A sad voice that conquers the human soul

The violinist Sevgi Demir, who realized his mother’s passion for music in the UK, took the audience on a tragic journey.

Mumin Agchakaya

Tigris News – The artist, who teaches children who are not well off financially at the institution where he teaches, says that while playing the violin he sees himself as if he were traveling in the vast ocean. Violinist Sevgi Demir talks to Tigris Haber about his musical life.

After his mother, a tobacco worker, was hired by Diamondbacks from Batman, a new era began in Sevgi Demir’s school and artistic life. She drew a successful performance in the Fine Arts High School exams, which she entered with her mother’s inspiration. After high school, Sevgi studied in the music department at Demir Haran University, where he learned piano, violin and music. Demir, who teaches students whose financial situation is not good where he teaches, plays the violin and piano in organizations and art exhibitions.

Artist Demir’s mother has a special place and importance in the beginning of her artistic life and her inclination towards music. The voice of the artist’s mother is also beautiful. Despite her interest in music, the mother, who could not pursue this interest in any organization, constantly encouraged her daughter and contributed to her becoming an artist. Ann continues her interest in singing by singing with her daughter.

She does the rest of the work in her mother in the UK

The mother, who moved to Diyarbakir due to the closure of the tobacco factory where she worked for Batman, forced her daughter to attend Diyarbakir Fine Arts High School. The violinist Sevgi has expressed this desire to Demi’s mother, who wanted him to realize it in her daughter Sevgi’s person, as she could not fulfill her desire to study music in the UK.

“When my mother did not find the opportunity to study in art, she wanted to continue her desire for me. He wanted me to study music and make further progress in this field. He always encouraged me to enter the fine arts.

“I won the Fine Arts High School in Diyarbakir, inspired by my mother, because my mother was stuck in it. It was support. My mother and even my family supported me to pick up the violin and get admitted to Haran University. He even came to the place where I would play the violin and perform and listen to me. Because my mother’s voice is beautiful. We used to sing together at home. My father also has good ears for music. Sometimes we would play the violin and sing at home.

Why did you choose violin?

I can say that my mother contributed a lot. My mother said the violin would make you feel good. When the high school interview is over, they take us all. Our violin, cello, guitar and baglama teachers took turns taking us to their presence. They look at the shape of our fingers, the shape of our body, the length of our hands. They see how advanced our musical ears are. Above all, they advise students that you can be a violinist. This is how we move forward.

My teachers told me that I had to choose the violin and that my finger and body shape were right for it. I used to want a guitar. I even took guitar lessons in college. Later, I thought the guitar was not suitable for me, so I took the violin.

Playing the violin is like losing eternity

When did you first play the violin?

I played the violin for the first time in my first year of high school. When I returned home, my father bought me a violin. I was so excited to see it. I wanted to play, but did not know how to play because I have not yet received any training. There is eternity and you are traveling in that sea. Playing the violin is like that to me.

Do you have any hesitation that you can’t play?

I have no qualms about not being able to play. You give it a try. There is a sea and they throw you into that sea like a fish. That fish will swim there. If he hadn’t been able to swim, they wouldn’t have thrown the fish into the sea anyway.


How did you feel when you took the violin in your hand and made the first note, the first sound?

When I first heard the note, it wasn’t such a good thing. Because the violin is a solid instrument. There are screams. It happens when you first start the violin. There are some problems in the family. I was so excited. It was my first time playing musical instruments. This feeling is something very different. You start something, but you know that in the future it will be your job and it will take a big place in your life. This is why you feel different emotions. Because the sound of such shouting constantly annoys the people of the house. So they say work on the porch, not in your house. Neighbors are also annoyed by the noise. Then, as time went on, the beautiful rhythmic sound, suitable for notes, began to play from the porch to the interior. The request comes from the porch and the melody begins.

After you master the violin, you touch human life. It creates different emotions. When you see the power in people’s faces, you feel that you are touching their lives. You can take that power. It can be understood from their faces, movements and gestures. Playing an instrument is good, but the violin is something else.


Emotional, original and free

What does violin mean to you?

For me, the violin represents sensuality, originality and freedom. It’s like 100% of my life. If I had a child, I would probably love it so much.

The violin is like an endless ocean to me. Anything can happen at any moment. But that is not the final point. Anything can happen at any moment, but as an endless invention it is not a sea fish, something endless and endless like a drop of water. Since the violin has a sad sound, those who play the violin are very emotional.

I study in an institution and teach violin. We help children whose financial situation is not very good. There are many talented children among them. Touching their lives is one thing.

Because people with bad living conditions can have different directions. For this reason, they took them out of that life and started artistic activities like violin, guitar, piano.

The location of our organization is a place where the financial situation is not good. The children here receive training in violin, piano and guitar and they both deal with life and prevent them from engaging in bad habits around them. We touch their lives artistically. In this way we ensure that they move forward. There are also some talented people among them. Maybe in the future we will do the same with me as teachers they may be around us right now.

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