Confessions of Fenerbahçe and Arda Güler from Emre Belözoglu!

Esenler Municipality between 19-29 May ‘Youth Day’ Carrying Başakşehir Technical Director Emre Belözoglu met with the youth on the day of the discussion, which was one of the events held at the Esenler National Garden on 15 July.

This young coach who came to give interviews with intense love and slogan first spoke about successful young coaches.

Emre Belözoglu, who said, “Those who come from football are growing very valuable young coaches in our country, and I am trying to be one of them,” Emre Belözoglu said of his team Başakşehir. A club that has the European Cup in its hands and they have won the championship. ” This is an important place where I also spent 5 years. We know each other and we are good to each other. My player friends also showed a good response. Although we were 10 points behind our own chances, we can’t say it was a failed season. We scored 65 points to take our team to the European Cup. God bless those who have contributed. “I think everything is destiny. Before me there was a valuable technologist, Ayukut. We only know football, “he said.

“We have a country to gather around”

Emre Belözoglu congratulated Trabzonspar, who finished the 2021-2022 season as champion, and said that reacting youngsters should know how to congratulate:

“Always be fair in your life, be fair. You are the future of this country. If a team is a champion, it could be your friend or supporter, learn how to congratulate. I am a fan of Fenerbahce. Today, we congratulate. Galatasaray and Beşiktaş If both are champions. Around us. ” We have a country to unite. “

“Our goal is to stay at the top of the league”

Explaining Basakshehir’s goal for next season, Belozoulou said, “Our goal in this league is to play with heads like Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Trabzonsper. They are not easy to deal with. The player structure and both. Community, we will still try to fight them. “

“We want to transfer 3 or 4 players”

“We have a strong staff. We have to make it better. We have an impressive and tough game that we want to do,” said the young coach, providing information on what kind of policy Basakehir will follow during the transition before the new season. “We have a team of players. We want to include 3 or 4 players who will support it and raise our standards, “he said.

“We are a more successful country in volleyball and basketball, with education under it.”

Asked about the Turkish national team, Belozoglu said, “We all lived together when our national team was successful. It needs to be realistic. We are a much more successful country in volleyball and basketball. It has education and infrastructure. It also has a manager profile. There is value and importance. ”Federations have a part to play in their success at the club. I don’t think the situation in Turkish football is bad. We will change, we will develop. “People truly believe that the level of football in Turkey will gradually increase when they take over, and they will be able to compete with European clubs, bring in trophies. I believe we can experience processes that will make young people happy.” He said.

In response to a question from a group of young people interviewed, Emre said of the funniest part of the team, “The funniest part of the team is Deniz Turk. He has some normal rice, he is a source of joy for the team. ” Speaking about the team’s most prolific performances this season, Emre said: “Our friends who play in central midfield, I think I am more of a coach because I play in that position. The one who played did his best. A team’s central midfield is very important. “

“I want to work in Fenerbahce.”

Belozoglu, “I was there in the most difficult and happy days of Fenerbahce. I always felt like I was there. I grew up in Galatasaray infrastructure, we won the European Cup. But I grew up in Fenerbahce. We all have dreams in our lives. The story ‘. I’ve never had a story in Fenerbahce, it was life. So Fenerbahce has the best place in our hearts, and if God wills, I want to give a smile. My brothers’ smiling eyes after further improvement in my coaching. And there is strength. I hope we will. While serving, I hope one day we will make you happy at the head of Fenerbah. ” Says

“None of us had the talent I saw in Arda Guler.”

Fenerbahçe’s young talent expresses his views on Arda Güler, says Belözoglu “I signed a contract with Arda Guler when I was the Sporting Director at Fenerbahce. He may be very strong, but I was also very talented. More special talent. But to own it, we have to feed it properly. “We need to train properly. We will see its development together. I think he will be a great footballer and will represent our country in Europe. “ Used phrases.

Saifullah Kayagusuj – Editor

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