The female heads of three health professional chambers shouted: End violence and murder!

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Health workers have demanded the immediate arrest, trial and punishment of the killer or killers of dentist Sema Biran, who was stabbed to death.

The female heads of the Istanbul Chamber of Dentists, doctors and pharmacists have shouted that femicide is a social problem, and demanded that effective and preventive legislation be enacted as soon as possible.

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Shema Biran was stabbed to death on May 20 in the practice of her dentist friend Arif Markan in Istanbul’s Kadiko district. No arrests have yet been made in the killings.

‘Murder is a social problem’

Representatives of the professional chambers of health gathered today in front of the examination on General Asim Gunduz Street in Kadiko.

Berna Aitak, president of the Istanbul Chamber of Dentists, said the increase in violence against both doctors and women was a cause for concern and sadness: “After every murder or violence against women, we feel that we as a society show sensitivity to the issue for a few days and then forget and survive. But we each suffer trauma and social trauma in every case of violence, murder and abuse. Murder is not an individual issue, it is a social problem. We call on our state to fulfill its responsibility. “

‘Authorization needs to be increased’

Saying that the ongoing problem of violence in state hospitals has spread to practices where dentists work alone or with fewer assistants, Aytaç continues:

“It simply came to our notice then. Sometimes the solution is simple but for some reason it takes time to implement. We need to increase sanctions against criminals and enact effective and preventive laws. As a result of the escalating violence, more and more doctors and dentists are resigning from government hospitals. Our acquired values ​​are leaving our country, and the branches of medicine that people face are more or less preferred. We will all feel the consequences of this terrible situation in the future. “

‘We don’t have the luxury of being bored’

Istanbul Medical Chamber President Prof. Dr. Nargis Erdogan said the recent incident revealed that social violence was reflected even in clinics and used the following expression: “It’s very serious and sad, but we have no luxury. That is why I say we are committed to fighting violence and to democracy, freedom of expression and human rights, including all professional chambers. “

‘We Can’t Lose Our Lives’

Pinar Ozkan, president of the Istanbul Chamber of Pharmacists, stressed that the incident was the murder of both a woman and a health worker, and said:

“Our pain is indescribable. In an environment where the limits of social violence have multiplied, we can no longer lose a single life. The fact that our pharmacists, physicians and dentists are attacked while performing their duties makes us most upset and hurt. I urge the authorities to take immediate action to ensure that those who killed them are punished severely. It is impossible for our pain to go away in any other way. “

Nekati Ozkan, a member of the board of directors of the Istanbul Chamber of Veterinarians, explained that a month ago, a veterinarian working at a slaughterhouse in Sorgun district of Yugoslavia was killed by an animal owner while trying to destroy diseased meat.

Ozkan, “Health Violence Act should be withdrawn from Parliament as soon as possible, including by veterinarians” Says

‘This is a crime against humanity’

Turkish Dental Association President Tariq Ishman says health violence has become more regular in recent years: “The killing, beating, physical and verbal violence of our colleagues has turned into murder here. We demand that publicly and privately ensure the safety of our colleagues and punish the perpetrators severely. We are very sorry for our colleague. We will follow it. It’s not just killing a woman or just killing a health worker, it’s a crime against humanity.

‘Was very good’


Dentist Arif Markan, who owns the practice, said he was very sorry, explaining that he had told Biran to stay in practice because he had to go to his farm in Yalova.

Explaining that his kind colleague, Markan said, “He is not someone who has enemies. It was very humane. He would fulfill whatever he needed. He did not eat. He was everyone’s favorite. Maybe someone brought a complaint of pain, could not deny. Seeing him alone, he may have attacked. ” He said.

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