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Co pioneer

Selda Yavuz, wife of Seddar Yavuz, Governor of Kokley, and Prof. Dr. Rector of Kokeli University. Dr. The “Ummuttepe Fun Meeting” festival, organized by Sadettin Hulagu’s wife Ummuhan Hulagu for the children in the House of Love, was held on Saturday, May 21 at the Ummuttep Campus Bacio Football Ground. Organized by Kokeli Governorate and Kokeli University, the festival was supported by Kokeli Metropolitan Municipality, Provincial Department of Family and Social Services, Kokeli Provincial Department of Industry and Technology, Kokeli Youth and Sports District Center. KOÜ Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Although Nilgün Fığlalı provides the management of the organization, its functions are performed by the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Sports Science, Prof. Dr. Dr. By Elif Karagun.

Participation was high

KOÜ Faculty of Physical Education participated in the festival held at the football and athletics grounds at a high level. At festivals; Kokaili Governor Seddar Yavuz and his wife Selda Yavuz, president of the Kokili Metropolitan Municipality Association. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın and his wife Assoc. Dr. Figen Buukak, KOU Rector Professor. Dr. Sadettin Hulagu and his wife Ummuhan Hulagu, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ercüment Çiftçi and his wife Berrin Çiftçi, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Nilgun Falali, Dean of the Faculty of Sports. Dr. Hakan Demir, Ilhan Aidin, provincial director of cokeli industry and technology, and his wife, a female director of industry in our city, academics and students, and children at Sevgi’s home were in attendance.

“We are with our children and students with disabilities”

After observing silence and performing the national anthem, KOÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Sadettin Hulagu did. In his speech, Hulagu said, “As an institution, universities should not only be at the forefront of education, but should reflect all the features of a welfare society, have access to every level of society and directly engage with social responsibility projects.” In addition, we take care to connect our students with disabilities with audio books, accessible universities, vocational courses with a lifelong learning approach, and social responsibility projects conducted at those points in our society. Heartbreak. This perspective is one of the best examples of what we will do today with our children living in our love homes, an institution where our country has worked hard to revitalize the quality of the social state.

“We do a lot of work together.”

KOÜ Rector Prof. After Sadettin Hülagü, Kocaeli metropolitan municipality mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Byukakin mentions that Kokeli is a leading city in social studies. In his speech, Büyükakın said, “We study a lot together as governors, municipalities, universities and other institutions. This harmony between us also makes a great contribution to our city. We came together in a fun meeting for our kids under the patronage of women. The value that our esteemed Governor’s wife Selda Yavuz has given to our children is invaluable to our city. It has a special significance in the matter of being organized by the university. As a municipality, we support beauty wherever it is. I would like to thank all those who have contributed to this project. “

“Our dormitories are much more modern today.”

In his speech, Governor Seddar Yavuz said: “The social state has made a great revolution in the field of social work under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Turkey. As someone who has served this state for 33 years, I can say that there is a big difference between the old orphanage and the situation today. Of course, Turkey’s chances were different then, different today, but it is clear that a mental revolution has taken place. I have to say that our rector, who has made Kokeli University one of the few universities in our country and has made a difference with his science and personality and our metropolitan mayor has made a difference in our city with his academics and bureaucrats. We have done important work together with this type of social service. Today, we are conducting an important project organized by our university with the support of our municipality and the patronage of my beloved wife, and we meet the children of our city. I want to thank those who have contributed and those who have organized such a meaningful event. “

The kids are full of fun

The festival started after the speech. KOÜ in collaboration with the Department of Personnel, the Department of Press and Public Relations and the Department of Health, Culture and Sports; The students of the Faculty of Sports Science have done various sports for the children in the house of love, with the aim of having fun and getting to know different branches. In addition to sports, students of the Faculty of Fine Arts perform a live music show. Zumba, folk dances are played and live rhythms are accompanied by music. The project was also supported by the Gabe Chamber of Industry, Umut Cafe and the Fun Jobs Organization.

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