Do you also hide MonkeyPix data?

“The Ministry of Health is becoming blind, deaf and dumb again,” the CHP Covid-19 advisory board said in a statement on the “monkey pox” disease, which has so far been confirmed in 19 countries and new cases have been identified in stages. Asked if any warnings about the disease had been taken, the board said, “Would you also hide MonkeyPix data?” He asked.


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Republican People’s Party (CHP) new board on coronavirus (Covid-19) advisory board, on ‘monkey pox’ disease; “The Ministry of Health is once again becoming blind, deaf and dumb about the monkeypox disease, which is causing concern about a new epidemic that has started all over the world. Are you also going to hide MonkeyPix data? “

The CHP Covid-19 Advisory Board has issued a written statement regarding monkey pox disease.

“Can we be happy with MonkeyPox?” The statement, in which the question was asked, recalled developments in the coronavirus process in Turkey, “despite all our efforts, the Ministry of Health continues to conduct perceptions, not processes, about the threat of infectious diseases.”

The statement made the following comments:

“Unfortunately, Turkey has failed the coronavirus epidemic by conducting its unscientific process. From the beginning of the epidemic, the Ministry of Health has issued a ‘We Are Ready’ speech only as a perception management. It evaluates the epidemic process in two years, with the report “Two years behind the coronavirus epidemic” in the “Epidemic Preparation Process in Turkey” section, which is a headline. The weak voice coming from the health ministry is not scientific. The minister said, “People should be happy with the monkeypox: the disease, which is contagious to animals and sometimes to humans, does not cause epidemics.” Despite all our efforts, the Ministry of Health is not a process, but a perception of the threat of infectious diseases. Continuing to manage.

‘What did you take?’

In addition to the 11 countries in Africa where monkeypox has been seen since 1970, in May 2022, England, Spain, Portugal, the United States, Canada, Sweden, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Israel and the United Kingdom, where the disease is not endemic. It has also appeared in Switzerland, to date the number of confirmed and suspected cases has reached close to 200. Scientific research is being conducted in different countries of the world to better understand the epidemiology of the disease, the source of the infection and the types of infection. In our country only minister tweets are sent. The Ministry of Health has once again become blind, deaf and dumb to the issue of monkeypox disease, which has created a new epidemic concern around the world.

Here, as the CHP Covid-19 Advisory Board, we ask: Would you maintain your unscientific attitude by saying that monkeypox does not cause epidemics? As monkeypox disease is appearing in different countries of the world and the chances of it coming to our country are increasing day by day, what are you doing as the Ministry of Health? Would you like to make an informative statement to the public about the symptoms of monkeypox disease, its transmission route and its preventive and therapeutic application?

Do you have an action plan for the Monkeypox vaccine to avoid similar problems with vaccine supply, production and stockpiling at the onset of the coronavirus epidemic? Do you want to establish a specific surveillance system for this disease? If the monkeypox disease spreads in our country, what measures have you taken, what precautions do you plan to take so that it can be detected early and its spread prevented? Would you hide data on monkeypox disease? As a board, we alert the Ministry of Health and invite them to take immediate action and share these measures with the public. “

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