Do emotions tempt us? Does the word hurt? Emek Yurdakul’s article …

The school’s philosophy club has received an invitation from the International Young Philosophers Competition. Yes, the school’s philosophy club.

A small group of six, but a large group of topics discussed. Ms. With the help of Ipek’s guide, it is a wonderful club made up of children who think about the title, make arguments and create ideas, learn philosophical ideas and are happy with the process.

This week I read two titles (two books) that have been discussed by the Philosophy Club, which consists of Melis, Jeannepe, Cuze, Omar, Merkan and Deniz, the narrators of the books …

Example: EZGİ PLATIN ATzel

Pandora’s box open

As I scrolled through the pages where they dealt with mistakes in the form of words and emotions one by one, I came across moments when I was reading Plato with Ihsan Oktay Anar in a university philosophy class, while we were writing. Our own dialogue … Anna is a good educator and her writing. It has healed our thoughts. Moreover, the mind has come up with many patterns of seventeen years.

Perhaps, if we had met at a young age, before many of those patterns were formed, we would have easily formed friendships with philosophy and reasoning, and we would have explained our problems better to parents and teachers.

And today, we knew our boundaries at a young age that we realized and tried to rebuild into youth and we would treat them the same way.

Because you’re walking in a direction where talking nonsense is like opening a Pandora’s box, talking to people without a philosophical background, and even starting to feel like a waste of time.

This unhealthy stage then usually develops in a direction where you select titles and set new boundaries.

Philosophy and awareness

No one can imagine why we would read a book that would cause so much trouble. It’s like a downward cycle in life. Awareness always comes with conflict. You are also making peace with the fact that you have used these sophisticated tactics against someone.

Life becomes easier when you have new perspectives and inner minds. The time comes when you feel bad about a conversation or communication and don’t understand what happened to you while searching for the wrong thing in yourself.

You have a method (method) and scientific information for that method. You have the opportunity to look at yourself to see if you can express what you want to say.

So, what are these “lies” of philosophy, the basis of all science?

We started with the sphere

I think quoting a part of a philosophical narrative that goes on in the form of a dialogue will only find its full meaning but it will diminish.

If we look at the theme of the content, “Words hit?”, The fallacy of defaming the person, the fallacy of “you too”, the fallacy of creating prejudice and defenses are examined.

We are questioning how it appears, what its consequences are, and what position the defenses put us in, whether they do us any good or harm.

In “Does Emotion Confuse Us?”, The illusion of adopting emotion is discussed. They see the expressions of the tension that has just arisen among the members of the club.

In fact, no one expresses how they feel, thus creating a completely different feeling.

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail.

Although our education system prevents all kinds of distractions from our children’s philosophy, আমাদেরzge Özdemir’s Philosophy for Children series is a treasure in our mother tongue.

The language and flow of the text (with your permission) is extremely comfortable and up-to-date to match the philosophy. Let’s also underline the color that Ezgi Platin Atzel has added to books with his successful illustrations.

In short, dear Ozdemir’s educational and academic knowledge has filled a void in our “children’s shelves.”

Do emotions confuse us? / Özge Özdemir / Illustration: Ezgi Platin Atzel / Redhouse Kidz Publications / 40 p. / 10+ / 2021.

Does the sound hurt? / Özge Özdemir / Illustration: Ezgi Platin Atzel / Redhouse Kidz Publications / 40 p. / 10+ / 2021.

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