When will the summer vacation start in 2022 How many days are left for MEB vacation counter

While millions of students are slowly approaching the end of their second term, they are researching when summer vacation will be and when schools will be closed. According to the 2021-2022 MEB academic year calendar, schools will be closed on Friday 17th June and summer vacation will start for about 3 months. The 2022-2021 academic year is expected to begin in the first week of September.


With the warming of the weather, students have started searching for a few days of summer vacation and when the school will be closed. The second term of 2021-2022, which started on February 7, will end on Friday, June 17. In other words, schools will be closed on June 17 and summer vacation will start for about 3 months. The 2022-2023 MEB academic year is expected to begin in the first week of September 2022. No clear explanation has been found yet.

When will the school close: The second term, which began on Monday, February 7, 2022, will end on Friday, June 17, 2022. Summer vacation for students and teachers will begin on Friday, June 18th.

When will the school open in 2022-2023: The 2022-2023 academic year will begin on Monday, September 12, 2022. However, the calendar of the academic year has not been announced yet. When the 2022-2023 academic year calendar is announced by the Ministry of National Education, it will be included in our news.

Summer Vacation Tips for Students: Experts recommend that students move away from epidemic psychology through social activities and activities during the holidays and warn parents to remind their children that they are with them in any situation without rewarding or punishing them according to the report card. Results.

Just plan your daily routine during the holidays

Dean of the Faculty of Education, Professor. Dr. Selami Aydin said in a statement that the students entered a comfortable time with the end of the class and the start of the holidays, although the summer holidays will have make-up lessons, the process will not be so intense in the semester and students will spend their holidays within the limits of new normal life. Noting that there is a perception among students that there will be plenty of rest during the holidays, Aydin suggests the following: “However, this rest period must be completed properly. It is important to plan your daily routine between the beginning and end of the holiday. Playing games, spending time with friends, participating in sports and art activities, hobby development will be beneficial in this process. Playing games or spending time in a constant social environment. It is important to plan properly to balance the allotted time. Instead of activities, focus on different areas for all these activities. It should not be forgotten that vacation is a necessity not only for children but for everyone. Care should be taken to set aside time for students from the class. “

It should not be considered as a time of learning disruption.

Aydın says that learning is not just a process that occurs within courses and schools, but that learning in a social and online environment outside of school can be made sustainable and sustainable. Noting that this situation is valid not only for students but also for parents, Aydin said, “For example, educational games in a virtual and real environment are very effective in providing high motivation and a positive attitude towards learning. In other words, having fun is a learning environment and a learning environment. Also effective for creating content. Therefore, it may not always be possible to separate leisure time or learning time with a clear line. In this sense, vacation should not be considered as a period when learning is disrupted. It is advisable to plan based on and focus on specialized learning. However, adequate time is required for rest. ” He said.

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