project in their school.

Explaining that he wanted to be a pilot when he grew up, but did not want to give up painting, Topaz said, “For the first time in our school there was a drawing competition. I drew a beautiful picture, I reflected my dream. On paper. I hope they like my painting. So that I can be a painter in the future. ” He said.

“This was the first drawing competition held in our village”

7th grader Ecir Özaydın added that the competition is a great opportunity for them.

Özaydın said, “I wanted to participate so as not to miss this opportunity. I wrote down my dreams. It was the first drawing competition held in our village. I’ll go. It’s my dream to be a painter and a doctor. I want to make it a reality. ” Used expressions.

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