“Art and Kids Fest” – Kids had an unforgettable weekend with RHA Ajans

The Art and Kids Fest, Turkey’s first art and children’s festival, transforms all branches of art into a special experience for children, and the third festival, organized by Exclusive Fikirlar, takes place on May 21 – 22, 2022, with much anticipation after the epidemic. The Art and Kids Fest, which took place in Galataport Istanbul this year, drew attention to the city’s new meeting place with culture and art, both on Saturdays and Sundays. The workshop at Art & Kids Fest, which is fun and helps with child development, was a unique experience involving children’s art and artists. Making the weekend even more lively, this special festival brings together children’s art and creates excitement with its rich content and shows.

Art and Kids Fest, hosted by thousands of children and their families in Galataport Istanbul – Clock Tower Square on 21 – 22 May 2022 Turkey’s first art and children’s festival It has attracted a lot of attention in its 3rd year. The workshops, handicrafts, theatrical talents, musical ears, dance trends and many other aspects of the youngsters were highlighted during the festivities, which received full marks from the families for their confidence, physical and supporting aspects. Spiritual development.

All children between the ages of 0 and 13 who participated in the festival discovered their skills in various arts at the Art & Kids Fest, took them home as a memento, made new friends and spent a whole weekend with their families.

Hosting the festival for the first time this year, Galataport has transformed the historic port city of Istanbul into a world-class cruise port and center of shopping, gastronomy and culture and art, thus bringing the region closed to entry. From the end of the 19th century, back to Istanbul. Clock Tower Square, named after the Toffen Clock Tower in Galataport Istanbul, which was restored with a very special technique and was brought to town in 1848, has been hosting many events since the beginning of April. The first event of the Dogus Children’s Symphony Orchestra after the Galataport Istanbul Special Concert, held from April 1 to May 2, 2022, with “Nostalgia Istanbul” which brings Istanbul’s old tradition to the present, and especially the 23rd April Art and it was Kids Fest.

Famous Artists Meet Children at Art and Kids Fest!

On the occasion of the Art and Kids Fest, which brings together children aged 0-13 with art and valuable artists, renowned painters Ahmet Gunestekin and Bubi have conducted lovely painting workshops with children and they have participated in a mass painting workshop with Erin Ilkan Aslan. The children, who had a lot of fun participating in classical ballet and street dance workshops with the Tan Sağtürk Academy, joined the famous actress Bestamsu Ozdemir, one of the festival’s most important names in the clay workshop. Leo Lunatic’s Graffiti Workshop, one of the world’s top 15 street artists and famous graffiti artist known for its iconic angry pandas, was one of the festival’s most popular workshops. In the “I Color Istanbul with Debrim Erbil” workshop, children color the works of the famous painter Debrim Erbil according to their imagination and discover their talents for painting. Painting Istanbul through the eyes of Debrim Irbil, during the workshop the youngsters got the idea of ​​drawing many great local and foreign artists and they happily took the pictures they made into their homes. Clay Workshop was a fun and creative experience for those who teamed up with popular on-screen faces and famous actress Bestamsu Ozdemir. Bestamsu Ozdemir, who took a keen interest in children, helped them develop their hand skills and helped them to unleash their fantasies through art. The children who draw graffiti with the famous street artist Leo Lunatic at the Graffiti Workshop, an essential art of expression in the developing world, both enjoyed and colored the festival. In the music workshop organized by Doraemusic Academy, instruments like piano, drums and guitar specially designed for children became the favorite of children; The kids who ran to the machine had a lot of fun showing off their talents in this case. Artist Ayman Aktel in his own style highlights the importance of water to the little participants and contributes immensely to the awareness of the little ones in an entertaining way.

The Art & Kids Fest brings together all children from 0 to 13 years old who participated in the festival, along with professional and renowned artists, all of whom specialize in their field, as part of its artistic activity, a place of interdisciplinary learning. .

In addition to workshops led by celebrities, the festival also hosts a number of entertaining events. The children, who practiced yoga with OJJ Janep Simon, first saw the dance performances of Tan Saturk Academy held on stage with admiration, then they took their place on the stage and danced to the music. The children, who enthusiastically participated in activities and workshops with different themes, designed their own mugs during the festival, painted the bags with crayons, learned how to plant seeds and grow flowers. The Art & Kids Fest, which enables children to learn brand new information through art, the most important and valuable field of learning in the discipline, and presents them without rote learning at the center of experience through discovering and developing their talents. This is an unforgettable weekend for the little ones hosted. The Art & Kids Fest, which cares about children growing up with art, takes art as a way of life and leads the development of awareness by raising awareness with each organization, has created a unique organization aimed at raising individuals. With high confidence and they are beneficial to that society and the world.

The power of art has fulfilled the imagination of children in Art & Kids Fest!

Every child deserves the best!

Organized by the Art and Kids Fest, the organization also supported UNICEF, which stands with the world in its projects to protect the rights of children and youth. At the festival, where it aims to touch all children, both the organization and the participants have contributed to the needy.

Like a festive wind with the band!

The band, which was in awe on the second day of the festival, caused a great deal of excitement among the children. The children, who could not socialize during the epidemic and stay away from activities, joined Cortez and watched the band dance with great enthusiasm. Families who saw the happiness of their children were even happier with this unique experience and thanked the festival officials.

“We care about artistic activities, a place of interdisciplinary learning, which we organize at the Art and Kids Fest, for children to discover their identity and skills in different industries. Our other goal is to remove from memory the information they have learned, to gain new knowledge through experience, to enable them to realize their talents … We have created all our workshops with content that will contribute to children. Manual skills and physical development. The children both had fun and gained new discoveries and knowledge. One of our most important missions since the first day of the festival, which we have organized for the third time this year, is to help children with high self-confidence and benefit society by incorporating art. Can Korur – Chairman of the Executive Board of Exclusive Ideas, Organizer of the Festival

The Art and Kids Fest, held May 21-22, 2022 at Galataport Istanbul – Clock Tower Square and hosted all children aged 0-13 from Turkey and their families, offered visitors a unique experience and a brand new discovery. With which involved. Art.

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