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In the Sultans League, Cup Volley, Super Cup, World Club Championship and Champions League, 5 out of 5 champions of VakıfBank, General Manager of VakıfBank and President of VakıfBank Sports Club Abdi Serder Ustunsalih and General Manager at the conference .

Abdi Serdar Ustunsalih: There is nothing we can say ‘we would have succeeded here’

In his inaugural address at the press conference, Abdi Serder Ustunsalih, General Manager of VakıfBank and President of VakıfBank Sports Club, said: “Eight months ago, we started our 35th edition here at our home. I stand before you as the world champion. I am proud of our team, I thank each and every member of it. We see that we are the team that has played the most matches in Turkey and Europe this season. “We started the season with the Sport Toto Champions Cup. Then we became world champions for the 4th time in Ankara. We went to Cup Volley and the Sultans League with the same victory. Yesterday we won our European Championship. As much as a volleyball team.” To win, with sacrifice, we have nothing left to say, ‘I wish we had succeeded here.’ We set out on this path with confidence towards each and every member of the team and our team has this confidence. It has not been ruined. We feel an indescribable happiness and pride. When we look closely, it is difficult to understand our level of success We have left a season that will be written in gold in the history of sports. As VakıfBank Sports Club, from the day we started our journey in 1986, we had a goal: to show the success of Turkish women to the whole world. VakıfBank Sports Club is the most systematic volleyball club in the world. First, we are the team that has won the most international trophies in Turkey. The clubs that have won the most national team. “We are different from those who train players. We have never strayed from the path we know is right. From now on, we are determined.” We will continue to take every necessary step in line with our goals. In our country, women’s volleyball competition is at the stage of getting applause. Although the trophies are in our museum, the whole volleyball world deserves praise and applause. “

Opening a bracket to head coach Giovanni Guidetti and captain Melis Gurkayanak, Ustunsalih thanked the two names for their efforts. Ustunsalih stressed that they would achieve much more with Giovanni Guidetti.

5 mug messages from Nestlehan Demir Guler and Giovanni Guide

After the speech by Abdi Serdar Ustunsalih, General Manager Nestlihan Demir Guler, the names of the players and the names of the technical committee were announced one by one and invited to the stage. Head coach Giovanni Guidetti did not attend the press conference as he was in Italy.

VesıfBank Sports Club general manager Nestlihan Demir Guler, head coach Giovanni Guidetti who could not attend the press conference due to being in Italy and sent a video message and captain Melis Gurkaynak, who has ended his volleyball career, spoke about the 5 trophies.

Nestlihan Demir Guler says they are very happy that they have promised their 5 trophies before the season and says he thinks it is a specialty to work at Vakifbank.

In his video message, Giovanni Guidetti said: “This season was very challenging, but it was great and the best season of all time. Thanks to my players and assistants for winning 5 trophies we could win. Enjoy.”

Emotional response from Melis Gurkaynak

VakıfBank captain Melis Gurkayanak said he was happy and proud to finish his volleyball career with 5 trophies and said, “As a team we had a very difficult season. We had a promise we made to both our club and our president. We set out with a goal of 5 trophies. This is how we ended the season. We are very happy and proud. It will be an unforgettable season for all of us. It was an unforgettable season for me too. I will not be in the team next year. Saying goodbye is not easy. I have very good memories in Vakifbank. I have a family. I am not a very high level player, but this club has treated me so well and made me feel valued, I am incredibly grateful to this club. Thank you my president. “He made me proud and honored. When my president said that to me, I started to cry.” It was an important journey. I was proud to be a part of this large family. I have become the captain of the best team in the world, “he said.

The press conference ended with speeches and photoshoots.

Ata Selchuk – Olgukan Kalkan / Istanbul, (DHA)

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