The genitals of a 4-year-old boy have been amputated

The family living in Kahramanmaras wanted to have their two sons circumcised in September last year. A ‘circumcision practitioner’ was called to the house on the advice of people nearby. During the procedure, which was performed by a non-specialist circumciser, the genitals of 4-year-old AEK were amputated.

When the little boy started screaming in pain, his family members also understood the situation. The blood-stained baby was taken by his relatives to a hospital in Kahramanmaras. The family that planned the circumcised wedding for the two brothers suddenly had nightmares.

The boy, who underwent surgery, received medical treatment in the town where he lived for a while. The young boy was then transferred to Basakehir Kam and Sakura City Hospital. Here, when the child’s genitals were examined for the necessary cuts, it was decided to take a tissue from the wall of the inner lip and transfer it to the area.

They have filed a case against ‘Sarkimen’

In difficult surgery, the tissue taken from the inner lip of the lip is transferred to the area. Physicians who performed the operation in the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Kam and Sakura City Hospital, Association. Dr. Dr. Suleiman Chelebi and pediatric surgery specialist. Ozgur Kuzdan noted that circumcision is a surgical operation and said that it should be performed by specialists.

The family is reported to have filed a lawsuit against the man who performed the operation, when experts said the wrong habit led to the destruction that continued throughout life.

“The one we called was not a doctor.”

AEK’s mother NK, who is now 5 years old, described the difficult process they went through and said, “The one we called was not a doctor, their grandfather was a doctor before. During the process, my father-in-law saw it and said ‘don’t cut it’. Realizing my father-in-law’s situation, we rushed to the emergency room. They rushed her to the hospital, where she was unable to urinate. My son is fine now, thank God he’s healed, but I’m telling no one at home. “

Cam and Founder Physicians Association of the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Sakura City Hospital. Dr. Suleiman the Magnificent explained that he sometimes encountered complications related to circumcision.

“We made the penis with a tissue from the inner wall of the lip.”

Chelebi said almost all of his penis was cut off from the wall and his genitals were damaged. “We made the fleshy tissue of the penis with tissue. We got a normal penile tissue. We also fixed the urethra,” he said.

“The situation should be like a simple process.”

“We seem to have achieved the results we wanted, but the truth is that the transplanted organ or tissue will not look like its original organ. Adolescence, but external,” says Suleiman Chelebi. Cosmetic correction may be required in terms of appearance. Circumcision is a simple matter. He said: “It should not be seen as a procedure. There are 3 operations in the province from which it came, a transplant surgery by us. This. It’s a process that should be organized according to the child’s personal development. “

“This is a circus discovery”

“It’s a circumcision disaster, there’s always a marriage, there’s a marriage. And do it under better conditions. These tasks must be in good hands, in general we advise him to stay under anesthesia. “

The lawsuit is an indication that circumcision should not be seen as a simple operation, said Dr. Kim, a pediatric surgeon at Sakura City Hospital. Ozgur Kujdan said that when the patient arrives, the head of the limb is completely destroyed and crushed inside and the urinary tract is closed.

“Handed over to incompetent in the countryside”

Kujdan talks about the process as follows:

“We also see families being left with disabilities because of the many things they do in rural areas. Summer is usually a time when our people in our country traditionally have weddings, circumcisions and ceremonies. We want to warn them not to trust unlicensed people.” Because it causes destruction that is very difficult to come back to. “We will have a major surgery. There may be some problems after becoming an adult. In addition to sexual activity, the organ has a urinary function. It takes a lot of time. Years to follow both functions together, ”he said.

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