Silent image of old model Dilek Tunker, who has become an icon who teaches everyone to be silent, was on the agenda on social media. Compared to the current situation, Tunkar’s change has attracted everyone.

  1. 45 years

    Forty-five years ago in the 1970s, Istanbul was known for its nurse’s posture of silence.

  2. Hospital corridor

    Dilek Tunka, who became famous for his portrayal of the nurse who created the ‘Hush’ sign that everyone saw in the hospital corridors, drew attention to the story of the film.

  3. Tunka

    Tunka said, “I remember it was summer 1976. The day I came back from Germany with my tourism business, my mother said they called you from the agency. It was at the Istanbul advertising agency, Kalolu. Now it’s closed. Even my return. My father was a retired military officer and my mother was a tailor.

  4. He d

    I was a tourist then, I was also a model. There were not as many books as there are now. We were about 10-12 people. Simla Kantarcolu, Baak Grsoy, Fato Altnkum? S etc. The next day, I immediately went to the agency. Yurtolu Ila Firmas has given a “suspicious banner” to hospitals. Do you want to do that Firm me half. At that time, the cast agency? There was no such thing.

  5. Advertising agencies

    Advertising agencies will inform each other. There was no agency we were associated with. We all knew each other. We took 1-2 people for the exposure, we also have photos that we took together for the badge dress.

  6. 'Miss shut up'

    They took a pose at the agency for ‘Miss Shut Up’, then they set poses that we know from them. The set was normal, we were 2-3 people. They said, ‘We will just keep them in the hospital, make a sign of silence’. He was the manager of the advertising agency and also the cameraman. They bought the dress from the garden of Haseki Hospital.

  7. 'Miss shut up'

    ‘Mrs. Hush’ had a special place, because the picture that didn’t come from the wall after the debate was mine. Everyone came, I was left ‘mam shut up’ on the wall. “

  8. Again on social media

    Dilek Tunkar’s current condition has been widely praised on social media. The current state of ‘Mrs. Hush’ …