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Amir Jan *

World “According to the most recent and precise calculations, our universe is 13.798 billion years old, with a margin of error of 37 million years. In other words, the age of the universe is likely to be more than 95 percent. Billions of light-years, and its diameter is 93 billion light-years! As by humans (I will mention below), we have argued that the repression of some societies by others I have stopped trying to explain all the loss of universal values. Sorry; seriously please. In 2014, when I was an employee of the Şırnak branch of the Human Rights Association Was (an organization I can call my home with an important sanctity), an uncle who fled the war and took refuge in Rojabha Wanted for help. He did not apply to the association, but sought help from İHD as a lawyer. Uncle Bay is elderly, has several grandchildren and school-age children. “Yes, we escaped the war, but we want my children not to travel on the streets, even if they do not know the official language. We want to register as guest students. If anything can be done, can you help me? ” Requested. Since people from Rojava do not have citizenship in the Syrian state, they did not have passports. The school we went to together with my uncle was close to where they lived. The school administration says they have nothing and for that we have to go to the provincial education department. We were told by the Provincial Department of National Education, the provincial population, that we would have to go to the governor’s office to get a temporary citizenship number. From the governor’s office, the provincial population department was instructed to apply to the immigration office of the provincial security department. We went there too. “If they enter with a passport, we can give them a Turkish ID number starting with 99,” said the police department’s immigration bureau. At the time, asylum seekers, whose situation was uncertain, had not yet been accepted by the state. Although we applied to all official bodies, we did not receive a positive response, and we did not receive a written rejection response. Then, thanks to the request, a school administrator assisted the school administrator who admitted the children to the school informally and the children went to a school ‘informally’.

A few years later, the way the asylum seekers are being beaten for not coming to the country in their own city, as if the border has been broken, the asylum seekers have started fleeing the country. And the funny thing is, it runs smoothly. Because of my nature, I have not and will not reject asylum seekers and refugees in any way. What has changed, however, is that a family did not accept their children as guest students and then they came in groups, hard to understand. To me, borders are an artificial entity that only works to limit people. As is well known, the only and most important factor in preventing violations is the economic situation. The goal is to ensure that communities living within certain boundaries can live comfortably in a welfare and security environment. However, why are the borders of the world’s most captive and convicted countries in proportion to the population widened and opened to the people whose food is sourced from garbage?

Are there any planets in any corner of the universe inhabited by highly intelligent creatures like humans? Any news for us? One day – it is said that our Earth will disappear after 4.5 billion years – if we discover a new planet before our Earth disappears (if humans are still alive, of course) will they differentiate us as European-Asian-Middle-born ? ? There is really no point in going this far. What do the citizens of rich countries think of our expatriates who have moved to other countries? We know that there are examples of nationalism that we can call primitive in every country, in every region, in every city, even in a village. Read it. It goes without saying that the people have undertaken the heaviest and most difficult work in the country. No one owns a place, but owns every place as part of nature. We have no doubt that “I don’t want it here, I don’t like it, the other shouts a lot, the other has no courtesy …” etc. are simply wasted. Even hard workers are not afraid to snatch the bread of a comfortable breadwinner. Because it is not a comfortable part of the country, there are people who live in the most difficult situations. Avoid getting comfort from others. It is difficult to define, but a great evil normal decline.

Is that the title? It was once known as the source of unwanted, evil. According to the monotheistic religion, even Satan, the worst entity, the cause of evil, is less undesirable in this country. For that matter yes!

* Lawyer

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