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Trakya University, a higher education institution in our city and a regional university at the time of its establishment, continues its teaching and training activities with its academic units in the provinces and districts of Edirne. In this context, Tracky University is an important educational institution in the region and in our country, through its efforts to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the city, to move it forward and to enlighten the society through the dissemination of information. Documents obtained as a result of research in written or digital media.
From the past to the present, the main function of universities was to research, produce and disseminate knowledge. Academics at Trakya University also focus on researchers and determine their careers by publishing their scientific research nationally or internationally. In today’s society, which constitutes an information society, the quality and efficiency of universities are important for the society. The ratio of the total scientific publications produced by the university and the number of lecturers influences the academic career ranking of the university.
One of the most important laboratories of the university is their library. Universities in developed countries first set up their libraries. Universities are evaluated by the number of their printed and electronic materials and the number of their publications. Trakya University has a state-of-the-art library building with an enclosed area of ​​13,000 square meters, equipped with contemporary information technology. (I am proud to be the founding president of the Balkan Country Library Association at the university where I have the honor of working to establish and develop the library as head of department. .)
When we examine the scientific studies produced by the Institute of Science, Social and Health Sciences in the 40th year of Trakya University and how many of these studies cover the topics covered in Edirne, the following information comes up.
At the end of our study, it was determined that a total of 8,065 scientific studies were conducted at the university between 1982-2021. When we examine these studies year after year, it is seen that 298 studies were conducted between 1982-1991, 1.604 studies between 1992-2001, 2.384 studies between 2002-2011 and 3.779 between 2012-2021. Again, it was found that of the 8,065 works produced by my study, only 536 were titled Edirne (including center and district titles). The most intense of the studies on Edirne was the realization of the Masters thesis with 347 studies. This was followed by 124 studies specializing in medicine and 35 studies for doctorate. Again, in my study, it was found that of all the studies conducted within the university, the study on Edirne was realized at a rate of 15.05%.
When we search the studies of academics from the University of Trakya in the scope of journals scanned in the WOS (WEB OF SIENCE) index database, based on Turkish higher education institutions, we find the following results. When the table is examined, it is determined that there are 8,021 publications addressing Tracky University in the WOS Index Database since the founding of the University until 18 May 2022. Of these, 129 publications were titled Edirne. Of the 8,021 studies, 6,146 articles and 104 articles were titled Edirne. When we examine the distribution of 8,021 publications addressed to Trakya University among academics in a study conducted in the WOS Index database, the following educators are listed first and fourth. Necdet Süt took first place with 254 publications, and Muzaffar Demi came in fourth with 169 publications. Again, when we look at the distribution of 129 publications entitled Edirne among academics; It has been determined that Gallup Ecuclu is in the first place with 13 publications, Ahmed Asan is in the second place with 10 publications and Burku Tokuch is in the third place with 8 publications. When we analyze this study by a total of 6,146 article types, it is found that Neckdate Suite again came first with 205 articles, Irfan Chin came second with 113 articles and Matin Aydogdu came third with 102 publications. . When we scanned 104 articles with the title Edirne, Gallup came in first with 13 articles, Ahmed Asan came in second with 9 articles and Cem Tokatlı came in third with 6 articles.
When the ‘University Monitoring and Evaluation Report’ of the higher education institution is examined; The number of publications per lecturer of Trakya University published in the National Referee Journal was 0.0605 in 2018, 0.088 in 2019 and 0.161 in 2020. It can be seen that the number of publications per academic staff published in WOS (SCI, SCI-Expanded, SSCI and AHCI) was 0.192 in 2018, 0.195 in 2019 and 0.228 in 2020.
When we examine our studies in the light of the documentation, it is found that the number of scientific studies addressed to the University of Tracya is very small when we compare the number of publications per lecturer and the studies on Edirne are very small. Insufficient level. Historically, Edirne is an important city of empires and kingdoms in both geographical and strategic location, and in addition to hosting many civilizations, it has had the honor of being the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 88 years. Edirne has broken new ground in history, culture, industry, education and health.
Since 2022 is the year of Edirne, educators at the University of Tracya should open the “Edirne Liberation Memorial Idea Project Competition 100th Anniversary” nationally by Edirne Municipality and write their name in the history of the city along with the concept projects they will carry out. To produce. The “Edirne Court Records”, which are extremely valuable for the history of the city of Edirne, are still waiting in the archives. The dusty shelves in the archive contain a lot of documents about Edirne waiting. Our educators should take an active part in the centers that serve the region, such as the Trakya University Edirne Application and Research Center, and seek to increase studies on Edirne. The “Edirne Conference” activities conducted by Trakya University are important and valuable.
University; It should lead in all cultural, artistic, economic and architectural projects for the development of our city. Dr. Ratip Kazansigil, a valuable scientist who worked day and night for Edirne, said: How beautiful Ord.Prof.Dr.A.Süheyl vernver said when he said that Edirne is a city that “falls in love” with itself. “Everything is over, not Edirne.” Point.


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