The Capital Culture Road Festival will introduce children to traditional play

According to data compiled by AA correspondent, a ceramic making and coin making workshop will be held at the Museum of Anatolian Civilization as part of the festival, which will be held from May 20 to June 12.

The free workshop will be held daily from May 28 to June 8 between 08.30.

A free tile workshop at the Republic Museum on Monday, May 30, and a free marble workshop on May 31 and 1-2-7-8-9 June will open its doors to children.

The “Drama, Educational Game for Kids” event will be held free of charge at the Ankara Ethnography Museum from 6-12 June at 10:00 and 14:45.

The “Mask Making with Children” workshop will be held in Pilavolu Han on May 31 and June 10 at 14.00 and 16.00.

The game will be a traditional children’s game

Traditional games like Spinning Top, Chakra, Hopscotch, Sulenke, Drum & Clarion 1-2-3, Castle, Sack Race, Egg Race, Tug-of-War, Nine Tiles and Oil, I Sell Honey will be held June 8 Intangible The Cultural Heritage Museum will come back to life.

The event, which is free and the number of participants is fixed at 20-25, will be held at 15.00.

Children will have the opportunity to learn the game of their peers in the Turkish Republic. The Turkish World Children’s Games Workshop will be held on June 11 at 15.00 at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum.

In the free event, where the number of participants is unlimited, in the Turkish Republic, Fertilizer, Buttons, Buttons and Mozoni Kur Kam Shoot Me, Koptok Lathi, Ke Aladia Shuginania and Lanka, Premika, Ak Terek Din Terek, Oiled Tovas and Tovak. , Kulakka kapme, zip kikme / kesme, fudge game will be played.

The Republic Museum will host the “Tale + Mars Tournament” on June 6.

Karagöz screening for all ages

Caragoz, one of the essentials of the traditional Turkish theater, will meet its enthusiasts on June 10 at the Republic Museum.

After giving information about the history, cultural development and performance of Caragos, a “Dream Screen” will be set up and a screening will be held.

Volunteer spectators will be able to experience Karagoz playing behind the scenes.

The event, which has no age limit and unlimited number of participants, will be held at 10:00.

The children’s games CSO Ginger will meet the little ones in the garden of Ankara

Written by Grimm Brothers, “The Frog Prince” directed by Can Dogan will be presented to small theater lovers.

The Frog Prince will sing “Parda” on Saturday 28 May at 13.00, with Ali Osman Kelebeksioglu, Best Ariso, Gunes Elmas, Neslihan Ekim and Onur Yusuf Singin in the lead roles.

The play ‘As Yunus’ will be screened on June 2 and 3 at 11 and 14 o’clock.

The play will be written by Erdoালan Ozan Metin and directed by Kanar Jenner Qadir.

The children’s dance to the song “The Adventures of Lamb Parsley”, written by Nil nlü Aycıl, will be staged on June 4 and 5 at 11.00 and 14.00.

In the play directed by Levent Ulukut, Fuat sarbalkan, Ender Şeviker, Derya Kara Erk, Tuğçe Us, Deniz Taylan, Fulya, which makes children think about the importance of friendship, why nature should be protected, the place of technology in our lives. And how to explore the geography we live in will make us happy Travel will play a major role

The children’s drama “Golden Girl”, adapted from Bulgarian folklore, will be in front of the audience on June 6 and 7 at 11:00 and 14:00.

Directed by Seval Ersu, a daughter with a golden heart and her stepmother, Yesimgul Aladdin Segin, Orida Ildiran, Fikriye Musluoglu, Hakan Saglam, Taner Aktas Kanatli, Dilek Ersoy, Ezel Erkman, Yaminselam, Yemingul Alay. Aslan, Hasan Chagri. Ilikoglu will play the role of Alev Arsalan.

The plays Frog Prince, Yunus, Adventures of Lamb Parsley and Golden Girl CSO Ginger will meet the audience at the Truck Theater in Ankara Open Space.

The ET Children’s Theater will also host a free play for children in the capital city on June 12 at 15.00.

Lalala children’s concert

On the last day of the Capital Culture Road Festival, CSO Ginger Ankara Campus will host a children’s concert.

“Ezo Sunal – Lalala Children’s Concert” will be held at Blue Hall at 14.00.

Information about the festival can also be found in the “Capital Culture Road” app developed for smartphones.

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